Aaliyah – Enough Said f. Drake (prod. Noah “40” Shebib)

blame it on Illy August 5, 2012

Drake, who is reportedly set to executive producer Aaliyah’s forthcoming posthumous album, releases the first single from it October’s Very Own blog.

  • Fred

    And, just like that, Drake takes over the Summer.

  • muk

    how has drake got aaliyah material???

  • @NO_TATS_B


  • jwiii

    The “What’s Up?” he says when she’s singing sounds bad but other than I dig.

  • stevie jay

    smh this nigga is madly in love with a spirit he never knew

  • Lolilol

    Aaaand let the drake hate begiiin lmao ( the whole song and his verse is nice tho )

  • realtalk©

    Not gonna hate, it’s not too bad.. but I definitely agree with Timbaland.. he and Missy Elliott should’ve been behind this new Aaliyah material, not Drake and 40..

  • Chad

    This nigga drake need 2 jus let Aaliyah rest peacefully… If she was alive she would probably wanna smack the fuck outta him for jockin her shit so hard..

  • pablo

    RIP Aaliyah

  • onetwo

    cant say i ever expected to hear mario balotelli mentioned on an aaliyah record…

  • question mark

    was drake related to aaliyah that he keeps getting her tatt’d on himself?!

  • thatrealshit

    this, marvins room, trust issues, and fall for your type are more or less the exact same beat give or take some kicks or slight differences in bass, seems like drake and 40 have been remakin the same slow jam for 3 years now and u sheep keep fallin for it…


    Timbaland x Aaliyah >>>> this

    If Drake can’t top that old sound (which is one of the most innovative/legendary sounds in hip hop and music) then he shouldn’t even try to RELEASE these songs. This is an F+.

    I grew up in this era and to hear this is such a joke. Her hummingbird voice on Timbo’s hard edgy beats were just perfect,

    Drake is not only obsessed but not listening to those who are telling him that he shouldn’t do it period without Missy and Timbo. This guy is disrespectful for real, this can open unhealed wounds for a lot of people. Tributes are okay but releasing a weak stuff/album without the green light from the fam is just wrong.

    Dang, this really pissed me off.

  • Phil

    @realtalk i agree with you for missy but if timbo produce the album it will be a fuckin pop album considering the shit is doin today don’t you thibk so ?

  • unclesam

    Drake’s verse was dope but it didn’t really feel like an Aaliyah track too me. More like a Drake featuring Aaliyah vocals kinda track. They should most def get Timbo and Missy on board with this project to give it that Aaliyah-feel at the very least.

  • MCFC


  • Alex

    Every Drake verse is the same shit,its like he just finishes where he left off from the last verse,He says the same shit just in a different way every song.

  • Alex

    RIP Aaliyah

  • Ermac

    This sounds horrible Drake’s bitch ass needs to just let Aaliyah rest in peace and stop obsessing over her its just pathetic

  • marty mcfly

    @Chad, Aaliyah’s people reached out to Drake so its only right he give it a shot because they the ones that thought he would compliment her sound good and judging by the fact that as an artist he leans on melody more then anything else, they were probably right. Timberland and Missy would have been good but that dont mean they the only people around that can make a good Aaliyah song with her vocals. @realtalk, he has been using the same sound and thats because thats his lane and partly because 40 understands that sometimes if it aint broke then its no need to fix it. Song is DOPE

  • Based OVO


  • rico

    “Drake’s whole style as a singer was modeled after Aaliyah yo…aint even like he learned to sing by listenin to dudes.
    Mary J Blige sings more masculinely than Drake do”… – BIG GHOSTFASE

  • *Name

    @marty mcfly agreed.

  • tip

    Drake Can’t sing that studio equipment got you niggas fooled just like with “The Weeknd” Why you think Drake never sings at none of his shows because he is terrible.Go on U-Tube and find 1 video of Drake singing live (YOU WONT FIND NOT ONE) Drake is the least talented dude in the business & a straight fraud,If it wasnt for 40 & his female fanbase he wouldnt have got this far.

