In Case You Thought Action Bronson's Cooking Game Was Getting Soft... (Video)

blame it on Meka July 31, 2012

... he heads over to MySpace's (remember them?) OneTwoWatch to craft "zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta, with a tomato-almost a-jam." Oh got damn Based God, that shit looks good as hell.

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  • kayo

    Ha. Action that dude man.

  • kitten paws

    That dude in the store was a douche. Bronson's a funny down to earth dude.

  • vince

    yo whats the track around 3:00?

  • PeckDolly

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  • bongwater

    @vince im wonderin the same thing.... the one after that too....

  • thatrealshit

    how could u not like this dude?

  • Real Talk

    ^ If you another rappa and he stealin yo shine

  • future22

    @vince its bird on a wire- riff raff & action bronson- dope shit

  • KanyeShrug

    its not bird on a wire. bird on a wire plays from 2:15-2:35. all the other songs are action songs, im assuming the one at 3:00 is either off the tape he has with harry fraud or maybe the one with alc. it sounds like a clammy clams beat tho.

  • [email protected]

    can someone list all the bronson songs in this video? I have all his mixtapes but I need the entire catalog...

  • Chris

    The whire Rick Ross

  • real talk. this dude needs his own show. Fuckin hilarious.

  • Cap

    i was really wondering so badly if action bronsons cooking game was getting "soft". thank god for this video.

  • 5th

    Only tracks in this video I'm sure that are actions are:
    2:05- Bird on a Wire Featuring Riff Raff (yes, I said Riff Raff)
    2:37- Beautiful Music (Off Dr. Lecter album)
    5:00- The madness (also off Dr. Lecter)

  • Dude iz mad slept on, can't wait for those Harry Fraud and ALC tapes, str8 smokin muzik

  • MacDoober

    speakin of harry fraud, i thought they said that w.o.l.v.e.s tape (eddie B x shabaam sahdeeq x harry fraud) was supposed to be out next month when they dropped that track in june

  • u kidding me

    "shabaam sahdeeq" FOH

  • BitchNigga

    "Its pretty fuckin good" Lmao!

  • Puffy Taco

    I tried to make a beef wellington last night...that shit is difficult. Action shits on my cooking game.