Meyhem Lauren – Braised Duck Tacos

blame it on Illy August 3, 2012

Before he plays an in-store performance at Mishka NYC tonight at 7pm, Meyhem Lauren releases his latest track “Braised Duck Tacos.” Meyhem will also make an appearance at the Eve Ultra Lounge in Staten Island tonight.

DOWNLOAD: Meyhem Lauren – Braised Duck Tacos
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  • JChrome

    best song titles ever

  • JaeDoe

    If this was the 90’s this guy would already have a deal and album out

  • 1nsight

    respect the fly shit

  • that truth

    shout out to your mother for makin me the man i am today

  • Cockmeat Sangwich! How’s that 4 a title?!

    Great… A wannabe Raekwon to compliment the wannabe Ghostface (Action Bronson). These niggaz owe the Wu some serious Father’s Day gifts. #Biters

  • YoungBlitzer

    that shit cray!