  • Josh Brown

    STOP HATING!!! Yall sound like bitches straight up! Just appreciate for what it is. How the fuck you know she wouldnt fuck with this? Thank you, my point exactly. Everybody knows Aaliyah is his biggest influence so I dont see nothing wrong with this. Its like a tribute anyways. StFU with all that non sense. He killed the verse like he was suppose to do and 40 did his thang too. Acting like yall knew the girl. She’s resting in peace anyways. LET IT GO!!!


    you lose all credibility with a screen name like that.



    im guessing youve never been on youtube, there are plenty of vids of drake singing live.fuckboy.

  • DJ Black

    DOPE!!!!!!! Repping the Balotelli name drop

  • cam


    Lol Fuck Outta Here.Drake Has Admitted He Isnt The Best Singer If It Wasnt For Technolgy Your Boo Wouldnt Be Shit Faggot.Now Get Off His Dick.

  • cam

    Drake Makes Music For Bitches But Yet All I See Is Fags In Here Defending Him.


    Son, you sound like Drake fucked you and never called back, and the fact that you capitalize the first letter of every word makes your opinion invalid.

  • 2 Chainz


    Naw its just “bitches” in here defending him. Drake female fans are less emotional than his male fans.

  • @ the strapped hipster

    you should really look into who owns blackground records. it’s aaliyah’s family. so whatever you said is pretty fucking stupid.

  • DJ Trademark

    Fuck Drake. This is garbage. Poor Aaliyah! She was dope and probably wouldn’t work with this bitch, drake if he was alive. She should be resting in peace instead of being thrown on this simpleton garbage. DRAKE IS WACK AS FUCK!

  • DJ Trademark





    @ 2 chainz

    I promise you i’d still take your girl and beat your ass in front of her haha

  • G.O.O.D

    Someone in Aaliyah’s camp should press charges he is obviously infatuated with someone he never knew. If Aaliyah was alive she probably would view Drake as a cornball n have him arrested for stalking her.

  • 2 Chainz

    so you with the business?(Ab-Soul voice)

  • Gold

    Full of drake hate in here haha shit. Dope track. I guess this isnt the 2chainz, and horseshoe gang type shit you ignorant niggas used to.haha


    I am the business little homie.(my voice)

  • Truth

    “Naw its just “bitches” in here defending him. Drake female fans are less emotional than his male fans.”


    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllololololllllllllllllllllllllllooololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooololloollololo Tru shit though lolololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • coolCat

    Doesn’t even feel like an aaliyah song, if you aren’t gonna do it right do do it at all. I can see DMX snappin on this more then drake tbh


    Im a bitch ass nigga that listen to Drake & get offened when anybody talk badd about him.*listens to find your love*

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Aaliyah been dead for a long time and its other people with her vocals but they have yet to make any new music after all these years. At least somebody was willing go in and do the work so her voice wouldn’t be completely forgotten. If Andre 3k or Blu made this song and did the same verse ya’ll would acting like its a grand masterpiece or one of the best songs you heard all year but being that its Drake you mad as hell. Hate Hate Hate…

  • dubcyde

    Fuck it, this actually works. Wonderfully. Timbaland would fuck it up, he fell off. He’s shown he can’t return to his old ways. 40 has this shit, don’t worry.

  • foh


    Fuck outta here pussy you a Drake fan you wouldnt hurt nothing but that keyboard you typing on. I bet you had a face fulla tears typing that shit bitch.


    Like I said you guys sound like drake fucked ya’ll in and around the asshole and never gave you guys a call back. So you go on 2dopeboys and boycott his shit.

    allow me to translate..

    yallz iz SUM Hatin AZZ niggazz.

    is that a bit more clear?

  • blair

    co sign everything marty mcfly has said on this post.

  • foh

    If Andre 3k or Blu

    Stop bringing up other people all the time to try n help your weak ass argument. This is Drake not 3K Or Blu. Fuck outta here.

  • marty mcfly

    @blair you co sign me? come over & lets listen to “take care” together.



    i lost credibility?????? FROM WHO??? U!!???? LOL! u sound like a sweet nigga, that name is suppose to be ironic but you couldn’t figure that out huh? Your education just showed nigga, they teach you stuff like that in school. This is a c section, what can I possibly get with your credibility????????? lmao


    lol @ that whole statement, another dumbass trying to sound smart. Nigga I said MISSY AND TIMBALAND/that whole sound……..?????? The fact the family gave him the green light is one part but this goes beyond that as well. Why would u mention something we already know? What was stupid about my statement, the fact that the music sucks dick harder then you can?

