La Coka Nostra – Electronic Funeral f. Sean Price (prod. Beat Butcha)

blame it on JES7 July 27, 2012

(2)dope premiere. Thanks to DJ Eclipse, we get a leak (stream only) of the one song I’ve been anticipating most off La Coka Nostra’s upcoming Masters of the Dark Art, available for pre-order now., out Tuesday. Hit the jump for the Rock Steady Crew 35th Anniversary flier which goes down this weekend as well!

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  • DBS



    Real hip hop shit. Last few years have been truly beautiful for my ears. Music that moves you man. It’s a problem!! lol

  • FTK

    Not really interested in this album. LCN looses too much without Everlast

  • ehhh

    Eminem > Ill Bill > Slaine > Everlast

  • Vlad

    Everlast was the weakest link with Everlast, what you talkin about dude?? YOu even listen to rhymes ?? or is it just the delivery your concerned about. This is sounding just like I expected when I first heard the title of the song. And why is everyone throwin eminem into the debate all the time, thats some bullshit. Apathy > Eminem, hows that??

  • yourmommasmomma

    this beat is a fucking problem, and Everlast was by far the weakest link, only songs I would skip last cd was when he was singing the hook, this song just made me want to hear Sean P and Bills collabo cd that much more hopefully it happens

  • Cobretti

    dope. great to hear sean p on a track with la coka. and everlast is washed up. good riddance.

  • “LA Coka Nostra Forever Dope” ! :X
    I luve dis song but I have so fuckin problem eith P & Beat !

  • DeadlyAssasin

    This shit is weak, son. They wack without Everlast.

  • DBS

    Listen to “I Get By” from Everlast’s latest album and tell me he’s washed up, you’ll never make a song that good, ever. Just stop.

  • Aaron

    Fuck that shit Everlast licked a bag on each track he spit on.. soon as I heard his voice I would skip the track!

  • who cares

    fuck this is raw

  • captain hook

    just copped this album at HMV and gave it a solid listen. not disappointed.

  • Laz

    Anyone who disses Everlast is a fucking tool, show some damn respect… Thats the problem with hip hop, no respect for anyone with talent, who are you whiny internet pussies anyways? Who are any of you to rip on Everlast?? You’re a bunch of nobodies, thats why you hate, to make yourselves feel better about being shitty nobodies… Grow up!!

  • Jmaes R aka The Real Truth

    ehhh Everlast > Ill Bill > Slaine > Eminem, .

    Vlad,yourmommasmomma,Aaron, & any hating dumb ass idiot that hates on Everlast . there would be no la coka nostra without EVerlast & that is fact . all L a coka nostra is house of pain with 3 more members .Everlst is better then everyone in La coka nostra7 made every song bettere . so if you could not ever feel Everlast music then ignorant closeminded stuck in box hating idiot . Everlast’s hooks make a song always better . don’t hate on this era’s johny cash

  • fact

    Everlast was the best mc in house of pain, worst mc in la coka. sorry charlie.

  • yehyeh

    is there anyway to rip this from this stream??

    also the track that lethal produced is fire

  • Lobo

    The whole discussion that keeps popping up cuz Everlast isn’t on the album shows he’s still relevant. Whether he is a better or worse mc than Bill and Slaine misses the point though. He added a different element, a different flavor to tracks. It’s like saying ODB was a shitty mc next to Ghostface or GZA, or that Frank Ocean aint shit cuz Tyler is a better mc, etc., etc. Pick whatever group you like as an example. The balance of styles adds to the sound of the group. This album still sounds like it will be dope, but it will be missing something.

  • shrugs

    for people like me that aren’t big Everlast fans but love Slaine and Bill, this album sounds like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t like the rock element he brought to their first record.

  • is very weak i rather the aggressive LCN

  • fuck your opinion

    ^^you guys should kill yourself. give it a try, you whiney faggots

  • Whether or not Everlast is on the record is irrelevant. Bill, Slaine and Danny were the driving force anyway. And all 3 spit HOT FIYA!

    Fuck the haters, LCN is true Hip Hop. Grimy Eastcoast Hardcore. Fuck your pansy ass with all that meek mill lil wayne drake horseshit.