Lost Things (Rediculus & Prome) – Red Road

blame it on JES7 July 22, 2012

The new single from the homie Rediculus’ new group called Lost Things.

DOWNLOAD: Lost Things (Rediculus & Prome) – Red Road
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  • pjopij

    so as soon as kanye says “if you could do better you’d do it” everyone wanna do the exact same shit. gtfoh

  • AllisonJon

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  • Congruent

    This is really good man. That rapper is a raw emcee

  • Heat!

  • ray


  • Todd

    hot shit!

  • Prome

    pjopij…..Did you really just relate that quote to Kanye. Is your frame of reference really that limited or were just trying to be antagonistic. If we knew better we’d do better is a quote popularized by Maya Angelou in the 60’s or 70’s and it was used coloquially in Black communities in America I’d say at least a century before that if not more. WAKE UP DUMMY!!!!

  • Rich Malone

    Yeah, no one is interested in following ANY trend set in place by a Kanye West(and I say that as a Chicagoan)….very bad frame of reference…

    Must be a Drake/Nicky Minaj/Chief Kief fan…..

  • Shout out to the dopehouse for supporting the homie. Catch these cats on tour this August!