Who Wants To See Mod Sun In MPLS?

blame it on Shake August 1, 2012


On August 24th, Mod Sun is heading back home. The dopehouse has a few tickets to give away. Hit the jump with a short paragraph about something that made you smile and I’ll pick a random submission and notify you of winning dopeboy/girl. Good luck.

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  • John

    I work as a custodian, a profession where the work is highly overlooked and under appreciated. I happen to be located at a elementary school, and one day as the school day was ending, a group of kids was walking past me as I was sweeping the floor, when of them stopped and proceeded to tell me “Thank You for helping keep our school clean”. I passed it off in from of him, but when he left I was smilin’ like a mofo.

  • Rebecca Harmon

    Something that makes me smile is I went to Warped tour this summer and got to see Mod Sun live for the first time I never had heard of him before. I got to the stage 3 hours early to see T. Mills and he went before him. I smiled that WHOLE show. He had so much energy and heart in his music how could you not smile while watching Mod Sun perform and sing. I now listen to him everyday and espically when I’m sad cause i cant help but to “stop everything im doing and smile right now” :)

  • Jade Baird

    Honestly, I’ve Been Nothing BUT Smiles Ever Since Discovering Mod’s Music. His Was Of Life Has Taught Me How To Better My Own. I’ve Been Through A Lot Lately, But No Matter What Happens, I Know That It’ll All Work Out In The End. And I Really Have Mod’s Hippy Hop To Thank For That. But Something Recently That’s Been Making Me Smile Is The Fact I Had A Chance To Meet Mod, And That I’m Visiting Family In The UK That I Barely Get To See. But I’ll Be Back In Ample Time For The Show If Picked haha :)

  • Derrick Howard

    Trust me you can get into the Cabooze for free. No need to write a paragraph.

  • My mom has always been my superwoman. After my father left things were tough but my mom managed to raise three kids on her own. Three years ago my mom dropped a bomb on us, she had cancer, at this point all of us were old enough to understand what was going on and what cancer could do to a person. It was the middle of the summer and it was time for my moms surgery, to get rid of all the cancerous cells, when she finally got out of surgery the doctor told us things had gone smoothly and everything was going to be alright, which to our surprise things were everything but smoothly days after my mom had gotten out we were heading back to the doctor. My mother was in pain and things weren’t looking to good. The doctor said there were some complications with the surgery that he hadn’t noticed before and that she would be back in the hospital, being the youngest of the three kids this hit me like a bus, seeing my mom in so much pain and not being able to help was one of the most horribly traumatizing experiences I have ever gone through in my entire life. The summer was coming to an end and so were the doctors visits. We had one more left. The one when we would find out if all the cancer was gone. Our nerves were going crazy, but the doctor finally came in with the results. The minute he announced my mom was cancer free I couldn’t stop smiling, I think I smiled for weeks . Life was great at this point. It’s been three years since this happened a the cancer never came back. My superwoman was stronger then before and ready to conquer anything that came her way even cancer.

  • Amber

    Last August I discovered that I had an abnormal right coronary aertery in my heart, I had open heart surgery on August 17, 2011 & I’ve been healthy ever since. The part about this that makes me smile is that I’m still alive, this one abnormality is one of the few that cause high school athletes to drop dead. I was fortunate enough to heal well and improve my game in basketball. I thank God for allowing me to live another year and for him to create Mod Sun (: that’s what makes me smile.

  • Rude Judy

    I don’t get it.

  • morgz

    Sure, music makes me smile. But what makes me smile even more is people like MOD SUN that make music for the purpose of making people happy. That. Is what makes me smile.

  • Tyree

    I’ma go to the show and kick all ya’ll faggots asses for wanting to win free tickets to see Mod Sun. This dude is weak as fuck. That shit will make me smile. Give me the tickets.

  • crackadon

    Should I Just Leave my Wife and Kids? I’m really unhappy with my bland life and can’t stand it? please help me?

    I don’t even know where to begin, I have what many people would consider a “perfect life” but I hate it, and I don’t think I can stand it much longer. I’m 31 years old, married, have 3 kids (ages 5, 2 & 1), I have a very high paying job (300K+ a year) which I hate (Oh I work for my father by the way), and I live in a 5 bedroom house with a swimming pool and drive a luxury sedan, and I hate it all, I want to leave and just live life the way I want it, not this stupid meaningless life.

