Telli (of Ninjasonik) – High & Paid f. Asher Roth

blame it on Shake July 26, 2012

At the end of August, the Brooklyn emcee is gear up for the release of his solo mixtape #2LEGIT. Check out the Asher Roth-assisted single below.


    I wanna know why people don’t hire a good engineer to mix their records…CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR ME??? Why does every hip hop record now and days have the vocal stomping the fuck out of the beat?

    That damn Marshall Mathers LP fucked it up for all of us! You have to be a great performer with good breath control to spit on a high dollar microphone or you’ll end up fucking your song up. I like this song but the feel of it is off…Don’t take away the feeling of a song because you think a top dollar mic is what you need.

    Records don’t have that feeling like they used to anymore because people don’t know how to capture it, don’t know their equipment and don’t give a fuck. Please hire or learn how to make a record before you lay your shit down and send it out to the public. Lot’s of good artists out there but they’re sounding like shit and they’re records don’t translate but into a stream of NOISE!!!!