Eversno - Frakenbride

They say suffering builds character. Eversno really hopes that's true.

DOWNLOAD: Eversno - Frakenbride f. Jonrah (prod. Oliver)

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  • shruggy

    Beat is groovy, but its kinda hard to make out his verse. Still a solid track tho

  • Nick

    shit so weak it gave me a headache...disappointment eversno...

  • Jay

    two thumbs down... the hook dosent sound good....

  • Janelle

    the only thing good about this is the beat... everything else blows :l

  • Kimberly

    My friend told me this was gonna be a good song... and when I listened to it... I laughed becuz it just wasnt. LMAO! but nice beat.

  • Andrew

    weaf af. FBG$ better

  • $lick Vic

    My nigga ! Jst keeps gettin better and better lived the new song keep up the good work Sno

  • Julian

    weak af....


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