Jay Electronica — Act II: The Patents Of Nobility (Tracklist)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 28, 2012

Taking to Twitter, Jay Electronica just released an image of the album’s tracklist. Features include Kanye West, Jay-Z, Diddy, Erykah Badu and more. Hit the jump for it written out.

01 Real Magic f. Ronald Reagan
02 New Illuminati f. Kanye West
03 Patents of Nobility
04 Life On Mars f. Erykah Badu
05 Bonnie & Clyde f. Serge Gainsbourg
06 Dinner At Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) f. Charlotte Gainesbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream
07 Memories & Merlot
08 Better In Tune With The Infinite f. Latonya Givens
09 A Letter to Fallon
10 Road to Perdition f. Jay-Z
11 Welcome to Knighsbridge f. Diddy
12 Rough Love f. Kanye West
13 Run & Hide f. The Bullitts
14 Nights Of The Roundtable
15 10,000 Lotus Petals

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  • JChrome

    so pumped. its def. coming.
    my only complaint is that the two Mr. West songs and one w/ JayZ are just around two minutes…. boo!

  • bryan

    wow…this is actually coming out, can’t wait

  • whatupsucka

    SO J Cole gets one Jay-Z verse and this no-hit having ass nigga gets 2 Jay’s and 2 Kanye’s? Wow

  • fritzo

    im guessing this comes out Neverary 32nd, next millenia. Been waiting on ACT 2 for years… not gonna hold my breath any longer. Jay’s dope nonetheless.

  • happy that the shiny suit theory is on there

  • $$$

    Life on Mars, lol. Parent track.

  • Shagnasty23

    Hopefully he’ll release “Googly Eyes” and “Can I Kick It” since they aren’t on the Album

  • dred


  • bstyles

    your lil ass wont “get” half the content on this album

  • doc rovers

    yea, hate to brake it to you guys, but its not coming out ANY time soon. theyll put out the (first) release date…then itll get pushed back at the least 5 or 6 times.

  • Daniel

    Tracklists are awesome, but I want a release date, so I can estimate the push-backs.

  • 40oz. Prophet

    Didnt they say, like 10 years ago, they were waiting on the Nas collb? Now no Nas collab? Aight whatever, all we can do is what weve been doin,……wait.

  • chuck

    take my money idiot. release the album.

  • NYdreams

    this nigga prolly picked up some old ass recycled verses from jay n ye from like 02 n shit

  • Ermac

    Looking forward to the album just wish there was less Kanye and Diddy tho now we need a release date

  • Mac Dre

    I’m pretty sure this album is fake. Jay Electornica is an imaginary rapper made to give hope to zealous hip-hop heads that is a big corporate joke. They make us excited and wait for lyrics then give us Soulja Boy. If I’m wrong tho, we need those Nas and BasedGod features added ASAP.

  • BillyOcean

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a fake Big Ghostfase tracklist? I mean…..10,000 lotus flowers? New Illuminati?

  • BabyBoy

    Man i am so excited for this

  • Tto

    i don’t care anymore. i just, don’t, care.

  • QZA

    its gonna happen, it will arrive on December 21st.

  • Tto

    ok, i lied. I AM looking forward to this track with Ronald Reagan. original gangsta.

  • Escobrooklyn

    No Nas? Ok Jay Electronica smh

  • Tto

    and the Bonnie & Clyde track “featuring” Serge Gainsbourg promises to resurrect Serge’s career. literally. Serge passed away over 20 years ago.

    this shit is ridiculous.

  • 2

    releases tracklist 2012. releases album 2015

  • Gin Toki

    @whatupsucka But J Cole is an average artist, and Jay Electronic is a Hip-Hop Myth. This album could be the stuff of legend and lore

  • i came

  • Thinker

    Somebody give @Gin Toki his Skyrim back. Nigga talking all Olde Kingdom and shit

  • the realest

    lmao my nigga puff made the album. these niggaz just got their dreams crushed wit that one lmao

  • who cares

    The comments on this shit has me dyin’

  • thatrealshit


  • 07 Memories & Merlot (Produced by Rich Kidd)

  • dru

    comments = cryin

  • dave

    yo jay ur music man but i just wanna fuck eryka in her nice round fat booty one time. k? asalama lakam my brotheer.

  • EL

    Moors stepping up in the field of Mc’ing This will be historic….

  • Olly

    All we need is a RD and game over.

  • Jay Elec!! Ahhhh! XD

  • marty mcfly

    Anybody talking shit about this is probably gonna be the first to go listen to it as soon as it comes out and @the realest, Jay Elec and Diddy been working together for years now so this really aint surprising. For people talking about J Cole in comparison with Jay Elec and why Hov is on this tracklist twice (if its the real tracklist), Its probably because there’s a big difference between the two artists in the lyrical department.