    Today the deepthroat trolls are firing back at me with really weak responses…I must be doing something right.

  • marty mcfly

    @foh, Or J Cole or Kendrick it be the same thing, ya’ll would be goin crazy about it. Why dont you angry people just forget about how you feel about the artists you hate so much and just judge the song for the song. Instead of just saying, I hate Drake so that means ill hate everything he’ll ever do. FOH

  • foh

    who wanna roll wit me and scream “worldstar!!!!!” after i get my ass beat and take nutz to da chin??

  • marty mcfly

    Once the Homotroll starts with his bullshit, thats when I know the truth has already hurt the haters. Later LOL

  • Gold

    I’m the only nigga with a bachelors in this bitch, now go back to your 2 chainz and horseshoe gang shit.

  • marty mcfly

    Drake makes my buttonhole tingle, I wish the song had less aaliyah though..

  • Drake make music for bitches so im gonna assume its just a bunch of hoes on their period commenting in here this evening.

  • blair

    @marty mcfly i ain’t know if that’s supposed to be some kind of sick joke or what lol, but i think this shit is dope. her voice sound so natural over those synths.

  • marty mcfly

    Id suck a fart outta Drake butthole & let him & the rest of his crew all take steamy hot shits over my fat ass chest.



    cosign marty

  • marty mcfly

    how many fags does it take to change a lightbulb? 3;me, drake and frank Ocean. And the lightbulb doesn’t get fixed because they shove it up my ass

  • jiz

    Sound EXACTLY like I thought it would when I heard about it. Sonically, Her voice matches well with the synths but the beat is boring as FUCK. Drake’s verse nice, tho.

  • III


    Anybody who takes the time to make multiple comments defending Drake and make internet threats like “I’d beat your ass and fuck your bitch” is CERTAINLY not the type of person who would actually do those things in real life. Keep role playing over the internet…I’m sure you get a kick out of it. Just remember that out there in the real world you’re still a little bitch.

  • Joseph.A

    There’s this growing trend of hate on everything Drake, Lil Wayne and YMCMB music.

    And I’m part of it. I have always seen YMCMB and all of Cash Money being skilled artists able to turn music to money. They are entrepreneurial, and business men/women.

    Simples. I don’t rock ’em on my personal music library, but i wild out to ‘motto’ in the club.

    For most of us, we have a sentimental attachment to artists who have passed away, and with that sentiment, a project like this, personally, i can not support without the contribution of those who were part of the artist’s career.

    The Kellys’ Timbos’ Missys’ DMXs and those who WERE with Aaliyah.

    Kudos to Drake for doin his thing. Pardon my bias, but a project like this-by a YMCMB affiliate…

    Just screams another business venture.

  • Drake a BITCH NIGGA

    Drake is obsessed with this dead bitch. Shes dead nigga, get over her!




  • Jamal

    @Drake a BITCH NIGGA

    aye you can disrespect Drake bitch ass all you want but dont disrespect Aaliyah fam i swear id slap fire from your ass.

  • @BasedOVO a dickrider telling other dickriders to fall back. haaaaaaa

  • “I’m the only nigga with a bachelors in this bitch, now go back to your 2 chainz and horseshoe gang shit.”

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. nah he don’t rate.

  • 2ndera

    drake and aaliyah were very nice on this, 40 is lulling me to sleep with the beat though…Don’t argue with the haters,(no not referring to those with real opinions, i respect them) they click the song knowing no matter how it sounds, how well drakes verse is they are going to say something negative. There really is nothing to argue about with them, just let them be. When you respon you bring down the quality of the discussion.

  • DMG

    buisness venture. just enjoy the fucking music, it has no cash money lable stamped on it it has OVO, AND IT HAS BLACKWOODS RECORDS ON IT. MOST IF NOT ALL OF THE MONEY WILL GO TO BLACK WOODS.

  • Aaliyah’s old shit >>> this lackluster bullshit.

  • Black

    @Drake a BITCH NIGGA

    I hope when you see aaliyah that she slaps yo mouth

  • DMG


  • that truth

    drake got allayahs face tatted on his back across from his gay lil owl. dude is a fucking creep

  • Tedy p.