    My whole life I feel like everyone has been telling me what to do, throughout my youth my father enrolled me in a private school I hated so “I would have a good education” and my mother always made me take these stupid piano lessons, swimming lessons, play soccer, take karate classes, and more. I’ve always felt controlled, in high school my dad forced me to take advanced college classes, and get into college early, and he practically picked my career so I would work for his stupid company one day, while I was in college I met the woman I eventually married, and was practically only my second girlfriend, and I was a complete loser back then, I guess I still am now, I was a virgin until I got married and now I feel like I want more, after college I married her, I went to work for my father’s company, and now I hate my job, I don’t care how much money I make I hate it, and I hate seeing him everyday, I’m a grown man and he is still controllling me! I don’t know what to do, I hate every aspect of my life, the stupid cocktail parties with bland and idly rich people who I hate, my home life sleeping with the same woman and only woman and taking care of my kids, I mean I love them I think but I never get to have any fun.

    I don’t know what to do, I want to leave but I’m afraid of what the consequences of that will be, I mean I hate taking care of my kids and putting up with them, I hate having to wear a suit to work, I hate the bland routine of my life, I mean I’m not a kid anymore or a teen, but I never got to have fun, it’s always been studies, activities my parents planned, and now work, and oh I have to be the perfect little puppet they always envisioned me to be, jesus, for example when I was 17 my teeth were a little bit crooked but I didn’t mind it, but no we can’t have that so my father made me go get braces and then veeners or whatever they’re called and now my smile looks plastic.

    I want to leave everything behind and maybe try to have the fun I never had, like getting drunk at a party (sadly I tried this at one of the company’s cocktail parties 2 weeks ago and just humiliated myself), playing video games for a whole day, dressing in cool clothing, letting my hair grow long, growing a beard instead of this stupid 2 day 5′ o clock shadow my wife thinks looks good, not having to worry about kids or going to retarted PTA meetings and listening to some old hag tell me things. I want to maybe backpack through Europe, party with enlightened people, sleep with many different women, try drugs, see new places. I just cannot keep going like this, I hate it with all my heart, I mean I’d rather be poor than work in that place with those people, and I nevver have any time for myself, it’s always all about the kids and the wife and everything, and to top it off she has let herself go recently, so now I don’t even have that.

    Am I a terrible person for thinking all this? I mean I am seriously considering like leaving in the next few weeks, I’d of course leave my wife about half my money for the kids, but I just have to get out of there, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much and I’m so young I don’t want to waste it. I mean huh I don’t even knwo, I’m sitting in my den right now drinking a very expensive bottle of brandy that was supposede to be saved for a special occasion but I don’t care if it ends up in the toilet tonight, I just want someone to tell me what I should do? Should I just leave them and go and experience something meaningful.

    Please tell me what I should do? I can’t go to a psychologist because my father will know.

    (this whole situation unfortunately doesn’t make me smile.)

  • Brady C

    Seriously Mod’s music always makes me smile. I can’t but just think about how great life is, and how stoked I am to just go live it up.

  • huglife

    Before I got my job as a server at a (fast food) restaurant, I was always stressed out because of my parents nagging at me to get a job or try harder to find one. One day, I decided to skip class for that day and go to Steak n Shake (the restaurant I would SOON work at). Well, I had asked my friend who worked there for an application, filled it out in my car (aka my parents car) and handed it in to a manager on duty. Despite having not shaved for two weeks, being dressed casually but having torn pants, and being so unprepared that I thought this whole thing was a dream, I got an interview right then and there. Thirty minutes later, I had got the job. Being only 19 (18 at the time I had gotten the job), having a job is wonderful. The main reason I’m telling this story is because of how proud I made my parents. I remember going home and asking my mom and dad, “Are you guys proud of me?” and them both saying “yes, we are.” 9 hard working months later, I still have the job and hope to keep it at least until college is over. I just wanted to make my parents proud, and I have done just that.

    PS: I don’t live in Minnesota, but if I got picked, I would fly up there just to see him perform.

  • Brittany

    Something that made me smile? Well a lot makes me smile. If I focus on the artist of the moment, MOD SUN.. He definitely makes me smile! Dude is completely radiating sunshine & positivity 24/7. Real inspirational. His music makes me smile. Thinking of how many people listen to it and gain optimism, that is the best feeling. We need more people like MOD in this world. Friendbase for life man!! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win also, definitely a kind gesture that means a lot to a lucky winner! :)


  • Lindsay

    It made me smile seeing my friend MODSUN on warped twice this summer. Seeing the look on his face when he saw us in Milwaukee after 6 hour drive from his hometown made me happy as fuck. (: His positivity and how it affects everyone around him makes me incredibly happy and if I won these tickets, it would be awesome considering I’m broke as fuck but need to go to this show.