  • factormax

    first nigga to become a rap legend without releasing a rap project.

  • Fred Cliston

    I truly hope he proves me wrong, but I have a feeling this ‘tracklist’ is just about as legitimate as the time Charles Hamilton credited J Dilla as his executive producer. Not saying their music is comparable but both of these motherfuckers are serial liars

  • Fred Cliston

    Also, Exhibit A & C > Shiny Suit Theory, why on earth did it take years for Dear Moleskine to see the light of day as though it was being saved for this project? It’ll be interesting to see if Just Blaze had any involvement; also a little disappointed not to see a Nas feature. I’m a huge Jay Elec fan but dude disappoints consistently

  • Mick Jagger

    This Album is a myth.

  • this ish just lacks one Nas or LUPE feature!!! addin dat possible production from Just Blaze, Kanye, prolly some J Dilla! shit gonna be heat

  • c

    we already waited this long i dont mind waiting another more months

  • trinking

    When he posted the pic of the tracklist he said “Every magic trick consists of three parts..”

    Is he fuckin wit us?

  • CABNumber

    My theory on the reason jay Elec said “Every magic trick consist of three parts…” is that he’s gonna release the tracklist then the cover art, and finally the release date hence three parts. idk just my thoughts.

  • SmokinAces

    ANNNDDDD…. notice we still don’t have a date. This is up there with Detox and the Andre 3000 solo joint. I’ll believe it when I can listen to it.

  • trinking

    apparently has something to do with this movie:

  • that truth

    lol look at those features and that cover. this fool just beggin to be in illuminati but nobody knows who tf he is. sorry jay, maybe next time lil guy

  • marty mcfly

    @SmokinAces, in all fairness though Andre 3ooo put out one solo album almost ten years ago and it was pop music and people still act like dude is the greatest ever. People been waiting a long time for Act 2 but not as long as a actually solo “rap” album from Andre.

  • FAZE

    Jay Electronica is trolling all you Stans he wont be releasing shit…. 9 years ago he releases the Artwork Now the Tracklist

  • MyFiddyCents

    If a release date is given out. Elec has handed Hov a legit single for the radio.

    For now this tracklist means nothing.

  • mad

    FUCK this album. this is SPITTING IN THE FACE of every person who followed this dude from the beginning. FUCK YOU JAY ELECTRONICA. YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THE GOAT AND NOW YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER MAINSTREAM COCKSUCKER.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    So what happened to the old songs that were originally supposed to be on here like Holiday wit Mos Def, Exhibit B, & the final version of Dear Moleskine?

  • Coolin Out

    … The Pledge: where the magician shows you something ordinary; a bird, a deck of cards or a man. (Act I: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge))

    The Turn: Where the magician takes the ordinary something and does something #Extraordinary (Act II: Patents of Nobility (the turn))

  • SIlly Kids

    He said “every magic trick consists of three parts” and then went on to say that part 1 was Act I: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge) and the next is this album Act II: Patents of Nobility (the turn) meaning there is probably going to be a third album which will be the final part. At this point we just want Act II before even talking about the next one.

  • tumblin dice

    Really? no Mos Def? I can’t see myself giving a fuck until the album actually drops. He’s breakin hearts out here with this bullshit. Jay electronica’s music is like a bad bitch giving you a dry hand job. she look sound good and she actin like she gonna fuck you but in the end it’s one big tease.

  • IVO

    Until this guy releases an album I’m really not interested in anything about this guy. I don’t want to hear anymore interviews or excuses about why the album isn’t out

  • ithinkso

    his hype passed. no doubt this will be dope if he *ever* does release it, but any kind of noise he could have before won’t happen.

  • falseflag

    It’s never coming out…. read this letter and you’ll know why.

  • davud

    how does this guy make money?he doesnt do shows cuz i would be at them.doesnt drop mixtapes cuz ill cop them all and albums shit do a reality show my nigga!ur fans need something from u.SOMETHING!

  • hiphopcritic

    @whatupsucka sound stupid for his comment….duh Jay Elect gets 2 West & Jay verses and Cole gets one Jay verse….cause Jay Elect can actually spit

  • LOOL

    He is waiting for his 2nd grade freemason before releasing ActII

  • QBN

    I believe when I actually see it leaked.. just like Detox..

  • GR

    Detox’s tracklist was never released by Dre himself.

    I have more faith in Act II. At least a winter release.

  • I’ll be sure to cop this and Detox in the same week

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    just blaze?!

  • TEB

    Shuttafuckup. The lack of patience from some of you niggas is stunning. Can’t wait for an album without whining and making accusations that its never coming out despite constant updates. Jay is a smart guy, he’s got a design for this whole thing. He should make y’all wait another 10 years.

