A$AP Mob – Bath Salt f. Flatbush Zombies

blame it on Meka July 27, 2012

Rocky and Ant join up with Darko and Juicee for the first single off the A$AP Mob compilation album, set to drop before Rocky’s major label debut LiveLongA$AP on September 11th.

  • vsvpmob


  • ok ny

  • “It’s a plane… it’s a bird… it’s a zombie!!!!! Ahahahahahaha…”

  • FAZE



    We diss shit like French Montana and Waka so we can enjoy shit equally as ignorant? Nah dog, this ain’t hip hop

  • Woha

    Rocky and nast >> the rest of them for real for real but this shit is tight as fuck. Flatbush Zombies killed this shit

  • GooD

    shits ignorant but at least this shits different, and the pmf killed that

  • Hash and Weed

    French Montana is Garbo and Waka is dope so gtfoh with that this ain’t Hiphop shit.

  • What was the verse order by artist? Only familiar with Rocky.

  • SchneiderCecelia

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  • Joseph Kony

    Shit Rocky killed it. Took me a few listens to really feel but just as good, if not better than Goldie.

  • N


    1st verse: Meechy Darko (Flatbush Zombies)
    2nd verse: Juice (Flatbush Zombies)
    3rd verse: A$AP Ant
    4th verse: A$AP Rocky

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    The 1st verse was iight. 2nd and 3rd verses. Eh. Rocky’s verse was dope as was the beat.

  • sixisxtits

    zombies jacked my guy Danny brown flow



  • g00d


    who did, juice? sounds more like a male nikki minaj to me. hes dope though, funny as shit too. meech merked it along with rocky but ant was aiiight

  • @n – Good look homie.

  • Thinker

    Dude Meech fucking killed this shit. Fuck a Flatbush Zombies, i’m waiting for dude to drop some solo shit

  • i’m trying to get into these niggas but its just not happening. can somebody give me a decent project by one of them to get into? This shit just ain’t happening for me lol


    this shit garbage…this isnt hiphop!!!! flatbushzombies wack as fuck! i remember when rocky cut they ass when he first heard thug waffles .we were in the city rocky said these lames trying to be danny brown and now he making songs wit them. asap ant trash. only decent rapper nasty nast the rest trash we all know dat nigga!!! rocky even made fun of them when he wrote “im making niggas famous” on twitter. trying to say yall trash but ima help ya out.

  • Manlisten

    This suppose to be hot ? nobody on this track is nice whole shit garbage and these zombie niggas is wack

  • wooder!

    zombies is trash idk who gassin these dudes up , suckin mad dick to get on tour with asap!


    The raps actually made the beat sound better. Haven’t heard that in a while. They did they thing on this one

  • jamie

    too much hate in the c-section lol
    lil b is trash, cashin out is trash this isnt trash come on

  • Digitek

    my wife makes $74 an hour and i want my fucking money back ..both these niggas deserve a single shot to the dome.

  • taskforce

    #lil b #taskforce reporting in…
    #based #swag

  • Based

    Omfg that Ant nigga so fuckin wack, Nice track but edit him out someone!
    And them zombie maaafuckas jackin Danny Brown flow

  • SforMusic

    Who ever sayin Flatbush Zombies stealing Danny Brown flows are 3 things 1- Trolling for fun 2- Aint listened to both of them properly 3- Are deaf !…regardlesss This tune is dope !!!!! A$AP Ant is the weakest doe !

  • Chris

    Ehh, would’ve been better if it was just Rocky on this.

  • They Spelled Assassinate Wrong On The Artwork.. Dumbass Fools

  • pfffIspitonyou

    whole asap crew is hot garbage and the dude with the beard in FBZ is boo boo.

  • alex

    Lovin the Pete rock sample

  • steve

    ant is sooooo bad, rest were cool, be serious kids, stop instantly hating everything just cause ur lifes are miserable

  • CABNumber

    Dame what a bunch of fakes seriously tho these fools talking about bath salts as if it’s some dope as drug geez what is the world coming to. These fools aint nothing but a bunch of fakes wannabe thugs.FBZ had a couple dope cuts in there mix tape tho not gonna lie Intro was dope as fuck.

  • chea!

    man, asap jockin a mix of rappers, i hear schoolboy Q. it’s a good record, just sayin’..

  • J

    Beat is too good

  • bladaoh

    did you even listen to this song? nobody mentioned bath salts at all its just the track title. track is alright tho nothing special but yall trippin sayin flatbush wack

  • ROB

    Yo a remix wit Schoolboy & Ab-Soul. Make it happen.

  • FuckIndie

    first nigga went in,2nd was eh, asap ant should stop rapping now asap jocked schoolboy for his flow, style, and everything else.