    I hope Aaliyah spirit comes haunting Drake tonight…. This song is pure boo boo … It’s like The Weeknd was busy that day or something.Drake would never let MTV Cribs come to his house cause he probably has a room filled up with Aaliyah pics & dolls & candles in a dark room. I’m serious. I can imagine Drake humming Aaliyah songs & practicing her snake wine in the mirror.

  • crashspike

    real talk this shit is just the successful beat sped up.

  • Mike

    This makes him go in It’s just that he should make J. Cole, Missy Elliot & Timbaland be on this album with him as well.

  • steven

    It’s great that Drake is exposing her to this generation who might not know about her but you don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. You don’t take Aaliyah’s unreleased vocals and put them on beats that sound like they got rejected from a Drake album. You just don’t.

  • smh @ aubrey

    yeah,drake wants to be Aaliyah sooooooo badly.

  • Fags shouldn’t get married tho

    Ill and strap-on hipster should quit with the co-singing and double teaming and just meet up already. U guys are a perfect match

    Strap-on: “I hate Drake!”
    Ill: “Hey me too! Wanna come over to my place?”

    …fuckin fags

  • TE

    This nigga really mentioned Ballotelli in an Aaliyah song? Disrespectful. smh.

  • DMG

    @steven. you just took those exact words from a post on twitter that a girl tweeted just now… wow

  • sz.

    Cum Sucking, dick sucking haters of Drake, This shit is DOPE…stop hating becuz you broke whining at home beatin ya meat to Brian Pumper posters….STFU

  • J.T.

    I like the song but it sounds more like a Drake record feat. Aaliyah rather than its intention. I agree with Timbaland though that he and Missy should be apart of this record but what’s done is done. And did anybody catch that sub diss from Drake @ Chris Brown ? “Selling under 150 you niggas got to be kidding. Is this even still a discussion?”

  • Balotelli

    Actually this album and song will be released by aliyahs uncle trough his label blackwood records so dont hate drizzy

  • lol

    The Fact that blackgrounds record ( Aaliyah was signed tot his company, and timbo is also signed with this company) and family of Aaliyah’s reached out to drake so he can be part of this project is great. the fact that they didnt reach out for timbo and missy is wierd. cmon you niggas really want TIMBO SHOCK VALUE 2 on this shit?

  • shayz

    I like the song a lot but to me aaliyah and drake are talking bout 2 different things. Like when aaliyah made ths song back in the day i think she was talkin bout their relationship and talk bout it instead of being so guarded but drake made it bout him and how rich it is and his problems…anyone else get that vibe? I love drake but i think he shoulda understood where aaliyah was get at iin this song


    @Fags shouldn’t get married tho

    exactly dude! I agree, fags shouldn’t get married and you shouldn’t marry your dad

    “Strap-on: “I hate Drake!”
    Ill: “Hey me too! Wanna come over to my place?”

    Only niggas that sleep with a nightlight on would leave a comment like that, you definitely have a future in writing fictional gay porn novels my nigga – make some money and go feed your daddy’s huge appetite before he ties you up again tonight


    this sounds amazing. you know music is alot better if you dont know what everyone else thinks. fuck off the bandwagon and just listen to it. fuck your opinions

  • dmg

    @the STRAPPED HIPSTER. you seem to know alot of about gay novels? is it because you read em while being STRAPPED? the fact thet you had to capitlaize STRAPPED in your name is ignorant as fuck lmao. sit down fuck boy.

  • Keebo

    Not a Drake fan but that was a good Drake verse



    yOu mad just cuz i didn’t like your crush’s new song he did with an aaliyah sample? LOL! LOL! LOL! I’m in tears right now…

  • Maaa

    Huge Drake fan but a bigger Timbo fan first.. better be some shit with him comin out.



    “you seem to know alot of about gay novels? is it because you read em while being STRAPPED? ”

    well DAMN, you must be WESTSIDE FAGGOT’S partner in crime…nice to meet you too. I don’t have anything against FAGGOTS so I won’t judge u guys. Please continue your alternative lifestyle without me in mind. The word STRAPPED means carrying a gun but if a nigga wants to imagine a dick instead, be my guest.

  • whateveriguess

    you niggas talking about letting aaliyah rest in peace should be the same niggas saying tupac and biggie need to be put to rest as well. THEN they be saying “I miss etc. etc. etc.”
    Get over it. Everything is always sampled or reworked in someways. movies and music the same thing just accept it.

