D-WHY – New York Times (Preview)

blame it on Meka July 31, 2012

A small sampler for the upcoming set of visuals off D-WHY’s Don’t Flatter Yourself, dropping August 15th.

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  • stopit5

    This guys voice is annoying as hell.

  • LOLA


  • Hell

    ^2DBZ needs to do something about these dumbass artists promoting their shit on the comment boards. First we had that dumbfuck with the grammer-fail mixtape (“2nd @ Race America” or some retarded shit like that) and now we’ve got G4shi, the great white nope with an asian name that includes a number for some reason.

    Look, kids, if you’re not good enough to get posted on the site, trolling the comments and acting THAT desperately is not going to help you. All it does is tell everybody else that you’ve already been rejected, so you’re not worth the time it takes to check your shit out.

  • j2fly

    your a fucking idiot. dwhy is dope tho

  • Wonton Soup

    Cosign @Hell

  • ManBearPig


    Why is he an idiot?