Dom Kennedy Speaks On Yellow Album, Independence & More (Video)

Dom Kennedy sits down with LA Stereo to discuss his latest EP, The Yellow Album. He adresses some of the comments about his music, and talks about his independent situation.

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  • hiodh

    the yellow album sucked! sorry

  • Thinker

    Yo i'm still bumping that shit!

  • W$GT$ ALL DAY!!!!

    Good lookin on the Yellow Album Dom! that shit definitely one of my favorite Dome Kennedy projects

  • It's nice to know that Dom is smarter than what he put out on the YA. I never listened to Dom before but the YA is fire. Def. gonna check up on his next stuff

  • Real Talk

    Shit is dope, listen to this dude man he's smart and knows what's up most of these rappers don't even think about their work or the game on that level. Yellow Album is dope.

  • YouAreWack

    All his music is G A R B A G E .

  • aHometownHero

    lets be honest. i respect dom & his hustle, he is a smart dude. what he is saying though is that rap music listeners are dumbed down now.rap music continues to become less and less for the intellectual minds.

  • fuck future, fuck soulja boy, fuck elzhi and fuck immortal technique

    "Could i say twenty-million words in one line just to say one thing or would I rather just say one thing beautifully?"
    i'd just like to quote that for the niggas out here listening to the Yellow Album and expecting some intricate, multi-syllable, double-entendre, triple-entendre, fast raps while jumping 100 different subjects all within one verse. like, cool nigga, you just said a little bit of everything on that one verse, what you talking about in this song tho?
    Dom keeps it simple. like he said, your voice is just another instrument to the beat, people will start listening after they can vibe to the song. this is why i'll never get into these other complicated rappers with shitty beats because all they see in a beat is something to put their voice on to. then when i listen to the shit, it sounds exactly like that, a beat they put their voice on. just random talking over noise.
    dont get it twisted tho, i dont fuck with simple rappers, just musicians. Dom is getting there.

  • Jules

    He always manages to convey a feeling or a mood. And doing that in a "simple" way might be harder than you think. I got up on Dom (pause) through Everybody Knows Us from The Hundreds compilation. And I think he evolved with every project (even though I still think that The Original Dom slaps harder than FTWSWL2 ). When listening to the Yellow Album even I'll admit that I thought "WTF" a couple of times 'cause I felt as if he dumbed it down on purpose. But when as I listened to it again I think I really got what he was trying to get across, everything he states above. The Yellow Album puts you in a zone, much like So Far Gone did. I sense even greater things to come, as long as dude don't sign with MMG.PeacefuckitImout.


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