Man Of Steel (Trailer)

blame it on JES7 July 22, 2012

May 14, 2013. Cannot wait.

  • And with Man Of Steel, the DC Movie Universe (more than likely) will begin.

    Question I have for people is, should they do a bunch of solo movies (rebooted Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, rebooted Green Lantern), or just jump right into a Justice League movie and do solos after? Either way, DC claims they aren’t doing anything else until at least 2015.

  • Shake


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  • Thinker

    This trailer sucks ass. The team behind the movie is great but I’m curious as to how u make a great story out of a man who has no equal? None of the other superman movies were any good and this one looks boring as fuck.

  • @Justice
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  • Cali760

    Yo Shake what did you think about ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? I think it’s probably the best trilogy I have ever seen.

  • Swaggy

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  • Mike

    Good Looks

  • fucksuperheroemovies

    So remaking remakes is going to be a thing now…spiderman you prick

  • Darth Yeyo

    I can’t believe this post got so many likes how many times you niggas gonna sit through the same fucking movie told over and over again I swear America is filled with dumb fucks who support this trash, they just rebooted Superman a few years ago now there doing it again I’m not gonna see this shit unlike most of the idiots that go see these movies I’m sick of these shitty reboot movies…. Fuck you Hollywood

  • Jonesy Stark

    Hmmm…still not quite convinced. Not big on the Blue Boys Scout and there’s yet to be a truly great film done with the character. Nolan was involved with it though and Snyder can be a good director when he reigns himself in.

  • Swaggy

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  • C-los

    I can wait. It’s not like the last Superman movie blew my socks off. Batman aside, DC Superhero movies have all sucked recently. They’re tight DC is kicking their asses.

    JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE is slated for 2014 and again…. I can wait