Slaughterhouse Freestyles In The Backroom (Video)

blame it on Shake July 20, 2012

The Shady 2.0 boys are up next on BET’s weekly freestyle series.

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  • RE Junior


  • buckets


  • SMH, Say Holla! City of SquaLLa. I guess the OG Pimp G has to take the 2DopeBoyz and all YaLL yOUNG nUKKaZ A BIT OR 2 AboUt tHe gAMe. CuZ yO yALLz bE mIsLaBeLLiN’ PoAsTs agAiN. DiZ LauGHtER rIgHt HeAr bY SlaUGhTErHoEs iS CalLED SpIttIn WrItTenS yO. CuZ Yo oN Da ReAL DoE, wHy YaLLz aLwAYz gIvEN DeEz 4 LameS PrOpS n e wAY, yO? dEy sUcck. bOtTom lIne, WHuTA wANnA Do cUz Yo i seE U eyEiN Me BuT at Da SamE tImE yO i bEeZ EyEiN u sON. YaLLz SomE DuNcEs yO fOr ReAL. Da LABel SHoULda bEeN cALLeD 2dUNcEBoYz.cOm. yO fO’rEal Yo, I am A stRaIgHT Up CiTy Gee. I aINt nO cOuNTrY BuMpKiN LiKe mOsT Of YaLLz ViZiTORS/pOAStAs hEaR.Yo Fo’ReAl, i BeEz SiTTin hErE wITH My cLoSe FrIeNd AN d CoNfIdANt pETeR AnD He AGrEeS wIth mE. eVen mY bOyz ReMo, C-Lo aNd SdotS and tHey BeEz LikE yO SlAUghTerHauS sUx. sO yALL HerE whAT dA BoYz FrOM dA cItY sTReEtz sAY. BuT dONt TakE oUr WoRd FoR iT. LetS SeE WHat YalLZ SupBeRBAn YTBoyZ hAVE tO Say. CrACkAz.

  • 2

    gotta love it when you post videos that play automatically… FAGGOTS

  • i Am A FaGGoT! LeT ME SuCk Yo DIcK Yo!

  • dee1

    that last marley marl line was crazy lol

  • Smart

    @Robbie Maynard The III types like an autistic squirrel.

  • Casual Observer

    Robbie Maynard The III = Marty McFly = The realest

  • joakaar

    crooked i, the only one of these dudes that knows how to rap, and the only one that is yet to make a meaningful song

  • CZR(626)


  • BigBabyJesus36

    Joakaar if you are looking for a meaningful crooked song check out Nobody Understands Me.

  • Icey

    Well, it’s obvious they were all pre-writtens.

    Royce, Joey and Joells are probably verses from the album/mixtape but I think Crooked’s was written just for this. Still great though.


  • Duke Nookim

    Damn you Royce you spit the second half of that verse on Speakers goin Hammer two yrs ago u recyclin ass nigga, get back in studio and craft some new shit.. killin me.. gtfoh wit dat bulllshit..

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


  • al


  • Yo Sun U sErIoUS? sOME A YALLZ BE PRETEND POASTIN To Me. Yo. YaLLz iZ mAd GaY. YaLLz bE cHiLDReN yO. I DOnT hARm nO wOMEn anD ChILdRen. PeAcE 2 KatS whO rOcK MaCK KnOwLeDGe kNoWLeDGiN. JuST ReMEMbEr bE U stARTeD DiSS bEeF yO. anD i Be GonNa Da FiNiSHa

  • Yo i bE SuCkIn SoOoOoOooO MaNy DiCkS… PeOplE Be CaLlIn mE DiCKFaCe!!

  • Wowww!!!!why the one dude on hear say crooked is the only one 2 make a meaningful song.smh..the nigga JOE BUDDEN makes the realest muzik in the game since PAC….dude obvious don’t know what he talmbout

  • DiZ piGGuH RoYcE Is A WaCK RaPPeR. fO’ ReaL. hE AiNt nEvA bE NuFFiN MoRe. EVeR NevEr. U kNoW WhaT ElSe Yo, DiZ WaCK DIrTY BastARad JoE bUttAna SucKs hOrSe [email protected]<. And yO DiZ wANNa BE cRIpTiC cRoOkED sTy iZ A LamE ANd DIz LiChANo JuLiANa oRtIz Or SHaLL I SaY OrTeGA CiZ hE bEEz a pHat BastarDO. YaLLz WHo lIkE diZ gReWP aInt ReALlY a HiP hOP Head, Son use a HiP hOP dUD.

  • Yo CrACkA u tUFF BehInd mUmmYz ComPuuTA. CoME sAY It To My FacE. nAH U sHoOK. u lIke Don ShUlA. sHow yA fACe bEchO. IF u had NoOtZ U WoUlD StATe WHo yA aRe. BuT U A poSuEr. SO hEadZ GoT reALz tInGz tO Do.

  • you

    Joell had this.

  • you

    @Duke Nookim

    STFU. It’s Royce spitting a verse, who cares if he spit it before or not. It’s still dope.

  • $$$

    I hate that they could spit but can’t make a track to save their lives.

  • markaveli

    crooked murdered as usual.

  • marty mcfly

    This shit need to be on the album. DOPE!!! Premo >>>

  • Mitch

    Is that robbie guy retarted? He sounds retarted.

  • JETLIFE116

    Buddens went in tho, Joell killed it but its greedy spat like 3 loll. Crooked I was dope as usual

    Fuck BET tho, i think should make an entire hour of this & call it The Bassment #IMO

  • Jon


    Gangsta’s Cry and Let Me Buy U A Drink aren’t meaningful songs? There’s more to Crooked than his freestyles.

  • ay

    what beat was that?

  • Budden Suck Dickjobs. He licks licks on penis tips tips. Sucking wet balls with hair on them. licky dicky

  • Michael86

    Over which track are they freestylin?? Love this beat tho!!

  • D3F14NT

    Eminem should stand for Marley Marl.. too fuckin dope

  • Beanstax

    Not surprisingly Crooked had the best verse then Joell. Shame on u Royce for recyclin that verse from the LA Leakers freestyle smh. If the album comin out a month from now wit no lushbacks, just drop the mixtape already

  • leefx

    yes…. Premo!