Machine Gun Kelly – FILTER Magazine Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 31, 2012

During his interview with FILTER magazine, Machine Gun Kelly spits a verse for the camera.

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    he trying to be like gashi so hard

  • malcyvelli

    if you straight cant respect that freestyle then youre legit hating, ii havent liked much of this dude since he blew up but this i can support

    @GUNZNROSES ive never heard of gashi and i def stay up on my current rappers, theres a million ways to deliver a freestyle and because he chose this one hes trying to be like some nobody?nah, that just sounds like youre trying to make up a reason to hate forreal

  • TheTruth

    this dude just really cant spit…plainNsimple

  • ForRealDo

    Are y’all listening to what he’s saying??? this kid actually has something to say!!! def one of the better new dudes in the game

  • Karma

    Dude it took me like 20 minutes to even figure out who the fuck “Gashi” was (and some Serbian singer by the same name comes up much more often) and THEN it turns out he’s some wannabe Paul Wall character from NY. This “Gashi” clown isn’t even bringing anything new to the table- if anything, his whole gimmick is ALREADY outdated. There’s nothing there to copy. There’s nothing even similar about their styles, so you’re wrong right off the bat, but now you’ve got me curious WHY, exactly, you think it would make any sense for a moderately successful artist “try to be like” some nobody from nowhere?

  • DOPE

    Success or not MGK went in hard.

  • HELL


  • jwiii

    i’m glad to see mgk isn’t being as much of a wigger as he used to be. seems more comfortable in his own skin. growing out his hair and such. nice little verse too. if he continues to grow I’m a support