J. Cole – The Cure

blame it on Illy July 27, 2012

Cole World laces us with something over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne track, “Lift Off.”

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to a brand new season. So much has happened in our time a part, I cant wait to share it with you all in due time. Did you miss me? I know I missed you.

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    Cole heard the bathsaltz bullshit just dropped so he wanted to cure us ! thanks cole. flatbushzombies are fucking garbage!

  • Cap

    hell yessssssssssss

  • danyo

    cole is back all is right with the world again.

  • jayvaughns

    coles back

  • Thinker

    SHIIIIIEEEEET i was waiting for somebody to go over that song. Perfect person to do it too. Cole The Cure!

  • unclesam

    Much better than the original Lift Off, he rode the beat better and the Beyoncé hook was 100x less annoying.

  • Wonton Soup

    That Memphis Bleek line was fire

  • Thinker

    all facts/ in fact been All That/ before Keenan and Kel/ swallowed the key to my cell/ which means i got an impossible lock to pick/ and if you want my spot you gotta go through lots of shit

    whaaaat the fuuuuuuuck

  • Thinker

    ^no homo tho

  • Haters Gon Hate

    Cole ain’t never left, you bitches just turned your back on him and called him a sellout. When truthfully, he didn’t change for shit.

    Oh and Flatbush Zombies are dope. IDK what u talkin bout.

  • ThatMKEkid

    Cole went off on this, but I can’t help but feel like Skyzoo’s version was better, but this cuts it awful damn close

  • Steven Jones

    Did anyone notice the shadow on the picture, it appears to be a person with horn and a halo.

  • @Steven Jones
    That’s the J. Cole logo. Look on the album art for The Warm Up, Cole World: The Sideline Story, etc., the J. Cole text always includes the devil horns/halo. The shadow is just his way of implementing it into the single artwork.

  • jwiii

    corny cole. nothing special here

  • that truth

    need a new cole project in my life on some warm up/fnl shit. hope he dont stop makin tapes

  • Nice

  • MattIsLike_

    Think he read the c-section from the freestyle post and thought, “Oh I got them niggas…”

  • pecola

    After a few drinks, come my realest combos/ My handle on my thoughts used to be as ill as Rondo’s/ Screaming “fuck Whitey,” forgetting I’m still mulatto/ “Hey, Reverend, will I get to heaven?” / He said, “hell, if I know.”

    The mulatto line….yeah, I’ve been there.

  • chuck

    i appreciate J Cole, but his music mostly does nothing for me.

  • Turtle

    This track is awesome. Real personal reflection.

  • jrt123

    So basically Cole got on the remix that Skyzoo made.

  • Daniel

    I can believe that Kanye and Jay didn’t go in on this beat either! Thought that the first time I heard WTT. Cole killed though!

  • Cloud 9

    Theyre both in my top 5 but imma have to go with Skyzoo’s version. but Cole went in. still waiting for the Cole x Lamar Project.

  • mR


  • NYdreams

    no link ?

  • MyFiddyCents

    was pretty fucking good, that.

    Cole’s back.

  • Steve McCall

    Really though…how could you not like Cole?

  • Jazzmatazz

    Doesn’t change the fact his LP was okay at best son…

  • Mr. Wow

    Cole been listening to alot of Nas old records. You stans must be newbies to this rap game if you can’t hear Nas steez in Coles flow. Young niggas stay biting.

  • xastey

    Finally.. Mixtapes are coming !!!

  • marty mcfly

    Currently swimming effortlessly in a Ocean of cum.



    swallowed the key to my cell/ and if you want my spot you gotta go through lots of shit <—-thats nasty mr.cole, even if its the year 3029

    what's the cure? a bottle of poo with a casting shadow of satan? no thank you, ill pass

  • Cap

    so what do yoou do after you listen to this song once? why would you want to hear agian?

  • Mike Tomlin


  • Jumpman23

    You faggots really need to stop crying about the “horns”. Cole has been saying “a set of horns and a halo” for about 3 years now. It’s his fucking logo you bible hugging losers. It represents the good and bad. Not everything is devil or evil related. Keep letting the news and all the pedophile priests brainwash you puppets.

