Rick Ross And MMG Cover VIBE

blame it on Shake August 1, 2012

Ross, Wale and Meek cover this month’s issue of VIBE.

  • $$$

    Grandpa Ross.


    Either William has never heard of TOO MUCH and people eventually getting fed up with you or his just trying to make as much money as he can while his popular before his fans grow up and realize that his been playing them

  • hhdie

    no stalley ? smfh

  • Swagme

    Fat ah ross heard the album was blue balls to a listener

  • I Need A Dollar

    Stalley on that bench he don’t get no play time! It’s a shame too cuz it’s his fault he don’t fit in with Double-M They got no room for concious rap on they roster. His artist are all hoodie hood past drug dealer types, and he the odd ball. Pill would been nice with the crew instead of Stalley but hey it’s just the life

  • 2dope4nope

    Yup what’s up stalley damn boy u fucked up IMO stalley > meek wale rick and what I need a dollar said too

  • They copied GOOD with that all white tho

  • Alexander Stewart

    ^^^ I deadass thought the same smh

  • topshottah

    wale looks all sad and EMO