Random Acts Of F*ckery: Ace Power Edition

blame it on Meka July 24, 2012

I… man… you Koreans are crazy as hell for this one.

  • Belize

    *epic slow clap*

    btw speaking about “clap”…

  • Frank Ocean.

  • 2


  • yellowflesh

    Holy shit.

  • nyc22

    I think it’s funny that none of the models/demonstrators have nice abs. They couldn’t find anyone in the country with a 6 pack?

  • yellowflesh

    ^ or anyone with abs was smart enough to know what being in this commercial meant!

  • JETLIFE116

    fucking Asians, we can’t have the Shake Weight..niggas gotta one up us in technology every time…fucking Asians

  • spencer

    Holy shit, thattl turn your nuts into scrambled eggs for sure

  • sulls

    ja pierdole..