  • @MyFiddyCents made the most legitimate comment in the entire C-Section. Hov needs his “Work Out.” The state of hip hop calling for bonus track singles ruins great works of art. The truthful testimony from independent men is soiled. Unfortunately, I would love everyone to hear the quality of a man such as Electronica, so I hope he does come with a smash. Here lies the quandry.

  • Juicy-G


  • William

    The food dropped out my mouth when i saw this lol

  • Robbie Wilson

    holy shit. i was expecting another 4-5 track mash up! jay electronica is about to take over

  • Thisguy

    I bitch about his work ethic but damn I get giddy as a school girl when he actually drops something other than an interview or some one drops his name. Hopefully music follows soon.

  • The God

    the Five Percenters coming back. thanks Jay

  • real

    i believe this guy been sitting in fucking idonesia singing with the birds and getting his drake one dancing in the forest, then every 2 years he enters a studio, does a track or to and flies back to fucking disneyland, i dont know how many people will actually survive him releasing anything, but i advice u guys to get your healthcare straight

  • “Andre 3ooo put out one solo album almost ten years ago and it was pop music”

    to label the love below as merely “pop music” or even label it at all in terms of simplistic genre boxes imo is bullshit. and niggaz are acting like he didn’t rap at all on that album but hear what you’re saying about niggaz wanting a primarily rap album.

    personally speaking as much as i’d love one from 3 stacks im content w/ whatever andre does as he’s the type of artist that NEVER half asses his shit and only works w/ those he deems of quality. in fact that’s the reason why people herald him as so great in the first place, and personally why i think he’s a better artist and more deserving of the GOAT title than jay or anybody else.

  • “So what happened to the old songs that were originally supposed to be on here like Holiday wit Mos Def, Exhibit B, & the final version of Dear Moleskine?”

    let’s be real, if jay put exhibit a or c, dear moleskine or any of the shit you’ve already heard on the album niggaz would be going absolute ape shit in the c-section. “all this muthafucking waiting for all this old shit we want new tracks!” blah blah blah blah! im glad we’ve only heard one song thus far on this album and it wasn’t even the finished version.

    i just pray to god it has good beats cos that call of duty song was absolute wackness. and i wouldn’t worry about songs for the radio on this as the PSA jay gave seemed like he realized jay elect isn’t the type of artist whose field is radio play so they’re going to employ a different marketing strategy for the album. personally after what he done w/ the decoded book and various other ventures i think he could push this album w/o the traditional label radio single route.

  • jojo

    Why is everyone bugging he types out a track list doesnt mean this shit is comming out any time soon. Look for this shit to drop on Nevuary 31st 2016

  • Where’s The Nas & Mos Def?



  • Did anyone read that article @falseflag posted? What are your opinions on the validity of that?

  • marty mcfly

    @rmpwolf, If Jayz only put out one album and on that album he was singing on 90% of the songs nobody would ever say he’s the goat or even close. So how people like you figure Andre is I dont know. Yes he was a great rapper in the 90’s as part of Outkast but Big Boi never really gets the credit he deserves for making and picking dope beats and holding it down for the street side of those albums. Yeah Andre comes with some dope verses every year but verses cant compare to complete albums and I called his solo album pop music because thats what it was so thats not even a diss. I could call it alternative pop/R&B/hip hop but its still pop and since you say Andre never half asses his music then why dont he try putting out 10 number albums in a row consistently if you wanna compare to someone who has really done that cause Jay never really half assed his music either, he just made different kinds of albums along the way. Some people like all his albums and some didnt but at least he was making albums. Now for Jay Elec, imo there’s nothing he can do to not be criticized in some way shape or form. If he keeps it strictly underground some of you will say its too hardcore, if he has a couple commercial songs on it, you’ll say he’s a sell out. If he creates a pure classic masterpiece, you’ll still comb through it looking for something to complain about. So all he can do is just do what he feels is best for him and for the culture. I think by now we’ve all learned that Jay Elec doesn’t move according to the current state of hip hop or move according to what the popular sound is at the time. Artists like Jay Elec put out shit when they feel they have something important to say or something creative to do, not just to put something out just to have something out. So either way it goes if this album comes out its gonna be dope for the culture.

  • MartyISaTOOL

    Andre should be considered as the G.O.A.T. for the same reason as anybody else BC OF HIS ABILITY TO RAP. Not bc of the size of his music catalog. Shut up with Jay-Z has 10 albums that all got play. If that makes you the best then the real G.O.A.T. is either 2pac or Lil Wayne bc they each have like 30 albums/mixtapes.

