Sole – No Presidents

blame it on Shake July 29, 2012

No Presidents” is an anti ode to electoral politics, the justice system, class war, direct democracy, and war criminals. I took one of my favorite songs, “Dead Presidents” by Jay Z and fucked it all up. The simulation of “civic duty” is no substitute for taking action, so fuck the police state, “real politics is in the streets…” This is a track from nuclear winter 3… which so far is 90’s themed…

My New album “A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing” is dropping in October and is currently being funded through kickstarter. Click here for more info. I have been releasing a free song for every thousand dollars raised, the downloads are exclusive to people who are backing it via kickstarter… the latest track is an unreleased gem with MPC legend, EGADZ.

In addition to the new record, the Fuck the Police State tour is heading out East. Check the cities/dates below.

8/17 portland, ME @ The Space

8/18 new haven CT

8/19 Boston, MA @ TT The Bears

8/20 DC @ DC9

8/22 Charlotte, NC @ Milestone

8/23 BK,NY @ Knitting Factory

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  • wgw

    sounds like a hating ass nigga to me.

    can anyone provide evidence that voting doesnt. and by proof i mean proof, not conspiracy theories and paranoia. if you choose not to vote then you have no right to complain about the president. what have you done to enact change? exactly what are you contributing towards change?

  • james

    It’s the exact opposite. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the fucking problem. Vote for some fake ass president who’s surpassed Bush’s own wars on the middle east, drugs, and immigration, sucks Israel’s dick, writes banks blank checks, and expands private healthcare’s customerbase under the guise of “change” lmao

    How the hell do you not understand that votes are bought by the very people who rape and pillage America? Obama is going hard this year with campaign funding on some record-breaking shit. Have fun feeding your family with empty promises while republicans control the congress and judicial system.

  • marty mcfly

    Didnt even listen to this song but just based on the title. I dont think encouraging people not to vote is a good idea because most people believe voting does effect our democracy system in some way. The people that say that voting has no effect really dont have any proof of that. I get why they would say that but there is a hundred different things that millions of people vote for every year from city to state to country issues to the president election. So the notion that millions of people are just wasting their time each year, I dont think people should believe that.

  • snow

    Hilarious : ‘My New album “A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing”’…are you kidding me if i didn’t realize how stupid this guy is I would assume he is joking. But no that title just about says all anyone needs to hear, what a joke. get a fucking life. Maybe his next album will be called “How I know that I am right and everyone with an opinion different than mine is wrong: the story of an uneducated opinionated idiot who wants your 10.99 for a cd”

  • james

    Maybe if they believed that community organizing and local politics were more important than wasting energy on following the circus of the presidential election, we wouldn’t have to fight to keep basic fucking shit like women’s rights and social programs that were already fought for half a century ago.

    Let’s be honest, atleast half the population(being nice) is too dumb or too lazy OR they don’t even have the time, if they wanted, to research all their candidates every election year. Do you know how easy it is to manipulate people who know more about Kim Kardashian than our own political system?

    “Vote YES on proposition 9 to lower class room size!”
    *Proposition 9 contains clauses to increase tax benefits for Private Schools, increase the amount of temporary classrooms for public schools, etc.”

    “Vote for Barack Obama! There is no other option!”
    *Voter feels like they’ve accomplished something, goes home to watch American Idol for another 4 years.

    also, snow, you’re a fucking tool. Criticism of the govt. is the most American fucking way to participate in the bettering of our country. Just because you’re too simple to understand how shit works, doesn’t mean Sole is uneducated lol Go stick to listening to Lil Wayne.

  • snow

    ^james: where exactly did i say there is something wrong with criticizing the govt in my comment? maybe you should brush up on your critical reading skills?? Or maybe you just assume that i have something against criticizing the govt. because you don’t agree with my comment. even though i think there are lots of things about the govt to be criticized. maybe you are too dumb or too lazy or didn’t have the time, as you put it. I was just pointing out how ridiculous i found the premise of this guy’s album or whatever it is. its just yet another “critique of everything” from someone who thinks they understand things so much better than everyone else even though they have absolutely no credentials. why would i bother with a title called “A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing” from some guy telling people not to vote? i don’t need to do much research to know that this guy has his head up his own ass. you probably do too if you bump this shit. why don’t you go get back to your google/youtube education now james?

  • Why Argue?


  • james

    I guarantee you that Sole has put in more man-hours protesting and trying to improve America over the past year than you have your entire life.

