Nas Talks On Lost Frank Ocean Collaboration (Video)

blame it on JES7 July 22, 2012

Nas recently spoke with MTV News about his collaboration with Frank Ocean, No Such Thing As White Jesus.

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  • EC

    I love nas, but tf does that mean. And I thought frank said it was just “lost”?

  • Mike

    One of these Frank Ocean songs with Nas needs to be able to come out, It would be dope becuz u had Jay-z & Kanye west – “No Chruch in the wild” plus “Made in America.” Frank Ocean sounds good on those tracks but the solo work is a NO.

  • Mike

    Too bad it’s lost in the file though.

  • Him

    Am I the only one that was let down by both of their albums? Frank just rambled on and tried to be a crooner instead of a songwriter, and Nas’s album was pretty good, but kinda boring. What in the world happened to his style? He went from “Represent” and “Made You Look” to “The Don” and “Summer On Smash”? Who the hell told him that a hype beat has to switch up every 3 bars and throw everything off? And with those being auto-skips, the rest of it just kind of drags on like an album about a 40 year old reflecting on life, life and his lament for the glory days when he was popular.

  • bew

    Where’s the Black aptitude to cultivate a civilisation on par with Rome (b.c), or Europe, Hong Kong, and Tokyo today?

    Before you purge the American civilisation apart, please leave our religious deity alone! Ta.

  • Chicago


    I thought it was one of the best albums I ever heard. It’s one of the only hip hop albums I can think of where I really like every single song. The only song on the album that I would rate lower than an 8/10 is Summer On Smash and even that song I don’t skip, I just think Swizz Beats rambling takes away from it a bit. Each to his own I guess.

  • jamie

    nas deleted the collabs when he found out son was gay

  • iknowzzz

    i KNEW it wasnt lost. homophobic ass nas was just like “nag dont use that song now”. Nas is crazy on the mic but what a dick head..

  • iFloss

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Now Nas hates gays ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Hilarious