D-WHY – One Day After 2 Chainz

blame it on Meka July 25, 2012

D-WHY’s Don’t Flatter Yourself drops August 15th, exactly (you got it) one day after 2 Chainz’ Def Jam debut.

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  • royalenumbers

    he spazzed on this shit…first to hop on “Birthday Song”? i think so

  • krello

    he isnt as nice as he’s portayed to be…very simple rhyme schemes..

  • hang

    2 Chainz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Atrocious

    How do people listen to this trash?

  • Hitz


  • ahijah

    The same way people listen to abc hip-hop…..

  • I’m talking to you, ahijah.

    How exactly is this NOT abc hip-hop?

  • a

    This guys the black Childish Gambino

  • realtalk©

    I hadn’t heard a track from this guy before this post, but this is a throwaway track on someone else’s outplayed mainstream trap beat.. if you wanna judge this guy’s rapping skills you should probably base it on his own (original) projects not on a song like this..

  • naoshad

    his voice is sooo relaxing

  • that truth

    lol what a faggot. put some bass in your voice. terrible rhymes on top of that

  • d-bo

    I thought Ziggy from The Wire was in jail for murder? Spiros and the Greek are gonna be lookin for his ass.

  • Swag

    This guys the black Childish Gambino

    a said this on July 25th, 2012 at 4:50 pm


  • jape

    why do people even rap anymore?
    this shit is terrible. horrible. im almost inclined to think he is making a mockery of rap music.