Gianni Lee x Mike Blud Present: God Forgives, I Don’t (The Samples) (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka August 1, 2012

For all you crate diggers – physical or virtual – out there, Mike Blud, Gianni Lee and Babylon Cartel compiled this tape of the original songs used in the backdrops of Blurred Tits’ latest album (which is out now). Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Gianni Lee – Intro
2. The Mad Lads – I Forgot to be Your Lover (Pirates)
3. Crowns Of Glory – I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch) (3 Kings)
4. Wilson Pickett – Shameless (Ashamed)
5. Cortex – Prelude A (60 Round) (Amsterdam)
6. Junior M.A.F.I.A – Get Money (Presidential)
7. Jeffrey Osborne – Baby (Ten Jesus Pieces)
8. Franco Micalizzi – Voices For Saddness Theme (Fountain Of Youth) (Bonus)
9. Nas – Daydreamin’ (Stay Schemin’) (Bonus)
10. Jimi Hendrix – Fire (MMG The World Is Ours) (Bonus)
11. The Miracles – Give Me Just Another Day (MMG The World Is Ours) (Bonus)
12. Norman Feels – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done (Accident Murderers) (Bonus)
13. MC Shan – The Bridge (Accident Murderers) (Bonus)

DOWNLOAD: Gianni Lee x Mike Blud Present: God Forgives, I Don’t ( The Samples) (Mixtape)

  • Evan

    WOW! Every song was sampled, how original!

  • effUho

    WOW! A dude named Evan having problems to read, how amusing!

  • cukatch

    Wonder if Evan knows Dj Premier uses samples too , i dont wanna ruin it for him

  • YO Mama bitch

    WOW! Every song on Illmatic was sampled, too! How original!

  • Thinker

    WOW! A 2dopeboyz c-section circle-jerk, i’m impressed!

  • J-Fresh

    Wow! Another recycled project from these guys!

  • WOW! Link dead, is there another one?

  • Pajama Rich

    Wow!…… … I have no witty remarks, I just wanted to be involved.