Random Acts Of F*ckery: Tell ‘Em Why You Mad Edition

blame it on Meka August 1, 2012

On mine, that’s the oldest-sounding 16-year-old I’ve heard in a long time. It’s still not that serious, though… props to The Smoking Section.

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  • $$$


  • Chris Viarella

    Chief Keef Blows. lol

  • who cares

    Why the fuck does this dude care so much? Like for real. He’s 16 talkin’ bout if he catches someone talk bad about Keef he gon’ fuck ’em up. Gtfo! It just shows how ignorant his fan base is.
    Oh and what’s up with dude at 1:09 sounding like he jerkin’ off? “Ugh.. ugh!”

  • yo

    this dude sounds like Riley from the Boondocks when he was trying to defend Gangstalicious

  • Thinker

    Did u not see in this bitch remix?!

    Fucking lost

  • Don Kennedy

    Must be chief keef’s baby mama… KNOW THEM NIGGAS ROLL W/ LIL REESE AND THEM

  • dev

    “I just hit another lick,
    send his asses in yo bitch,
    I know nyeeeh worth a shits”

    wft? I dont want to live on this planet anymore

  • Astro

    I just died, came back and died again lmao


    waAaAaHHHH LEaVe BrItNey aLoNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ermac

    So how much of Chief Keef’s dick does this dude suck? nigga sound like an upset boyfriend

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Dude is obviously joking.

  • 2FACE

    it doesn’t look like he’s joking. this nigga look dead serious

  • X


    I really think you’re all looking at this the wrong way. Are you all so caught up in your hip hop elitism that you’ve completely forgotten where it came from? Here’s a 16 year old kid from south Chicago that’s been institutionally misguided and miseducated to a tragic degree. And obviously one of his very few sources of comfort, one of the few voices that he can identify with, comes from hip hop music. (Stop for a second and reflect on the power of that. Ok good. Moving on.) And instead of looking at it as a hip hop community should, as a reflection of his environment and a call to action as a community, we have it posted up in the same category as the Japanese Hump-Machines and love songs about porn sites. Can we back up for a second and realize that maybe the reason Chief Keef can’t string 2 words together is because he comes from the exact same hell as this kid, where the only guidance available is negative, and the bodies that these kids create are glorified THIS much? Hip-hop started as a way of reporting the news directly from the streets, the way CNN and Fox WON’T do it. And now that you guys are getting SOS messages from Chicago, you shit on it and make jokes.

    The way I see it, Chief Keef isn’t the one killing hip-hop. You are.

  • boo boo

    The downfall of the African American; they consider people that shoot guns ‘real’ lol. My nan could shoot a gun.

  • Apparently you idiots don’t comprehend sarcasm well.

  • $$$

    ….Keef’s a story teller about “the struggle” and guiding misled urban youth to higher learning now? ….lol?

  • random polish nigger

    dont do drugs, cocain and alcohol can mess with your brain

  • chief keef mum

    F*ck chief keef cuz of people like you… clown…

  • McFly

    dead at the black berry though

  • squirtle

    Lmao this little nigga said he feel Keef, PAUSE || cause he riding his dick so hard

  • LupeX

    I’m from the Chi & I am wondering what is a Chief Keef? lol

  • Rasan8250

    This Nigga then just slipped off the fucking planet!!!! We all need to look at our selves and make some strong changes, because this is the future…Message!!!

  • that’s e_r_y

    and the ray of hope for the future of black people just got slimmer…

  • JR

    it don’t matter what you say kid, he is fucking terrible and you don’t “feel” his music, shut the fuck up. these damn kids tryna be fuckin gangstas and shit and they wondering why people don’t have shit. brainwashed mother fuckers. grow up and get some real money you fake ass lames dancin around on the industry’s strings tap dancin in front of American as a “nigger”. STOP IT YO. if i saw this kid talkin like this in person i’d smack the shit out of him. Christ…

  • Stay Frosty

    There’s somebody that knows this guy and doesn’t even react they just say “Well, that’s ___ for ya.” This shouldn’t be normal but sadly it is.

  • Frost

    “Nigga been on probation since fuckin……..I DON’T KNOW WHEEEAN!!!”


  • Ayo-Ret


  • GODr

    Who is Chief Keef?

  • GODr

    Never mind, let the monkey show continue.

  • Los

    This that shit I dont like

  • lmao. i know when a real nigga rappin cuz i feel that shit, and i feeeeel keef. lmao. dry snitching and shit…”u KNOW he got caught with a ratchet”…Life Is Good

  • Chief

    all I could say is thats that Oblock , bang bang with keef givin this lil d-bag 3hunna BANG!

  • NYC22

    Well he did swear to god soooo….

  • Ben

    Hahaha I think I heard a dude laughing in the background though

  • Chief Keef Sucks Dick & He Gay For Having His Shirt Off With His “Gang” In Every Video. Fag.

  • unplantedseed

    WHAT???????? tooooo damn funny!!!

  • dre3staxx

    pretty much co-sign what JR said.