  • FAZE

    “B*tches follow me in Real Life”

    shur Cole tell the truth Because i haven’t seen you
    around Grown Ass Women .

    Cole ain’t talking about shit in This song . All it is Random
    dumb shit structure together .

  • smfh

    wow, no one worst than cole stans, this shit is alright, get his cock out of your mouth

  • Famous

    who’s crying about the horns? No one gives a fuck, but you.

    And this song is cool, but won’t get a second playback from me.

  • G

    Fucking Awesome

  • Peter

    NYC/BROOKLYN will have his say soon.

  • Asada

    cole is the epitome of average

  • marty mcfly

    @homotroll, you just mad cause Cole still on some basic shit. I see some of ya’ll comparing this with Skyzoo’s version but overall Sky is still the better lyricist.

  • assteks69

    but if Cole is constantly boring…why do you niggas still click on his soooooong???? just let the boring nigga be, and polish your chains and jewels or wash your benzes. I mean, thats what you call entertaining and lyrical, when niggas rap about shit YOULL never have. coles boring because he raps real life shit, shit average niggas can relate to, ride to. you just THINK youre above average, but quit that shit. CUZ YOU DONT WANNA BATTLE, YOU SHOOK…

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Cole just did this whole freestyle about all the material things you just described but yet just because he says a few lines about broken hearted bitches and kids with problems you think all those things that other rappers glorify aint also what Cole uses to entertain people like you. Just stop it, and now of course some people gonna come back and say im hating but NO. Its just the truth, all that shit about money and material shit bought with it that ya’ll hate so much from other rappers is all over Coles lyrics too. Thats not really a problem but thats some double standard type shit imo.

  • yerp

    ^ what song did you listen to?

  • cole>urlife

    these retards criticizing cole for his lyrics having “double standards”, grow a brain and look at the fucking cover.. see that shadow ? thats his logo, his thing, horns and a halo.. its been his thing since the mixtapes, he said it in his lyrics too. He never claimed to be an underground preacher and doesnt want to limit himself to the commercial style. He talks abt the material shit then spazes out and throw some bars that are realer than your favorite rappers’s career..


    You guys meant: “J.Cole is boring, raps about materialistic things, life issues and what his pet cat ate for breakfast. Plus his art direction is very amateurish, similar to a coloring book.”

    There you go, I fixed it for you.

    This cat is talented but he ain’t all that. Lupe over Cole any day of the week.

  • j.o.

    Cole aint exactly what he’s hyped up to be, but it’s clowns on here commenting pure hate when they’re fans of rappers that aren’t anywhere near nice enough to be talking as bad about dude as they do. He can spit.

  • marty mcfly

    when I said “thats some double standard type shit”, I didn’t mean Cole’s lyrics. I meant how his fans ignore when Cole raps about the same superficial shit as the rappers they hate. Cole could rap about whatever, its his stans that have the double standard.

  • Perspective


    Lupe/Cole comparisons ain’t even fair. Lyrically speaking, Lupe cooks most niggas these days imo.

    Too bad 2dbz don’t post his more recent tracks leading up to his next release, I’d love to see how the fickle ass stans react to his shit.



  • ant


    “i appreciate J Cole, but his music mostly does nothing for me.”

    yea that pretty much sums it up

  • Lance Geneva

    So he can just NOT release anything for a hot minute after his album and then when he finally comes back, it’s over another niggas beat.. He killed it but get the fuck out of here.. He could’ve easily dropped an original song, and if he couldn’t easily do it, then why the fuck is he rapping ? I wouldn’t have had a problem if he didn’t try to make it out as if he’s been gone and he has a hot new track for us but it’s a fucking freestyle that niggas clicked on because it has a title.. Honest truth..

  • Lance Geneva

    And he does get boring but the reason we keep coming back is because he MIGHT captivate us again because of what he did on his earlier works.. I still fuck with him but his album was whack as fuck.. Friday Night Lights should have been the album, Hov tried the shit outta this nigga..


    “Took kids to Carowinds which I’m sure ya never heard of, cuz I didn’t tell the news or the Fayetteville Observer. I didn’t do it for the press, I’m blessed, I made it out”

    “We from a different world”

    That’s more and more how I’m feeling… y’all don’t understand

    NC in this motherfucker