L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Benjamin Franklin

blame it on Meka July 25, 2012


The Chicagorillas’ Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 4 will drop soon. Props to FSD.

DOWNLOAD: L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Benjamin Franklin | Alt
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  • Larry LeJend

    Man, I’m out here on the West Coast and can’t lie them Chi Boyz ain’t nothin to play with.
    L.E.P. stay with some Heaterz, love it.

  • H20ne

    DOPE! anybody know when the mixtape suppose to come out?

  • ssdd

    same shit, different day..

  • Bogus is right.

  • PiesInUrFace

    song’s wack. hook’s repetitive.


    As many songs and vids as these niggas drop…none of them are appealing enough to stay on my mind. I mean I wanna like these dudes but they just ain’t got it…I know I ain’t the only one who feels this way…

  • GQ131826

    i was a fan of DFDK 3! i hope they can top that with this upcoming release. chicago niggas, going for the kill, ginger and lust for life is some of their best work… at least in my opinion!

  • Tyree

    Shit is crack. Keep it coming #Bogus