Shyne – King Crown Of Judah

blame it on Meka August 1, 2012

You know, this is probably the one time where I don’t mind not being able to access MTV content while outside of the States… props to RapFix?

  • Belize

    he spittin but whoever is his engineer needs fi get box … man can mix fi rass

  • jb

    This is sad. This makes me think I can rap

  • whknows

    this is the worst of shyne this rap career is officially done.

  • justenjoythisshit

    sad. funny. sad. funny.

  • 2

    glad i listened to this cause that was hilarious

  • LIFE

    song is pretty dope it just need a better mix

  • cosign^^

    Shyne got lyrics

  • Tzu

    This is not the worst I ever heard from Shyne.

  • Nicholas Minaj

    i clicked play to get a laugh but he was spittin… the echoed ad libs were terrible and so was the mix but shit was kinda hot

  • TheTruthIs

    The sound is sooooo effin ugly!!! I can’t believe how bad it is!!!

  • jordan

    he aint bad he just sounds diff vocal wise. he still got lyrics and if you dont think so listen to that outro on the carter iv he killed that shit:

    “I’m a villain, I’m a villain, all that happen in the street
    Poverty and desperation made me everything I be
    I’m a shotta, when I pop up with them poppers burn ya block up
    Call the judges, call the coppers, we takin’ over Gotham
    Word to Poppa, Blood gang, five
    It’s that Blood gang five, but green is the bottom line
    I run this town, I ain’t gon’ lie, they run they mouth, they ain’t gon’ fight
    They actin’ like they ain’t gon’ die until I let them ‘llamas fly
    Flatbush to Bed-do-or-die, from Watts to Larry Hoover Chi
    Poverty and heroine, it’s no place for a juvenile
    Put greed in our heart, it’s the green that we want
    Cash Money is the company and Weezy the boss!”

  • This is actually a Matisyahu song off his latest album ‘Spark Seeker’ that’s out now. This is a very bad mix/quality because the version on the album sounds way better. Shyne is also on another song titled “Buffalo Soldier”

  • dimon

    This sound Dope fresh and new not cry baby
    cant wait to hear his stuff