• Trey

    This is not a tour

  • joshestes

    i can't imagine someone like the Weeknd puts on that riveting of a live show--but I saw Florence last March, and they are mind-blowing live

  • uncleblazer420

    san diego fuck yeah

  • Alex

    San Diego!

  • http://www.afucknigga.com Trollfucking Formula

    Tomorrow: The Weeknd comes out closet. Same day on c-section: fuck Tesfaye fag

  • JETLIFE116

    damn..i hope Florence gets into black niggas soon..dat voice

  • CarverLee

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  • spencer


  • http://facebook.com/LibradoBiasca Librado Biasca

    @joshestes I feel you. Never seen him personally but I hear the energy is nice, although I watched the Coachella vids and I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Frank Ocean live slays The Weeknd Live.