  • I attended warped in Pitt as I was leaving another bands performance I was walking to see Mgk I heard some of modsun as I walked towards the stage Not realizing who he was most people would just keep walking but his music and unique look caught me dead in my tracks. I snatched my friend who he had kept walking and told him I wanted to stop in listen to him.(ended up missing Mgk) I never thought I’d find someone as unique and inspiring as me. I had found the male version of my self. Modsun believes in everything I do. It was so worth missing mgk. I’m so glad I stopped to listen an watch him jump around stage with the biggest smile ever the whole time. I now follow him on twitter and instagram and everytime I see a post from him I get this big grin and remember life’s good. Peace love and happiness (; HAPPY AS FUCK

  • My little sister makes me smile. My sister and I are 10 years a part and so i feel like its my job to show her how to live. I was babysitting her the other day. After playing games, leggos, and running around outside we decided to lay down on the couch and watch some cartoons(: Who doesn’t live cartoons right? She was exhausted by this time btw. I look down to see my little sister asleep on my should grasping onto me sleeping. I got up to go get a blanket for her and she squeezed me as hard as she could while sleeping and smiled. A smile is worth a thousand words just like Mod Sun’s. He is my inspiration in life. Throw on a smile and make someones day (:

  • Kayla

    Something that made me smile was seeing Mod Sun live for the first time and meeting him & Pat Brown. I haves literally never been so excited for anything in my entire life. He was seriously the only reason I even went to Warped Tour, and it was worth the almost 50. Seeing him perform was more than I could ever imagine. It was just amazing. His smile is contagious, and he does smile the entire time and his mood and positivity is passed to every single person watching him. Meeting him was one of the greatest moments of my life. He isn’t like most people who are just like Hi, picture, bye. He actually had a conversation and made you feel amazing. I had so many thing prepared to say like how he changed my life and my viewpoint on every thing, but all I could blurt out was that I was “happy as fuck.” I just can not wait until the next time I get to meet him. (:

  • Nicolette

    I had the incredible experience of meeting Mod Sun and watching him live during Warped. . As he was jumping around the stage speaking of happiness, weed and love I realized my life was changing. All the songs I had listened previously thru mere speakers suddenly held meaning in each word. I now listen to him every single day- and his lyrics always leave me beaming with optimism for every aspect of my life.

    Mod Sun, you changed my outlook on the world entirely. Thank you.

  • Carissa

    Not to jump on the bandwagon here or anything… But something that makes me smile is my “Mod Sun” tattoo. I got those words tattooed on my wrist to remind me that every day is a gift whenever I see them. Movement On Dreams. Stand Under None. Mod Sun’s music changed my life. I first found his music this spring. About a month later, the day before I was supposed to see him live for the first time, my mom attempted suicide. The next few months were the hardest of my entire life. But with the help of not only uplifting music, but an entirely new outlook on life, Mod helped me survive. And I can honestly say that today, I’m happier than ever. I have no fears or doubts about pursuing my dreams, living my life, and being the happiest person that I can possibly be. I tell everyone I know about Mod Sun and his music and more importantly, what he stands for. Positivity, happiness, love, friendship…everything that’s great in life! Each day is a gift, and should be lived to the fullest. Happiness is a mindset that EVERYONE can achieve. Thank you Mod Sun!

  • Kaitlyn

    I don’t want nothing for this because I’m in Missouri but I got a bit to add here. I was a Mod Sun noob until warped tour this year as well and can I say I’m happy I found you when I did because I’m at the point in life where I have to make big decisions for my career as an artist but through your music I’ve realized I CAN do anything I just have to take the steps. This goes directly to you Mod, thanks so much for reopening my mind because right now life could not be blooming fuller.

  • Seeing MOD SUN @ warped tour 3 times defiantly made me smile big. Each time i saw him his performance just got better and better. Watching him chug that bottle of jack daniels made me want to party harder then i already do. Knowing that he’s 420 friendly and a fan of mary jane makes me more happy. His attitude is always positive hes never down, or ever ” comin never down ” this guys the shit and is gonna blow up in a short amount of time. MOD SUN i love youu! Stay Highh!! lovee KillaKaliKushh

  • Something that makes me smile is that in a world filled with such hate, crime, and violence, there are still people out there that go out of their way to better a strangers day without expecting anything in return. People like that keep me smiling because I know there are some good people left in the world. Mod Sun not only do I believe you are one of those people, but the fact that when you look out at the crowd and see all your fans, the look on your face is just amazed that so many people are there for you. One day you’ll go big and I’ll be proud to say I knew you first! Please stay happy as fuck Mod Sun, I’d freak the fuck out if you chose me to see your concert. Love you!

  • Carissa

    Plus, August 24th is my 21st birthday…how sick would that be?! ;)

  • danielle basile

    I am so greatful that I got to attend warped tour this year. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have discovered my favorite artist. MOD SUN has got to be the most positive, influencial, and motivating aritst that I know. He is one of the reasons I smile everyday. His messages are so up lifting. And I am glad that I got to meet him at the warped in chicago and then see him again at the warped in milwaukee. I am upset that I can’t travel to minneapolis to see him yet once again. If I could go to every one of his shows from here on out I would I love his live preformances they are so energetic and fun I can’t be in a bad mood when I see him. I wish I could text him everyday for advice. That would make my life. I love love love MOD SUN!