  • Truth

    @the strapped hipster

    Damn you been online for like 3hrs now nigga,get your broke ass out there and make some money instead of hating online. you’re exactly whats wrong with this generation.

  • six

    song is cool..timbo n missy need to shut up bcse they would have never released anything else from her

  • whateveriguess

    The point is that this song is going to blow up. Whether you like it or not.

  • trey

    the word “hipster” is like the word “swag” its not even cool if youre using it jokingly.

  • Truth


    the Truth you’re bumping into something u didn’t have to speak your mind on…but i bet the truth is you monitored me for 3hrs, your really really broke, you HATE everywhere just like everybody else and you’re clearly part of whats wrong with this generation

    well damn, I should name myself Truth because I kept it 100%

  • tony

    @whateveriguess ive been saying everyone who has passed away needs to rest peacefully but weak niggas like drake & ross keep trying to incorporate them into their terrible ass music knowing damn well if they were alive they wouldnt fuck with them. freddie gibbs said it best “tupac aint back cause he got setup & shot in the chest,biggie aint either so why dont chu gon let dem niggas rest” & THAT GOES FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!


    @trey songz

    its not meant to be cool, hip, funny or w.e bruh, don’t over analyze a screename i thought out in 2 seconds for a random blog i visit, lets keep it moving peeps


    This song hard bruh and strapped hipster is one of them little niggas that gets pissed on and buttfucked by his PE coach.


    i agree^^^

    He needs to calm down but forget about him, I wanna get to know you since you’re the “STRAP ON HIPSTER” – I wouldn’t mind dressing up as a PE coach for you, we can def play this song in the background while we play “dodgeball”

  • Frank Ocean

    Can I watch you guys? I promise I won’t say anything, I need some inspiration for my third album.


    ^ this nigga still online, dont you got gay porn on your other tabs my nigga?


    the STRAPPED HIPSTER sounds like a feisty cute nigga, he probably suck good dick too and he feels the need to defend himself against all these cyber bullies…aww cute tiny little nigga

  • Frank Ocean


    Whats good Tyrone? You told me you were coming home since 7, its already 9???


    I know frank but i need to defend this little nigga STRAPPED HHIPSTER from the cyber bullies

  • john kali

    i get the strapped hipster name but why would another troll actually call himself the STRAP ON HIPSTER??? SMDH #FAIL


    stupid huh? i know john kali soind cute send me a dick pic nigga


    whats wrong?its a good name.


    just refreshed this page and saw my name is all over the site with other people using my name LMAAAOOOO this is awesome! some of the comments are actually hilarious. i have no clue whats going on but ill check back in a couple of hours just to see where these trolls take this LOL!!


    Hey i just got back online too, the STRAPPED HIPSTER was sucking my dick, but anyway LOL

  • marty mcfly

    Just got back from naked slap boxing with WESTSIDE & the STRAPPED HIPSTER,Frankie was a no show :((

  • chuck

    typical homosexual talk in a drake c section.

    get em aubrey.

  • JWill

    It looks as though Timbaland and Missy E. are somewhat behind the release given the fact the artwork has Blackground Ent on it.

  • marty mcfly

    i would love to suck your dick too =) ill suck the brown off if i catch u alone


    marty and drake can both lick my dick at the same time, invest your future by getting your kneeeeessssss – i think i just busted on myself just thinking about itt

  • marty mcfly

    @HOMOTROLL I see you’re up to your tricks again but I wouldn’t mind eating WESTSIDE’S dick right off


    damn i wouldn’t mind that, i mean eating my dick off. I can grow another, franky ate the last one yum yum.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^^ agreed. we can join forces like captain planets but we have dick rings instead…and when we combine them, we become one. All the 2dopeboyz troll can join this poop fest, Pauly D, Dark Vador, DMG, stuff, KING, etc. The more people we invite, the better.

  • STFU

    If you cant make comments about music without getting your feelings hurt and then acting like a straight up bitch by trolling for hours , making keyboard thug threats or calling people dickriders or haters just because others disagree with your opinion. Then take your bullshit to another site so people with sense can give their opinion without that type of fuckery.

  • smh

    strap hipster = the troll but i know its a bunch of you fags.

  • marty mcfly

    @smh & @STFU hush before we suck all the cum out your body..

