Nina Sky - Heartbeat (Video)

Nina Sky return with their latest clip off their upcoming sophomore album, Nicole & Natalie, out July 31.

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  • coolCat

    wow they've become really unattractive. the music is ass too.

  • 2dope4nope

    WTF and ^ clearly that's nina sky now damn! And guess cocaine is one hella of a drug or whatever they on of their vid above gotdamn!!

  • kamu

    are these two chicks lezbos now? wtf man the world has gone to shit with this homosexual culture taking over. if there is a creator he needs to come and destry this shit already coz this if fucking crazy


Open Mike Eagle - "Smiling" (Video)

"Nobody smiles at me cause I'm a black man... until the show starts."

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RetcH - "Nickel Bag$"

Guess who's back.

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