    People who are stuck on the whole voting sheep-mentality are lazy motherfuckers who sit on the internet all day, being a bunch of hipster hypocrites. You got me beat on dishing out assumptions of people on the internet. Anyone who’s listened to Sole’s catalog knows that he doesn’t carry an arrogant know-it-all tone; it only appears that way to those who dismiss his lyrics as “conspiracy”. It’s part healthy pessimism/distrust; you don’t dig his rap? fine, but calling the man dumb shows your education-level.

    Let me guess, you think Immortal Technique is another rapper speaking from his ass with uneducated propaganda, right?

  • uih

    @james is obviously sole.

    and i am yet to see proof that voting doesnt matter and effects nothing. Who the fuck are you to say that and why should we believe you. get the fuck outta here nigga

  • james

    Bush v Gore. Now go eat a snail dick.

  • snow

    ahahaha you are a joke. you almost prove my points about this guy: you are exactly the type of person who would buy into this bull shit. go blog about the sheeple somewhere. i am not going to waste any more of my time arguing with you, enjoy bumping “fuck the vote” in your shitty car.

  • snow

    the electoral college system isn’t great and we were unlucky and had to have a shitty president (bush) again when he barely lost the popular majority. i guess never voting again is the solution and people who don’t agree are sheep. good logic

  • marty mcfly

    Your not a complete dumbass sheep just because you wanna vote and have your opinion be counted. You dont have to trust the government with everything you do in life. Put 99% of your trust in yourself and 1% in society and then look into the issues of your own city and state and then think about what your own political views are and THEN decide whether or not voting is important to you or not. Dont let what some rapper says about voting influence your own decision. Actually go down to where people vote in your city and get the information on the voting process and actually see how its done with your own eyes and then ask yourself if you believe its important. Basically what im saying is dont knock it unless you try it. Its alot of people throughout history that have fought and died and worked all their life just so that your vote is counted. You dont have to believe me just get the information on it yourself from somebody who actually sets up the voting process in your city and then decide if its important to you. Voting for something is only gonna take one day and a very small time period outta your life so its not gonna kill you. If you think that simply making rap songs about the government has more power then your participation in voting your probably wrong.

  • marty mcfly

    This year will be the first time Im voting for something. Never did it before but at least im gonna go see what happens just to find out how I feel about it. Then ill decide or if its a good thing or not.

  • Dan

    fuck the police and the hoe ass “voting” system. and fuck all you idiot that continue to vote and believe in this wicked ass shitstem

  • ONI

    It’s the exact opposite. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the fucking problem. Vote for some fake ass president who’s surpassed Bush’s own wars on the middle east, drugs, and immigration, sucks Israel’s dick, writes banks blank checks, and expands private healthcare’s customerbase under the guise of “change” lmao

    How the hell do you not understand that votes are bought by the very people who rape and pillage America? Obama is going hard this year with campaign funding on some record-breaking shit. Have fun feeding your family with empty promises while republicans control the congress and judicial system.

    james said this on July 29th, 2012 at 10:33 pm


  • wed

    “How the hell do you not understand that votes are bought by the very people who rape and pillage America? ”

    nigga spare us your pseudo-michael moore 6th grade logic and show us some actual proof. you aint kicking no knowledge AT ALL.

  • james

    You wouldn’t know knowledge if someone threw a book at your ass. Ain’t got time to educate you on “lobbyists” “Citizens United v FEC” and how the majority of you dumbasses are swayed by soundbites and attack ads on CNN.

    This shit is so pringles for the rich. Throw some money at politicians, stay rich, take more from the poor=PROFIT! Global warming? Huh? Hey fuck that shit, regulation kills jobs! Make the rich pay the same taxes as the poor? Hey fuck that noise, we create jobs! Universal healthcare? Fuck your sick ass, only the rich deserve to survive cancer! Go get a job you bum! WHAT? You’re bitching because your job was replaced by a man in India? FUCK YOU, that’s capitalism you socialist!

    Hey, pop quiz: did you know that during the presidential election, you also have to vote for new justices and congressmen? Wow, those other guys can’t be that important on the ballet, right? I’ll just christmas tree that bitch. Gimme that “I voted for Bama 2012” bumpersticker so I can post it on FB.

  • iLL1

    i just want to be down i like compagnie flow!


  • Listen to the whole song and he isn’t even advocating not voting overall, just for the president. He says out right there are lots of local initiatives and ballot measures across the country that could help people and provide positive influence on life. It’s the office of the president that he is taking aim at, which I for one have no problem with.

  • Responsible Knee Grow…

    You niggaz must not have any jobs typing arguments that won’t change anything.

