Frank Ocean x OG Ron C – Channel Purple (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 July 21, 2012

Chopped, not slopped take on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange courtesy of Ron C.

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ocean x OG Ron C – Channel Purple (Mixtape) | Alt. Link
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  • Jazmine

    From a womans point of view if you listen to this nigga you a fagg

  • unclesam

    From a man´s point of view, if you have problems listening to someone´s music because of their sexuality, you have obvious issues and insecurities.

  • Casual Observer

    So you can relate to this nigga singing about the men he loves?

  • bisexualb1tch

    So you can relate to a nigga rapping about moving 1000 kilos of coke?

  • sam

    @Casual Observer BURN!!

  • all i can hear is she, her, girl, fuck u trolls talkin only two songs he talks male love
    i cant deny quality music just because sexual orientation of its artist

  • justenjoythisshit

    fuck everyone hatin on FO’s music

  • NoLOVE9mm

    I hate the internet to many Opinions you loosers.. music is music if its good listen if it aint stfu ..Lame ass music experts.

  • stanstan

    frank ocean doing a good job of turning the black populace into a bunch of homos

    Well, him and Drake.

  • Casual Observer

    You dont know me, so i dont know what the fuck 1000 kilos gotta do with Frank being a fag and yall loving his downlow music. and change your name youre a fag.

  • Casual Observer

    If you come to this c-section looking for serious insight, comments, reviews, then you is a stupid muthafucka. you want expert opinions?? Go find the niggas that get paid to do that shit. We are here to fuck around with all you lil bitches that just love to take anonymous opinions seriously. Get over yourselves.

  • Oliver

    Good observation

  • Yall namekians lame bruh

  • Casual Observer


  • dirtysixchambers

    @ casual

    Are you a fuckin moron bro? He mentioned the coke cause you asked if he could relate to Frank singing about dudes…. So do you relate to everything your fav rappers spit? ie: selling kilos of coke or robbing people or anything

  • Read a book

    90% of the kids spewing some homophobic shit are just trolling, the other 10% are CLEARLY in the closet.

  • tony 666

    i cant wait until i find a hardcopy of channel orange everytime i go to best buy they are sold out which is strange i didnt think people where i live were up on frank’s shit like that. oh well good job frank he most def deserve everthing he gets legend in the making.

  • alex


    Alot of people where i stay just go to the new release racks & just pick up whatever is new reguardless of if they know the artist or not.Dont forget Best Buy is the only store carrying the album which will make it even harder to find it thats why i just got mine off itunes.

  • tony 666


    Yeah i’ll just wait until Rick Ross album drop maybe they’ll have some more in by then.

  • FObiggestfan

    I love Frank Ocean and I fuck all the bitches, true story


    What exactly is so appealing about fucking up someone’s music?

  • growupyall

    been bumpin this album since it dropped. sooo good. including all the songs where he takls abaut a dude who was his first love. And I smashes two diff girls in two days. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?

  • casualdudefucker

    I’m sorry y’all. I too have sex with the male sex from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One love.

  • Fuuuuck

    Dope but Ron needs to shut the fuck up. Fuck.

  • bigErn

    Why? This doesn’t even sound decent.
    And Jazmine youre a girl, not a woman with a comment like that

  • Mick Jagger

    Dude better not even think about tarnishing Life is Good with this Chopped and Screwed garbage…

  • dave

    jazmine just stfu and suck my dick thatd all your good for.

  • yallsomeidiots

    i don’t care about frank ocean, his sexuality or any of odd future for that matter. i only click on this shit because i love to read the comments under it…so hilarious.

  • Clarity

    I don’t get why guys don’t look at gay guys like this;
    More gay guys = more single ladies
    That’s fine with me…

  • Casual Observer

    No nigga. You are the fucking moron. a serious one at that. How the fuck you know who my favorite rapper is? What, because i dont listen to fag shit like Drake or Frank Ocean, I gotta like gangsta rap? You lil butt hurt bitches make me laugh with your assumptions….nigga i dont even like rap. how about that? i just like to come to these sites and ruffle your faggoty feathers. so thank you for entertaining. You can keep waving your rainbow flag now.

  • the realest

    i don’t care about frank ocean, his sexuality or any of odd future for that matter. i only click on this shit because i love to read the comments under it…so hilarious.

    yallsomeidiots said this on July 21st, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    ^ lmao that.

    and casual just came out the closet and openly admitted that he is a troll lol. ha.

    frank ocean is a C+ artist, B- at best. only reason why his shit is even chopped and screwed is bcuz of the attension hes getting for coming out. which adds to the annoyance of gays bcuz of their dying need for attension and to be heard/seen. rather than the actual music like a sir elton john.

  • Casual Observer

    The pot calling the kettle black.

  • the realest

    lol hey, just giving a casual observation, right?

  • Mars

    Music is music, straight or gay. How many gay people influence the brand names you wear, give your favorite artist there steez. Wake the fuck up prople life is to short.

  • eatshit

    Faggot nigga lovers^

    sick ass weirdos

  • And 1

    I gave it a fair chance and just wasn’t feeling the album at all. nostalgia ultra was good, this album not so much. I was never a real fan of frank ocean, I liked the Weeknd shit more. I was confused when I heard he would be on Watch the Throne.

    And why do we keep having to hear that he produced for Justin Bieber? I don’t want to see a resume just make some music that I can appreciate.

  • Dr. Fukdemhos

    Namekians are inhabitants of the planet Namek. They are a green people from the DBZ universe.

    Frank Ocean references DBZ on that song with 3 Stacks, I think that’s pretty cool. “Cotton Candy Maijin Buu” he says haha.

  • Kip

    My parents put me on to Queen’s music when I was a kid, its really not that new of a thing or a big deal. Elton John used to run shit back in the day.

  • NoWuff

    So is this actually a bad tape or are people just mad that Frank Ocean is bi?

  • Paul Simon

    ^Channel Orange is good as an album (songs flow together smoothly, everything centers around a particular mood and theme, etc.), but quite frankly there aren’t very many good songs on there. There’s a lot of rambling and a lot of unnecessary vocal embellishment, and not a lot of structure to the individual songs. Prepare yourself for as much moaning and trilling as actual singing. On the other hand, there don’t seem to be a lot of mechanized vocal effects on the album; and it’s vaguely refreshing to hear a singer reject the pitch-correcter.

    The “gay” thing almost never actually crops up on the album, but the one instance where is rears its head is on “Forrest Gump”. You can make up your own mind on that one- it’s one of the most sonically promising songs on the album, but personally I just feel like it jumps headfirst over my awkward limit. He starts off with little things like a “boy” ad-lib here or there, and before you know it he’s talking about how buff Sweet Forrest is and how sexy his lips are. Can’t do it.

  • the realest

    co-sign and 1, kip, and paul simon

    personally i like pink, adele, alicia, lttp, mary j nd shit, but frank is a lil over the top with the gay thing. true art shouldnt have a face or gender on it. or any type of bias towards it. it should just be an emotion and feeling where anyone can relate. and more focused on the the art and poetry for the sake of music. not making it your personal coming out party. unless his album is intended only for gay males(not even gay females). and if thats the case, then he sure is no elton john. that whiteboy just made great music.

  • shad

    so many people defending this homo frank ocean.

    wish he would just kill himself to be honest. faggot

  • frank ocean

    @casual observer, you truly are a fucking moron. real muhfuggin spit. you can’t even comprehend what the fuck people are telling you. dumbass nigga. GTFOH.