Hoodie Allen – Hey Now

blame it on Shake July 30, 2012

Originally meant to live on Hoodie Allen’s All American EP but was left off for whatever reason. Now Allen’s decided to release it for the free as he announces his Excellent Adventure Tour with G-Eazy.

  • j2fly


  • WelchsGrapeFruitSnacks

    fuxk outta here wit this shxt


    get this shit off 2dopeboyz

  • donthate

    ignorant people. ignorant people everywhere. just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean someone else won’t. don’t be mad when he blows up

  • lol

    serious question:

    Does anyone who’s black/hispanic/asian/etc like this dude? I’m white myself (and think he sucks), but the only people I’ve ever heard standing up for this guy are some of my white friends lmao.

  • chuck

    why does a persons skin color matter? Thats some 1950s shit yo.


    Ah… I don’t know about this one guys….

  • Mez

    i know people always say this shit but his flow is exactly like Drake’s in this

  • JXN

    It’s about damn time you posted some Hoodie Allen on here Shake! He’s been killing it since Pep Rally

  • Mozif

    Hoodie Allen is the one of the best artists of his generation. He makes great music, he’s music makes him like a modern day will smith. He has 2 mix tapes (Pep Rally & Leap Year) which he gave out for free. When he wanted to do a tour (including UK) he put sold his first ever EP on iTunes which is All American and it sky rocketed to the top of the iTunes charts in America and the UK. This is because he puts in work and dedication and unbelievable interaction with his fans. He is down to earth. In some of his shows he stayed outside in the rain hours after they finished taking pictures and signing stuff for fans.

  • HoodieMob

    fuck all you haters. hoodie is brilliant and amazing. every single one of his songs are amazing… if you dont like it, well that just sucks for you cause you’re missing out on something phenomenal … #HoodieMob

  • lol


    Skin color doesn’t matter in terms of how you should treat someone…but you can’t deny that rappers like Hoodie Allen or Sammy Adams have a predominantly white fanbase. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I was just commenting on it.