  • marty mcfly

    @troll, We dont even have to use Jayz in comparison (cause it would just be a slaughter once we got down to details anyway) or any other rappers for that matter and yeah Andre is dope but that fact is as a solo artist he did ONE album and was singing all over it. At least those other people you named actually rapped to get in the conversation of the best in HIP HOP. @CloudNineRed, somethings you can just tell is complete bullshit. I think by now after all these years people like Just Blaze, Young Guru, Kanye, Puff and Jayz know that Jay Elec is who he says he is. Especially since Jay Elec’s music has his personal life written all over it from specific personal events to peoples names to places he grew up and traveled so thats why nobody real is even entertaining that bullshit.

  • D

    lmao @ any retard excited at this album. Jay Elec is the world’s 1st 100% hype rapper, people just think he’s deep because he wears a kufi hat and talks about pyramids and shit. Album is never coming out, he has no work ethic and Jay will drop him after another year or two on the shelf

  • unseen

    Damn were is dear molskin ….. fuck! just blaze?

  • marty mcfly

    @troll, and just because… If you count guest appearances by Jayz on other peoples album, then Jay has still done more songs then Pac and Wayne. Just the truth that is all.

  • sean doe

    shut up Young Money fans, Electra is one of best lyricists ever, deal with it. if u cant understand then its ur damn prob
    def he deserves the prasie he gets, 100 times better than yo wack ass fav rappers

  • III

    @sean doe

    My favorite rappers are Nas and Biggie. What the fuck has Jay Electronica done to deserve the praise of being “100 times better” than those 2 legends?

  • marty mcfly

    Stop with the comparison shit cause its pointless. its like even trying to compare Jayz with Andre 3k when they have no link of comparison at all, they are nothing alike at all in anyway. Same with Jay Elec and whoever else, even if you compare him to Nas. Nas came out in 94, Jay Elec aint even put out his first album so what are you comparing? There is no comparison and even on a lyrical level, lyrics are based on opinion. The is no style that is superior to every other style without factoring in multiple other things that dont even have to do with lyrical ability.

  • marty mcfly

    Earlier I said that no style is superior to every other style BUT if I had to pick one style vs everybody else in the game right now, Id say Jay Elec probably has the closes style that i’ve heard with the potential to be the superior flow. We’ll really see with the album but just saying.

  • D

    Marty McFly, you are a child and your opinion is worth shit.

  • marty mcfly

    You can be mad about it if you want but truth is that one verse from this nigga be havin more substance and wordplay then some rappers whole catalogue.

    Fresh out the gate its the Asiatic
    Fanatic back at it
    Spitting black magic
    Create a world outta black fabric
    Sparkled the life
    Spark it with light
    God stay visible
    My du-rag create sound waves I’m Jay Pivotal
    Spun the cypher running with Christ plus I’m a sniper
    One with the dice one with the mics and nobody’s nicer
    I payed the price-ah
    And now I’m heating up the rostrum
    Sucker emcees get struck to they knees playing possum
    Rap gods insane
    Lyrical Messiah, Jesus baptized in a flame
    Sanitize they brain
    What’s the origin
    Ten thousand sons up in my squadron
    We break down then build back up to form an organ
    The flows natural
    The inner-glow is celestial
    The physical mold that’s just the clothes for the astral
    Emceeing supreme being
    All eyes seeing
    Master the seen and unseen
    And what year was that when the atom was cracked
    In the materials of darkness she laid on her back
    She knows all about you
    Because the womb of the mind is the wo-man
    That x chromosome came up out you
    My rhymes like sperm cells thoughts for tales
    Reproduce like sperm whales sharks and snails
    Hit your gray matter
    Then they excrete the data
    And gestate for nine months above the bladder
    This the most mathematical style that you heard of
    And every verse I spit bitch it kicks murder
    And like Roberta Flack
    I’m killing you soft
    Drawing you up in the fire midst revealing your thoughts
    When Allah and his Christ bust through the ceiling with hawks
    In the face of the earth meet the tip of the drills with a spark
    That’s the judgement
    Its grievous man
    This population face to face with this Jesus man
    Came to his own but they mis-perceived the lamb
    Four-hundred years of slaving for the seeds of Abraham

    Jay Elec – Spark it Up

    Not saying he got the superior flow but this is damn close though and it is what it is.

  • CABNumber

    This dude is having in affair with Kate Rothschild wtf holy shit that’s some deep shit g.

  • Unstoppable

    @CloudNineRed: I read that article like 5-6 months ago, but nah I think it’s fake

  • Nasty

    He’s got the Gainesbourgs on his album! No-one knows about Charlotte yet, she’s branching out

  • CoolCat

    don’t care until i hear and see a complete album leak. Jay Elec goes ghost to often

  • gasoline

    i will believe this album is coming out when i actually see it..and to be very honest, my expectations have dropped tremendously, i’m not expecting any classic ish…he doesnt seem to be a guy who can handle the pressure if it took him this long to drop his first album (he’s 36, nas is 38 with 10 solo albums) dude too busy chasing after some multi millionaires wife in England to focus on a quality album…

  • ^^^ fuck u