  • Caroline Luft

    Mod Sun. Modern Sunshine. Movement On Dreams Stand Under None. Derek. Dylan. I love you. You make me smile everytime I hear your laugh or see that long tangled hair. I attended Warped Tour in Milwaukee just to see you. I smiled when I saw you before you performed. You were wearing a fedora. My friends used to say “fedorin” insteasd of cool. You are very fedorin. I waited in line to meet you. My friend ditched me but I would not leave. I had to use the restroom so badly! I drank an extra large Mountain Dew and kept pacing in line. I kept almost stepping out of line but then realizing and stepping back in quickly. I smiled when I handed you my letter that I wrote for you. It didn’t say anything like how I almost committed suicide but it might have said that you’re the reason I’ve stayed happy my whole life. You’re the reason that I’ve been smiling all these years. I hope you read my letter of nonsense. I hope maybe I could’ve returned the favor and make you smile. I owe you for so many great moments in my life and so many awesome new dance moves in my criteria. You’re so sweet with all of your friends (I’ll never call them fans). You’re so enerjetic in all you interviews and videos. I smiled when I saw you perform Need That for Rolling Stone. I’m so proud to be a part of your friendbase. I’m actually tearing up right now… but still smiling. I wouldn’t trade being your friend for the world. I love you. I love your music. I love your message. Keep doing what you do best… making all of us smile.

  • Gabriela

    MOD SUN is by far the most energetic person ive met! His music is dope nd he always makes me smile no matter what the situation is! I love his music and cant wait to see him live again when he makes a stop in tx

  • Samantha

    I’ve listened to mod sun for a while now and he just keeps getting better and better. When I got to see him perform at warped tour this year I was so happy. But even happier when I got to meet him. I would love to just sit and have a full on conversation with him one day. He’s so down to earth and when I met him it wasn’t like I was meeting this rich famous person. I felt so comfortable like I’ve known him for years. You could tell hes the type of person who you could just hangout and talk to. His music always makes me smile and his lyrics make me think differently about how life should be lived. He’s such an inspiration to more than just me and he will forever be my favorite (:

  • dee

    can you come to new york!? and how would you feel about someone getting Movement on dreams, stand under none tattooed on them?! please let me know (: ps. iloveyou.

  • Sarah Helgeson

    I have known about Mod’s music since he started making his lovely “Hippy Hop”, him being a local. My sister went to Warped Tour this year and brought home a free copy of his ‘Happy As Fuck’ EP and I have to say I listened to that CD on repeat for days and days on end and also just had to convert a friend I work with to the Friend Base. Lovin’ Mod Sun, makes me Happy As Fuck. :)

  • Sam K

    Something that made me smile was hearing MOD SUN for the first time at warped tour this year! Ever since I have been addicted to his Hippy Hop style and it’s the only thing that keeps me going every day. Ive showed him to many of my friends and they all love him. What makes me smile even more is seeing the little girl I nanny dance to “Stop Everything You’re Doig Right Now And Smile”… 2 y/o dancing to hippy hop is ADORABLE.

  • Somethin that really inspired me to smile,was vanswarped tour 2012 July 8th shakopee,mn 8:20pm Is when I discovered Mod Sun! I was watching T.Mills set and I noticed this guy with like a cheetah print looking shirt on and a black hat holding a “red solo cup”. At first I thought he was a fan and he was a little drunk. And I mean he was just fuckin jamin to,T.Mills and all I was thinkin is I love this guy who the fuck is he? Well I had noticed that he looked a lot like one of the merch tents id seen earlier.So I went back to it real quick figured out it was *Mod Sun*, went back to T.Mills set hoping I could at least meet him and tell him he seriously made me laugh and smile. But I had really bad dehydration so, I ended up leaving right away. That truly went home with me I told everybody about it and to this day I’m official a “friend”.

  • GVA

    What makes me smile is the fact that you guys here at 2dopeboyz give out free tickets, shirts, cds, etc. The only thing about the giveaways is that I’m yet to win. Though, smile big everytime i see a new one! Not to mention, this time around, this event is taking place not too far from my residence. About 17 mins to be exact, which also makes me smile. So, hopefully, I’m selected to receive these tickets as I’m a huge fan of Minneapolis hip hop and Mod Sun aline is an interesting character. Winning makes me smile. This is me trying to win.

  • Baylie

    What makes me smile is that MOD FUCKING SUN in gonna be home and i get to meet him on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! i think imma die tht is crazy im smileing so much cuz he is so fun and inspireing and were friends not fan!!!!!!
    M.usic O.n D.reams S.tand U.nder