  • asap madxd

    yeah this is def getting out of hand with marty, westside and whatever trolls are on this

  • TR

    I use to be a Drake fan man, So Far Gone and Thank me Later were good and he can still put together a song thats catchy, but its all the same man. Like hes giving me nothing else. I didnt pay attention to the verse the first time cause it was weak then all you ppl said it was dope and i listened again and i still think its weak. Overall this song is garbage. Sorry Aaliyah, you deserve better creativity and originality than what was provided here. RIP

  • bang! bang!

    I clearly don’t understand why Marty McDick and WESTSIDE snitch can’t take their immature comments to another site, this is section is about the music. Its not about playing games and making gay comments under other people’s names or w.e. SMDH!!!!

  • The Playboy Channel

    @STFU, asap madxd, & bang – I cosign that, i always see these broke ass trolls arguing for w.e for hours or even years for no reason. Lets stick to the music homie

    This song is pretty dope but I wish it knocked with those Timbaland drums

  • suiss

    about 10comments in as i was reading it was just full of haters. come on she is drakes inspiration and she got the credit she deserved but to this day she still deserves to be know just like Bob Marley lives on through his music and thats only because of a lot of people still listen to Bob but not a lot of people still listen to Aaliyah. people just tell each other to check her out and they dont the majority of the time. the credit that drake is getting from his music, hes just trying to bring her music back in to the world, it seems like people these days have forgotten or dont know of Aaliyah, and with the fan base that drake has he can get a good few million to go back and check her albums, and feel the enjoyment of the music of the days where Aaliyah was on point. go outside into reality and ask 10 children that were born after 2000 if they know who Aaliyah is. what do you think the answer is?

  • Just read all these comments and I have to say that WESTSIDE and marty mcfly dudes are the very definition of faggots. drake is okay but he has mediocire verses, there hasnt been a drake verse that made me go: damn, that nigga is straight ill.

    Hes w.e and his r&b stuff sounds like hes singing for faggots .

  • jussayintho

    It ain’t hatin if the shit just sucks

  • real nigga

    if someone u hypocrites actually like made this song, you’d praise them for keeping Aaliyah’s spirit alive. but since yaw love to hate Drake u criticize it and say its weird and creepy and he needs to let her r.i.p. either way i haven’t even listened yet and im neutral on Drake i just think you guys are way too biased on opinions that dont even belong to u. but what ever.

  • steven

    Even if Drake was a necrophiliac and dug up Aaliyah’s body, it’d only be to push the corners of her lips into a smile and cuddle

  • john 3:16

    Drake is like the little sister Aaliyah never had…

  • DaTruth

    It makes me smile to read all of the comments that dumb NlGGERS post, especially since I can assume that their lives are ridden with shitty problems and a lot of neglect, lol. Stupid monkeys.

  • DaTruth is

    ^ Da Truth is you are a pale skin cracker & smell like hot water & sub sandwiches.

  • DaTruth is

    Crackers smell like hot dog water & baloney.

  • DaTruth

    My jab hit a little too close to home for you, NlGGER?

  • zachariah

    For those talking about Timbaland. Please. Link me a dope track from him released in the past 12 months.

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    lol @ this c section. this is hot mess! LoL! we got homosexual trolls, racist trolls, uneducated trolls, broke trolls lmao This is beautiful!

    I got to say this is the most amusing 2dopeboyz c section post since Audra The Rapper – Left Eye Is Back post (Google it for those who dont remember) Its hysterical!





  • marty mcfly

    8 hours after I left my last comment, the bitchass homotroll and the rest of his troll buddies still talking shit. Clowns man like for real ya’ll some gayass ignorantass clowns, smh. Either talk about the music or STFU cause the c section is for fans of hip hop not a bunch of idiots trolling all day with other peoples name.

  • marty mcfly

    everything after 6:37 is nothing more but you punks that really praise me but since your mad at life you take it out on 2DBZ. Kill yourself cause by now you should know that trolling me serves no purpose and has no effect on anything. Good day chumps LOL

  • Richie V.

    Niggas are still rushing to comment each Drake’s new stuff… Aubrey is still winning.

  • DaTruth

    I’m surprised that NlGGERS know how to use the Internet, honestly.