  • Every criminal organization has a way of choosing its leaders. I don’t take part in any of them. Neither should you.

    Plus, what difference does it make if Romney or Obama serves Bush’s 4th term?

  • Alex303

    Obviously some of these people never listened to the song and got hungup on the imagery of “Fuck the Vote” . Listen to his words, the whole song, then state your opinion. Calling Sole uneducated is ridiculous when you jumped to conclusions and never even listened to what the artist was trying to say. Come on people…. At least listen to his song and flow then make your decision, otherwise you are no better than the people fucking this country up. Listen to what the man has to say, then judge. (not once during the song does he tell you not to vote) You people hating and not listening are the Sarah Palin’s of the rap fan world. Ignorant fucks.

  • QuestioningMore

    Keep up the good work and doing your thing Sole. These fake ass trolls couldn’t even pick up a mic. Ruffling feathers is the true artist way. If artists cared about what people thought about there music there would be no good artists. #KeepItUp #Vote3rdParty

  • urmomma

    all this asking for proof… how about you show proof of voting changing shit? how’s obama fucking working for you? if you voted for him the BLOOD of innocent babies and children killed by drones are on YOUR FUCKING HANDS! keep playing along. hope you like the police state rollin out at the hands of your leaders.

  • Alex303

    So can someone tell me one thing Obama did, that he ran his campaign on in 2008?
    • Closing Gitmo (HAHA signed NDAA legalizing it even for US Citizens)
    • Gov’t Transparency (prosicuted more whistleblowers than all administrations combined)
    • Respect State Medical Marijuana Laws (bigger crack down in 3.5 years than bush in 8 years)
    • Anti-Wall-Street Pro Main Street (completely funded by Wall Street and Goldman Sachs
    • Fix the economy (worse off with banks bailed out and a derivatives market growing that will fuck the whole world economy. Oh yeah, and even more unregulated)
    • Jobs (Still no jobs)
    • Next year… Legalize gay and FORWARD YEAHHH!!!!

    I guess the whole joke about rallying the whole country around “Hope & Change” is over….

  • Drone

    Armchair political and economical pundits out the ass on this post.

    Here’s a quick fact: people can have an opinion on anything and everything, and therefore, criticize anything and everything. Can you provide proof that voting DOES work? Let’s see YOUR proof.

  • marty mcfly

    Some of you seem to think by just getting mad or acting like you know something the rest of society doesn’t know that some how you have the upper hand when it comes to politics. I highly doubt any of you have careers in politics on capital hill or at any level period. Why dont you go get the information first before you say something works or doesn’t work? Your asking if voting matters or doesn’t matter but the answer is out there so why dont you go find out? If you want to take it a step further then why dont you ask someone who works in the voting process what their opinion is? Does voting help or not? I dont know but im leaning toward YES because there is information out there that will break it down for you. You dont have to believe this or that but the way some of you come across its sounds like you totally know for a fact the voting has no effect at all. After watch Fox news today and watching a guest on the O Reily factor come out and say that people shouldn’t vote because there too stupid and probably dont even know how many states america has, it makes you wonder why they have been discussing voting for months now. On top of that Republicans are actually out saying if you aint gonna vote for Romney just dont vote at all and if your a minority just dont vote because your not educated enough to think for yourself. If you dont vote then fine thats cool but all your doing is making somebody else very happy that your opinion is not being counted, just so you can feel like a rebel or something and run around talking about fuck the government. If you tell somebody in the hood that you aint voting they say good job and fuck the system but if you go to the well off side of down and tell a successful business owner that you aint voting and fuck the system, they just look at you and shake their head because they know your just venting your anger at a system you know very little about.

  • marty mcfly

    I know none of you are going to read all of that irrelevant shit i just posted but who cares because im a faggot.

  • Seige

    @Alex303 the president isnt a dictator. there are checks and balances to make sure no one person or sect has too much power. therefor, you’re foolish for believing any promise that any candidate would spoon feed you.

    and I think its safe to say anyone who is influenced by some “fuck the vote” jpg probably had no intentions of voting in the first place. lets be honest, most people are just lazy and use the “my vote doesn’t count” excuse. i myself feel that voter fraud/tampering is a possibility but voting and registering are really not that big of a hassle. you might as well go vote for the candidate with the cleanest track record.

  • joe

    @seig “checks and balances” huh? how about on july 6th by executive order, obama seized control of the internet and all communications avenues…. check that

  • Seige

    @joe many presidents have used executive order privileges. its been happening for hundreds of years. you’re just hearing about this? that still doesn’t mean they can turn the US into a plutocracy. only lobbyists can do that.