• DC

    Can i get the whole album in 1 zip file shake?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ check right below the soundcloud stream. mediafire link.

  • Not Really

    5 songs in. I'll pass on the rest. I must have no soul cause this really isn't that hot. Sorry.

  • casper

    After reading his review i was pretty hype to listen to an all new artist. But as i got into track one. I had to deem it an irresponsible use of music. It was terrible. Nice try though.

  • coach k

    i like it. gave me a break from the nas hype and the 2chainzpalooza and such. dude actually sayin sumthin.

  • Capitan Riverac

    I like 9 tracks of 12 ..its really nice ,always love rockwell unique flow

  • johnnyboy

    wow i must not understand this. sounds really bad to me

  • Peter

    I want the Ghost of Shake back, what is this? Never seen shit hyped so hard to be so marginal at best.

  • crack

    WTF is this shit??? Yall sucked so much gym ball pub hairs just to hear this..... 2Dopeboyz yall gotta chill wit yall favoritism much hotter tracks/projects coming out then this muck!!!

  • winnetoon

    Hot garbage... WTF is this shit?!

  • gustavo

    this shit is cold. he's nicer than half of yall favorite american apparel model looking ass rappers.

  • DevynAUS

    How are you guys hating on this. One track in and im already amazed. This is incredible!! Rockwell Knuckles is DOPE!!

  • little dick

    so wack

  • Restless

    Based on the write up I decided to checked it out and this shit is garbage! Worst Ludacris impression ever! David at TSS doesn't know shit about good music, pure trash.

  • Uhh

    Taking dickriding to a whole new level with that write-up. God damn. I'm all for supporting an artist you enjoy, but c'mon...get his nuts out of your mouth and stop hyping dude up like he's one of the GOATs.

    So you're not going to listen to the GOOD Music album, Kendrick's album, or any other projects cause of this? Lmfao

  • 1Nation1Groove

    Ludacris impression? Garbage? Favoritism?
    Try you a dumb ass hatin ass bish... This at the very least is all original... more than you can say for your favorite rapper.

  • Leroy Green

    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • cusd’amato

    this shit is fuego. if it ain't kendrick, folks on this site are quick to hate. and to @restless ludacris couldn't keep up with all those different type of beats.

  • RealnessBitch

    This project is actually pretty dope....yall are prob mad because you cant get your shit posted...relax....this shit knocks check out his old shit also, the features GLC and Tony WIlliams ona few tracks dont be a faggot ..give it a honest listen fuck the write up who cares..if one person says something negative it opens the flood gates for more negative comments...shits tight...i fucks w/ it.

  • debo nigga

    kendrick isnt the only dope rapper in the game and most blogs didnt fuck with him prior to the hype machine so shut the fuck up ...i fucks w/this shit

  • Will

    After reading the write up and then comments I had to listen. i don't know what ya'll are talking about, this shit goes. Rockwell Knuckles just earned a new fan.

  • Frank O

    I <3 TMTYL

  • HateNate

    This album is amazing..and I totally stopped listening to the Nas album because of it frank ocean..I love both of them.shit my son name is Nas..stop being haters and listen.
    Man if the fader and hypebeast don't tell Yall about it Yall call wack..best rap vocals period.. do you listen to music or just skim through it...