  • @ ppl saying Timbo n Missy should b envolved … now i’ll start by saying i mite b rong and have no facts but,these past years i dont remember Timbo or Missy showing any interest in doing anything Aaliyah related … they’v spent thier time pushing the Nelly furtados, Yazmine Sullivans and even trying to turn Cassie into the new Aaliyah (Cassies “unofficial Girl” song was 10times more Aaliyah than this)… n now that sum1 is showing interest and moving forward with a Aaliyah project now they wana stand up and wave their hands from the back of the classroom along with the irritating student (Drake) who brings the teachers cookies, sits in the front and cares ??!.

    back 2the song, 4me it doesnt work … like Tony Yayo mocked Fat Joe “TAKE OF THAT GRILL, ITS NOT A PHANTOM ITS A HEMI (300C).
    U cant put a Rolls Royce grill (Aaliyah) on a 300 hemi C (Drake n 40) and convince ppl its a Rolls Royce (Aaliyah).

  • IslandKid

    gotta say that was the funniest conversation i ever read on a comment hahahahahhahaha. whoever was playing as marty i applaud you son, that had me cracking up

  • Ramelo

    Knew this was gonna happen when it was announced. Drake ruined the song! Timbo & Missy are the only 2 that should be helming an Aaliyah project. Song is ehhhh

  • that truth

    if you been commenting on a blog for multiple years and get upset when ppl use your name, reevaluate your life. trill talk

  • drakeisgay

    The dude has a tat of her on his back WTF, dude is totally lame / creepy

  • LupeX

    Grows on U after a couple listens. Cheers to Drake for paying homage to an angel that returned 2 heaven too soon. Nobody owns Aaliyah, everyone can show her memory love in their own way. Timbo & Missy shud tip their hats to Drake, why did he & 40 come up with this idea b4 them? Why were they sleeping on this? That’s my question! Nobody shud b mad bCoz Drake beat them to the punch. Theyr prly embarrassed that some1 outside their camp is taking the much needed initiative to make this project happen.

  • pecola

    I think it’s alright for a Drake joint but falls way, way short of being the timeless music that Aaliyah was known for…if this is an indication of what we can expect from the album, I’m sure to be disappointed.

  • drakeisgay

    Oh my bad, he actually got 2 AAliyah tats, one portrait and her birthday……………………………………….

  • tres

    I hear a spritz of a diss @ chris brown. Numbers don’t. Lie okay…good job Jimmy

  • adi Pre

    Good track, 40 always comes correct, lol @ Balotelli line.

  • foolay

    I dont know whats funnier this nigga actually thinking his name is “marty mcfly” or him thinking niggas gonna stop trolling him especially when he showing weak emotions like a bitch lol. face it dude you a lame & nobody on this site likes you doggy.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I dont actually think thats my name, idk where you punks got that idea from. And me giving a fuck who likes me? COMEONSON thats the last thing I give a fuck about. The trolling dont really bother me, it just make YOU, the dumbass doing it look ridiculous for doing it for hours/days/months and years. Its like you just found out that I fucked your mom and sister at the same damn time and now you so mad you homotroll your faggot mentality all day cause you must actually think it does something to me. NO it only makes you look more like a bitch with they feelings hurt. Get It? Now get mad

  • QZA

    It’s great that Drake is exposing her to this generation who might not know about her but you don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. You don’t take Aaliyah’s unreleased vocals and put them on beats that sound like they got rejected from a Drake album. You just don’t.

    ^^^ this and anything big ghostfase has to say on this subject >>>>

  • marty mcfly

    Again this is what I dont get and this is no diss to anybody but Aaliyah been gone for so many years now that it should’ve been songs put out there by other people by now. Why when Drake does it, now its a problem? For the people acting like they love Aaliyah so much now, why they aint make they own versions of her songs and put em out? Im a big fan of Timbaland so its no diss but he probably got a couple albums worth of her material so how could he even trip on what Drake does when he could probably make a whole Aaliyah album anytime he wants? Just saying

  • WTF

    Drake doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as. Aaliyah.

  • lol

    naw marty its plenty of niggas that troll you & i actually applaud them for doing so & i hope it never end. i know you hate get mad.

  • fuccornballdrakecake

    Simpin’ on a hundred, thousand, trillion with just a mill of bread at home. Drake disrespect the dead, I swear he gonna a bullet to his dome. CORNBALL JIMMY BETTER QUIT WHILE HE’ AT IT. Some real hip hop heads gonna get his a– kicked. Thought the 2dopeboyz affiliates hated Aubrey.

