G.O.O.D. Music Covers Complex’s August/September Issue

blame it on Meka July 23, 2012

Kanye, Q-Tip, Common, Big Sean, Pusha T, KiD CuDi and some key players of the G.O.O.D. contingent cover the next issue of Complex. You can actually read their story before it hits shelves August 7th right here, and you can check some behind-the-scenes footage of their photo shoot down bottom. UPDATE: Pitchfork revealed that Cruel Summer will now drop on September 4th.

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  • IS34

    Xzibit – Napalm


    1. State Of Hip-Hop Vs. Xzibit (Prod. By Beat Butcher)
    2. Everything (Prod. By Rick Rock)
    3. Dos Equise Ft. RBX
    4. Something More Ft. Prodigy
    5. Gangsta Gangsta (Prod. By DJ Chill)
    6. Forever A G Ft. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By E. Dan)
    7. 1983 Ft. Trena Joiner (Xzibit’s Mom) (Prod. By Insane Wayne)
    8. Stand Tall Ft. Slim Da Mobster (Prod. By S1)
    9. Spread It Out (Prod. By 21)
    10. Up Out The Way Ft. E-40 (Prod. By Rick Rock)
    11. Napalm (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin’) (Drums By Travis Barker; Scratches By Sid (Of Slipknot))
    12. Meaning Of Life Ft. Ret. Staff Sargent Shilo Harris (U.S. Army)
    13. Louis XIII Ft. King T & Tha Alkaholiks (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
    14. Enjoy The Night Ft. David Banner, Wiz Khalifa & Brevi (Prod. By David Banner)
    15. Movie Ft. Crooked I, Slim Da Mobster & Game (Prod. By Akon)
    16. I Came To Kill (Prod. By !llmind)
    17. Killer’s Remorse Ft. Bishop Lamont, B-Real & Demrick (Prod. By Focus)
    18. 1983 StringAcapella

  • GOOD

    2 CHAIINNNNNNNZZZZZZ ahahaha poor Cyhi

  • pyh


  • Mike

    Once again kanye shits on cyhi so far he has been on no good music tracks off cruel summer he got no features from any g.o.o.d artist on his new mixtape now cnt even be feauture on complex lookn like cyhi’s road is coming to a end on good music to make way for 2 chains.smh

  • 5%

    Yasiin Bey plz

  • LambertIvan

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  • Zombie

    @ Mike actually Hit Boy was featured on CyHi tape and hes G.O.O.D.

  • Stephanie

    OMG KiD CuDi is sooooooooo fine :))

  • thew

    @mike big sean was on the mixtape too what u talkin bout

  • ovoxo

    Love how its Kanye,Cudi,Common & Pusha right there together they are really the heart & soul of G.O.O.D.

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • Jeff

    MAN I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • speezola

    @IS34, don’t you think it’s kind of odd that xzibit would work with game, but not his longtime homie ras kass?

  • speezola

    no yasiin bey, cyhi da prince or teyana taylor

    i guess they’re the “…and more”.

    wow. get in the studio, yasiin, they’re forgetting about you already

  • JETLIFE116

    no Yassin anymore? at least Abstract & John Legend is on there…

    thats a cross? and “In Good We Trust”? duh fuck…suspect shit

  • AD

    cyhi needs to leave….. does not get enough recognition… i wonder why kanye

  • MrWIllis

    Google “Bone Thugs Crossroads Single”… go to images and tell me these aren’t biting.

  • JETLIFE116

    Cyhi was probably on a promo tour, homie has to work hard when they were shooting this

  • LyricEater

    So 2Chainz is now officially on GOOD or what?

  • Thank Me

    CyHi never gets any love

  • me

    bone? lol

  • lol

    note that they all couldnt fit in as cross

  • Oliver

    Comsense outdoing Rozzay with the beard.

  • j

    i mean Cyhi’s most recent mixtape was sub-par. he changed…kinda see why GOOD is blackballing him

  • kelvin izza g

    cyhi’s latest tape is cold..
    im pissed he aint gettin no shine on this..

  • $$b&P$$

    yeah it look a LITTLe like crossroads single artwork. however if any of yall owned a hard copy of Bone’s ‘E 1999 Eternal’ and opened the booklet, you’d see EXACTLY what G.O.O.D copied.

  • Ol’Dominion

    Can’t believe Medium Sean is part of this crew. And Cyhi is wack. That track he did where he butchered Sade is blasphemous.

  • Idle Handz

    Dey Bit The Cover Style From Bone Thugs During The E.1999 Era

  • Pay attention, Kanye is running the religious theme to the ground, getting less creative. Need to see something new, please. He has it in him!

  • 1dopeboy

    fuck kanye for once again just completely forgetting about cyhi. He’s been doing it ever since they signed wack ass 2 chainz

  • m.black

    Good Music Hands Down is the Best Rap Group/Label out. Young Money slowed waaaaay down. Drake is the only one really holding it all together and Wayne seems to be burning out. MMG looking good but we all know Self Made 2 won’t be shit compared to Cruel Summer. Besides, no one out that camp is of any genius when it comes to musical concepts. Lot’s of glossy pop rap songs with a street edge. Pure Hype at it’s best I would say with the occasional head banger that’s hard to ignore.

    G-Unit signed some new wack artists and Banks is hit or miss now and days. 50 can’t seem to gain enough traction again with his music (HE FUCKED UP WHEN DRE STOPPED BEING THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER FOR HIS ALBUMS) and he has his hands full with other shit anyway to give his all to music like he once did. TDE is holding is down in the underground but I have a feeling mainstream success will destroy their foundation and they’ll split up (I HOPE I’M WRONG).

    A$AP MOB…that one is still up in the air. At best I can see them dominating the underground scene as a novelty act along with TDE (If they don’t split up) Taylor Gang and the Jet Life crew. Raider Klan won’t be much for a while. Spaceghostpuurp got vision and conceptual genius but he has yet to deliver high caliber artistry to take the Klan to the next level. He still in an experimental phase.

    G.O.O.D. music trumps them all…for now

  • m.black

    Oh And Shady 2.0 is solid but they won’t achieve much without Eminem pulling all the strings like he did with D12. Yelawolf I think has lost his way and Slaughter House will get hella respect but they won’t go far without a hit…

  • Didi

    Put away 2 Chainz & Big Sean and this is actually good.

  • basiclee

    for everybody saying Cyhi isnt getting enough shine, I thought that as well until I realized he got a verse on MBDTF…on the same track as Jay Z was on, on kanye’s most critically successful album. Big sean only had a verse on the fuckin’ Deluxe version. big sean did it without kanyes help, cyhi shouldve did the same

  • dave

    fuck cyhi he fell off .that new mixtape he dropped is garbage. i think his first single off that is “slickin”or some shit some atl slang.hes not ready for the luxury life.wut ny nigga cudi be saying.”you just not on my level musically”send that nigga to mmg thats where he belong.i use to be a fan too.he changed tho.shout out to cudi that’s that nigga.

  • hER

    @jetlife116 Cyhi was probably on a promo tour, homie has to work hard when they were shooting this

    are you implying that everyone in the picture had to have been together?

  • ummm

    Mr. Hudson?

  • Big stinky

    Fuck yeah cudi’s the man

  • Nyles


    I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t forget about dude.

    His vocals killed on that on WTT track.