Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples f. Wale & Drake (prod. Cardiak)

blame it on Illy July 26, 2012

The Cardiak-produced “Diced Pineapples” appears on Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t LP, out Tuesday.

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  • Robertle1

    Wale though.

  • ayyyyyyy

    of all songs you post this one? how bout pirates or amsterdam?


  • Shy

    They got drake on a song called “diced pineapples” lmfao.
    this cant be life…

  • blu hippie

    Real talk i dont know if this is his best album imo it very well could be down the rode but this is most def his most mature album to date. Its alot of soulful shit on this album. I give it a 8/10 my only problem with it is having “hold me back” & “911” so close to each other when they both have a similar sound & having omarion on the album. Other than that its a pretty dope album can most def ride & smoke to it.

  • Tony

    Andre 3000 had the best verse in the history of Hip Hop on that album.

  • doc rovers

    this album is horrible. hes getting better though, only 90% of the songs sound like each other, as opposed to 100%

  • dre

    God damn this nigga Wally wack as fuck

  • Tyson

    This shit way better than anything Kendrick is puttin out

  • Obama Fried Chicken


    Rick Ross is a C average lyricist, his rhymes are extremely boring and predictable.

    Justice league is just incredible, I’m impressed really. Even the other producers on this tape was trying to tap on what they previously established with Ricky, they blew me away with the production on maybach music, sixteen and ten pieces.

    Andre 3k’s verse is hard and creative.

    Omarion surprisingly did his thing, so did Stalley.

    Ross’s vision on the storytelling is choppy and repetitive. Nas’s Triple Beam Dream verse is fluid then his.

    I usually love hard beats but 911 is so boring and forgettable. There is a mean kick in that song I would love to steal, Hold me back is a joke. That and Sophisticated should have been on DJ Khaled’s album. LoL

    MC Hammer and BMF was monsters but man, this is a huge fail. I think the billboard charts will prove that in time. His team might be sweating harder when they realize his thing isn’t charting. o0o0o0o with all those marketing dollars spent on him and nothing is being rewarded back? yikes!

    anyways, this is a great album honestly. Compared to all the other b.s. out there – ricky rozay has a good heart to include classic hip hop sounds here. #salute

  • will

    Ross might as well sign the rest of B2K. Omarion lost without them niggas think he Frank Ocean or sum shit.

  • FAZE

    Threw the whole song Rick Ross is talking about buying his girl Materialistic Bullshit . Just shows how garbage he is that he can’t express & exit his 1 dimensional Box .

  • marty mcfly

    The albums ok, it definitely has its moments at times you wouldn’t expect and on songs you wouldn’t think would standout but did, making the album better and more cohesive. Id say that Pirates, Amsterdam, Touchin You, Presidential, Ice Cold, Maybach Music 4 and 3 Kings are probably the best songs. The joint with Andre 3k was ok to me but thats about it. Thing about Ross is he can pick good beats but I think the lyrics and hooks could have been put together a little better. To me Ross kinda reminds me of a Scarface type of rapper/character that fills that lane for this current time in hip hop, but the thing about Scarface is he always picked good beats AND lyrically he had a wide range of subject matter that also let people into his personal life. Ross is still kinda like a closed off person as a rapper, he only talks about surface type of material for the most part which is cool but if you got, “God” in the title of your album then you should probably have some real talk time on the album. He talks about being broke and struggling to make it to where he’s at which is cool and is good subject matter but at his age there is alot more to be said for a person in his position. Alot of people would say lyrically Ross is not capable of bringing it that dope but imo he does because on past albums, mixtapes and on some remixes like Kanye’s Devil in a Blue Dress and Lil Waynes Mirrors, he stepped those songs up with dope verses. Overall it was a cool album but I think that he leaned so much on what good production could do for him that he forgot that he still gotta have dope lyrics to compliment those beats.

  • t hall

    3000 was the only great thing about that album…..NEXT!!!!

  • Pauly D

    This is actually one of the better songs on the album. Was really enjoyable as opposed to 3 Kings (the above average beat, Dre’s shameless plugging and Jay’s sloppy flow ruin it all for me).

  • marty mcfly

    I mean, Kanye’s Devil In A NEW Dress… The beat on that song just has a sound to it that comes across as the color blue for some reason idk, Kanye shrug.

  • VJ

    Cups of the XO, all my people been here.

  • mynameismyname

    @ marty There was a movie called Devil In A Blue Dress back in the 90’s so If you peeped that then maybe that’s what you thought of..

    Overall in terms of RAP, compared to the other albums that have been released prior to this one, it’s close to a classic, and i know someone is going to be butthurt about that statement and say that Nas is a true classic, which it is, but too many people fail to realize that Ross is Mafioso Rap and Nas is HIP-HOP with some elements of Mafioso Rap, so comparing the two is pretty much like an apple to a grape or some ish.. Nonetheless it’s definitely been a great month for rap and hip-hop alike with God Forgives, I Don’t and Life Is Good!! Props to Ross and Nas both for putting out ill products..

