Strong Arm Steady – Fair Fight f. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q (prod. Statik Selektah)

blame it on Shake July 20, 2012

Mitchy Slick, Phil the Agony and KRNDN link up with 3/4 of Black Hippy for the latest leak from their upcoming Stereotype album with Statik Selektah. August 14th is the date. Get a preview here and pre-orders here.

Stream only, per request.

  • doc rovers

    everyones thinking, they couldnt just get kendrick to jump on too? ahh well still worth a download

  • doc rovers

    *or stream

  • vot

    sts got almost all of black hippy on a track while kweli got for his

  • Sam Flow

    Kendrick’s voice annoys the hell outta me. He has nice lyrics, I just cant get over that voice of his. Im quite glad he isnt on here

  • lego

    that gangster shit…yup

  • you

    @Sam Flow

    Kendrick has a smooth voice compared to Krondon.

  • no diss but fuck kendrick ive been waiting to hear jay rock for a long time all you guys talk about kendrick this kendrick nigga shut up you guys saying he put tde where it is now hell na jay rock been grindden the hardest to put q , kendrick and soulo on and gets no credit he put his hustle on hold for these niggas but they dont show to him recognition in interviews and shit, yall shadowing jay out

  • Thinker

    ^^^ The reason why everybody talking about Kendrick is because he’s the one who put his name out there and really introduced everybody to the team. I can’t deny Jay Rock’s work but you can’t deny Kendrick putting TDE on to all these ppl. That’s close-minded

  • Nuff

    dafuq dislike this? fu

  • Rock

    Statik with a nice track. Kid is on a run right now. 2012 been a good year for him.

  • Tav662

    Lets forget about Black Hippy for just a microsecond….Mitchy Slick STILL killin it! All parties come correct, but damn Mitch!

  • Cubano

    Jay rock is an animal….wait til his next project then u hipsters can start sucking his dick too.

  • Joe.

    Really disappointed Kendrick isn’t on this, still dope nonetheless.

  • tompettilino

    2 of the illest groups on the west. this is incredible. @Tav662 co-siggity! mitchy needs more shine!

  • Follow Mitchy Slick on Twitter @MITCHYSLICK..this was a good collaboration


    jay rock is the reason tde is on the map no amount of kendrick dick riddin will ever change that

  • flo

    ^^ true, jay rock blew up before any of tDe, he started the movement. Follow me home is a classic

  • you

    Jay Rock had a buzz, but you can’t say he really blew up. Most people still didn’t know who he was until Kendrick started to blow up. Jay Rock was puttin in the initial work for sure, but Kendrick put them on the map.

    You dumb fuck. Jay Rock gets shouted out all the time. The fuck you talking about?

  • j

    soul went in. jay rock and Q are sub par. schoolboy q really is awful. what do ppl see in this dude?


  • andosca

    Seems like we have people that don’t understand Kendrick Lamar use to be known as K.Dot… dude has been rapping since he was like 15. NOT denying Jay Rock’s status, dude is hard and does his thing, but you guys act like Kendrick was no one before Jay Rock…but in the end who the fuck cares because TDE (jay rock, ab soul, schoolboy q and kendrick) are on TOP of the game. So quit bitchin’…. great song too

  • Good to see groups like S.A.S Black Hippy and Slaughterhouse showing that Skills still Appeal!!! LOVE’N ALL OF THIS!!

  • skiler714

    I am suprised people know SAS now. 16 bricks ft. planet asia. Big Ups to Diamond supply for putting them on a release.

  • I always appreciate Mitch’s realness! Every time he start tell them Southeast stories, I remember where I was when they all went down! cant deny the real! Salute big homie!

  • JReezy

    Ab-Soul went in.

  • Nasty

    I need this download… oh my god