Dr. Dre & Kendrick Lamar Cover XXL’s 15 Year Anniversary

blame it on Illy July 31, 2012

Uh oh.. UPDATE: The official tissue…

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  • chuck

    glad kendricks in front on this.

    dre riding his coattails to stay relevant.

  • zachariah

    I’ll buy this one for the future.

  • who cares

    The fuck is up with Dre? I swear every time I see him he looks more and more creepy. Dude needs to chill with that mean mug and tight ass shirt.

  • Cap

    just wondering. do any of these magazines go up in value ?

  • who cares

    ^Don’t think so. You never know though. If something happens to Kendrick in the near feature (not wishing anything on him) then they might.


    Dre did 1 song with him so far, waaaayyy after he already had a monstrous buzz. And apparently he is bringing Kendrick to us?

  • KrimeOne

    Butt Buddy’s for L i f e .

  • that truth

    what is it with yall sayin ppl using kendrick to stay relevant? few ppl outside of la or blog regulars know who he is, 98% of ppl in real life know dre. retards. and dead @ dre lookin like iron man in the background

  • that truth

    and kendrick will never be a star outside of anybodys itunes. he has no mass appeal

  • Exhibit C

    ^what do you mean, only “bloggers” know who kendrick is? every hip hop fan i know goes on hip hop blogs, it’s not like only nerds use the internet anymore, everyone does. I live in Toronto and almost everyone I know who listens to rap even a little bit knows who Kendrick is and almost everyone fucks with him.

  • tdefansite

    let the dick sucking begin

  • Thinker

    Everyone who listens to rap. Anyone who listens to music has heard of Dr. Dre

  • Cloud 9

    Dre is like jay z in the west. imagine that cover with j. cole and jay z standing behind him. pretty much the same to me.

  • HiiiPower

    Kendrick is the GOAT hands down no argument and Im not even gonna come back here to check your responses so dont even try. Its a proven fact.

  • Mez

    Almost everyone knows K Dot. People who only used to listen to the radio are on livemixtapes and shit now.

  • DBS

    Say what you want about Dre but the guy knows talent and knows how to bring it to the next level.

  • ayo

    this looks kinda homo thug erotic. cant have this nigga dre standing behind ya while you crouched over like that. uhggggg…

  • top_shottatx

    2nd rapper that was a freshman 10 to be on the cover by himself. keep up the hardwork cant wait til october 2nd

  • A$tro

    ^^ you mean 2011

  • Orlando Scandrick

    How is Dr. Dre “bringing us” Kendrick Lamar? Pretty sure Kendrick did all the legwork to create his buzz.

    Not a big fan of Dre these days.

  • MrWill

    This cover is dope.
    Kendrick is best young rapper doing it.
    Dre has wholeheartedly endorsed him, which increases my already high-level of respect for him.
    Hip-Hop is alive and well.
    None of the negative nonsense matters.

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm might cop but think I’ll pass my $5 probably deserves to stay in my wallet anywys and “Almost everyone knows K Dot. People who only used to listen to the radio are on livemixtapes and shit now.” << datpiff

  • 2dope4nope

    Wow did my phone really put that wtf haha well to sum it up livemixtapes > datpiff they tag up even when u delete em on iTunes they still pop up smh

  • tupac

    it looks like this niggah dre fuckn kendrick in the ass!?!? metaphorically.

  • marty mcfly

    Anybody saying some dumb shit as if Dr Dre is trying to ride off Kendricks buzz is just ridiculous. Do you have any idea who Dr Dre is and was before Krendrick even showed up? Just stop it cause Dre is not a new artist thats just now trying to get in the game, he been here so its really Kendrick who is gaining buzz by standing next to Dre. Anyway being that Dre is there, he need to just give Kendrick a hit record cause no offense to TDE’s own production squad but I think Kendrick needs a stronger sound for at least one single. If they not even gonna put out the video for The Recipe just make a whole new song. Now I know some people mite say Dre aint got no dope records for Kendrick but chances are he does have that type of record in the stash that he can just give to Kendrick.

  • Gus

    Dre is supporting and working with Kendrick to make his work better. I’m not saying Kendrick needs it, but two genius hip hop minds is better then one. I’m definitely feeling the cover.

    I can’t wait for October 2nd.

  • God

    here my 2 cents: Dre, if you wanna me Detox a legenday, classic album, you need to feature legendary classic artists (nas, jayz, eminem, snoop, warren G, alicia keys, kanye, etc…) leave these kids alone. I respect that you trying to flourish artists careers, but now is not the time. this is could be your last album. dont fuck it up!

  • chulo

    Dre workin that botox ain’t he.

  • 2

    imo dre has not shown any sign that he’s “still got it”. everything i’ve heard from him the past few years has been shit. i’m a huge fan of his older/classic music but let’s be real, the dude can’t make beats for shit anymore. *waits for dr. dre to prove otherwise*

  • marty mcfly

    @2, I Need A Doctor was nominated for a grammy, the Relapse album got alot of positive reviews based on the production aside from just the lyrics from Em and Crack A Bottle also won a grammy. Kush wasn’t all that but it knocked and 3 kings and New Day by 50 cent also goes. Whether Dre made the beat or was just part of the song in anyway, it’s impossible to front on Dre because even though he only drops a few songs here and there, they always make some kinda impact. Even if you think some of his songs in the last few years suck, its still dont matter because Dre is gonna be heard on anything his name is associated with. Kendrick without Dre vs Kendrick with Dre is two different levels of potential dopeness imo.

  • marty mcfly

    Also T.i – Popped Off and Obie Trice – Bottoms Up Intro

  • top_shottatx

    @ A$tro he’s the 2nd one since xxl been doing the freshman list. lupe was the first one

  • Obi Juan

    @Marty Wait for the chronic. (if you feel like waiting that long) Then we’ll hear Kendrick on some classic shit. I feel Dre is doing with Kendrick like he did with Em. Remember the Chronic 2001? LEGENDARY

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Dre is probably just listening to Kendricks work and then saying ok, go back in and change this and change that and then getting on the boards and bending the music more tight around Kendricks lyrics. That in itself makes the music sound better. Whether he produces the beat or not he still has experience on just how the music should come across.