  • damon

    3000 verse >>> any verse jay-z ever spit. faggot ass jayz fans down playing “sixteen” cause dre shitted on their favorite rapper lol faggots. 3stacks is your favorite rapper favorite rapper.

  • marty mcfly

    @mynameismyname, WORD I remember that movie now that you bring it up. Anyway the Amsterdam song best fits the overall theme and vibe of what God Forgives is all about so its probably my favorite off the album.

  • coolCat

    wale be trying to sound poetic, just end up sounding like a rambling idiot.
    solid album tho

  • marty mcfly

    i suck molly off hovi’s penis


    andre 3k’s rough HANDICAPPED beginners level guitar solo on SIXTEEN >>>>>>>>> ANY jay z verse

  • trav

    Wale think he Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes nigga nothing but a dirty ass nigga from the dmv.

  • marty mcfly

    I see the homotrolls is mad again, LOL punks.

  • 16 aint enough

    I think alot of rappers will study Andre’s verse & get motivated to drop solid projects(Jay z included). Not none of that rapping about how rich they are & get back to rapping about things that actually matter.Ross was so shocked on that track all he could do was laugh in the background,I bet he still cant believe it.He’s honored to have Andre murder him on his on shit(Nas Voice)

  • Mischief

    Wale my nigga, Ross is a fraud, Drake is iight. Album is mediocre. Trilla > GFID.


    This song is too sappy but Wale ripped this. His lyricism is at its peak on this join.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Wale >


    Bonus track: Rick Ross – Semen & Maybachs ft. Frank Ocean

  • MusicHead

    YALL BITCHASS FUCKS… GOTTA STOP HATIN ALL THE DAMN TIME SHIT.. this mf album was hard as fuck.. the more it grows on me then maybe ill compare it to Teflon Don but all his albums honestly are consistent.. & Hold Me Back & 911 IS HARD AS FUCK.. yall niggas always tryna bash the hard southern beats cause they sound alike like they not good trap songs.. BMF & Mc Hammer was right next to each other last album they sound alike & yall love that but soon Ross do it again its trash then smh.. 911 one of the hardest beats >>

  • cpb

    lmao at semen and maybachs

  • Marr

    the track is smooth as fuck just disappointed theres no drake verse, it’s been awhile

  • 1wrath

    havent even heard the entire album but im pretty sure this is the second best behind the Andre 3k song

  • LupeX

    This album is a continuation of Teflon Don.

    Stylistically x Sonically it’s aesthetics are identical. Rozay took the soulful beats and live band instrumentation to another level. However, his passion & lyrical content fell by just a notch. Leaving the album pretty much with a similar rating as Teflon Don, the only difference being the former was more refreshing, this is has less of the element of surprise. The only surprise here is that, from the drops & leaks, we expected more of a trap music sounding album, Ross didnt disapoint. His ear for beats, catchy lines, and immaculate penchant for acquiring quirky & interesting features is ‘untouchable’. This album solidifies El Jefe as a modern day blend of Diddy & Biggie. Not as good as either in being an A&R and an MC, respectively, but as good as one man can possible achieve in both roles.

    He laced the album with a few more guest appearances than we may be comfortable with, however, they were interesting cameos and relevant features

    Presidential (Ft. Omarion) is a surprise banger with snares hitting your eardrums with the crispness and precision of a marching band lead. Omarion ditches the teenage boy band vocals for a soulful wailing rendition that would make any 90s soul singer proud (though I admit I could hardly hear a word he said).

    10 Jesus Pieces sounds like it wouldve been 9 Jesus Pieces Pt.2. However it elevates and is an evolution of 9 Jesus Pieces. More complex lyrically and sonically. Stalley is winning right now as he appears to not just be taking a bench spot on the MMG roster, he’s actually bringing great content to the table.

    Just like on Teflon Don RR drop 2 trax to appease the trap music lovers so they wouldnt claim he’s a sell out to the hipsters. 911 & Hold Me back are just that – space eaters. I can see most people deleting those tracks from their album copy. So Sophisticated is a pseudo-trap music track that feels like it’s trying to be BMF 2.0. Only time will tell BMF took a life of it’s own, the ppl will be the Judge & Jury.

    From the snippets, the usual shameless haters jumped all over Rozay’s back to prematurely claim that the album is a flop. Fortunately for Rick Ross he’s large enough to handle the blows. God Forgive, I Don’t is a rare Hip Hop gem, Id rate it 8.5/10

  • Based

    Wale think he Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes nigga nothing but a dirty ass nigga from the dmv.

    trav said this on July 26th, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    LMAOOOO! Anybody said this album is a classic needs to get slapped in they’re fuckin face. Havent heard one song that sound good

  • elduderino

    Ya’ll niggaz need ta be workin on that grammar ‘n shit