• Bryan

    this dude's about to drop his 3rd project THIS YEAR, damn

  • http://www.theaudiodope.com Joe G

    i'm diggin russ but this is almost the same exact drum beat as the track you posted by john anthony that was produced by russ

  • who cares

    So dope. Excited as hell for that new album. Straight From Limbo was a banger

  • Franklin Seabass

    these dudes get a post daily by shake. no one fucks with it. hmmm...wonder what that means

  • who cares

    ^DIEMON gets a post whenever they drop new shit, just like everyone else that gets posted on this site. No one fucks with them? The 23 dopes and 2 nopes disagree with you. They just don't have a huge fanbase yet