  • marty mcfly

    @lol, I mean ok if thats what floats they boat. Sitting around all day thinking homo thoughts just to troll. If thats what you wanna do then do it but I dont know what you get from it cause I just see it as corny as hell. I talk about music shit and thats about it even though sometimes it turns to some intellectual type shit but apparently that makes some of you punks mad. The few trolls out there doing that dumb shit ( cause its just a few cause its impossible to have a whole group of homolames doing it just to gain nothing from it), must be corny in real life or something. Take that shit somewhere else cause you cant be that entertained son.

  • marty mcfly

    The thought that trolling me = you looking so cool? NO, you look like an idiot especially when you do it all day like you cant control your homotrolling self.

  • jacob

    agree with @lol marty is a lame who thinks his name is actually marty mcfly lmaoo. his mother shouldve swallowed him lamoooo. anyone who stay online as much as him makes it clear that this is the only life he has,no friends,no bitches,no money,nothing. his family probably is ashame of him so 2dopeboyz is the only place where he feels accepted when in reality he isnt & for that very reason he will always be the clown of the site.

  • jacob

    reevaluate your life immediately

  • marty mcfly

    @ jacob, sure buddy I guess you angry too but before you guess what im doing, you probably need to evaluate your life cause im more then good homie. #2 blessed to ever complain

  • jacob

    LOL that nigga marty has thought of everything you can imagine to get it too stop(FOCS,HOMOTROLL,OWNING YOU ETC) nothing seems to work dude. I get a kick out of just reading that shit though im not gonna lie.Your a nerd to the 10th power & people love fucking with you cause they know you live in this imaginary world of “marty mcfly” you are a lame dude. Just go away man.

  • jacob

    no man im not angry at all man. i take back what i said dont go away i want you too stay because without niggas trolling you this site would be mad boring & lame. i get a kick out of just reading it. i come too this site for music & the lastest news but always end of leaving in tears. you guys are hilarious

  • marty mcfly

    LOL, who’s really fucking with who? cause I be the one laughing the most when you trolls do that corny shit. Again, if thats what you get off on then go ahead and sit around thinking about the most homo shit you can just to entertain yourself but you still all those things you’ve been labeled as. Homotroll, Owned by who you choose to troll and a FOCS news anchor LOL.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jacob, whatever you going through that got you so mad at life. It aint my fault and if reading homotrolls is what you get “a kick out of” more so then this site then thats all we need to know about you. Smh you already lost at just being you for one.

  • marty mcfly

    @jacob Id suck a fart outta your musty butthole

  • marty mcfly

    Musty Butthole.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Homotroll, get your mind right and then get your life together. For your sake… OUT

  • marty mcfly

    @Homotroll Quit using my name and stop visiting 2dopeboyz dumbass troll, period.If you like girls thats fine but this is a new age. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: am I happy? Calling me Homotroll doesn’t do anything but make me more prideful for what I stand for. Another point for the gay community>>> Jealous trolls aka FOCS news

  • Rio$

    Aaaand let the drake hate begiiin lmao ( the whole song and his verse is nice tho )

    Lolilol said this on August 5th, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    are you drake? do you know him personally? why do you have to defend him on 1 song on 1 blog? how fuckin sad is your life….

  • marty mcfly

    STOP IT ALREADY! stop making fun of me! I don’t like it one bit! I’ve had it up to here! Oh boy NOW I’m really mad!

  • Cloud 9

    not feeling it…wrong beat to pick for aaliyah.. timbo shouldve done it.. Drakes verse on the other hand is not bad, for once, seemed like he dug up an old verse from “comeback season” or something. (A tape a current Drake fan will not like at all) lol

  • bilal

    if this was the exact same song with anyone from tde in it everyone here would be dick ridin, give credit to the dude, this was nice he got his own style and it works for him you guys want everyone to sound the same

  • F A C T

    This is pretty average. And sounds nothing like Aaliyah. Drake ruined it.
    Timbo and Missy please.

  • Dr. Richard Kimble

    I didn’t kill my wife!!

  • totheHate

    I love how everybody on this site thinks that their tast in music is so accurate and special. Why don’t you people just be grateful for the music? instead of complaining and crying, if you dont like the track then move on to the next one without leaving your two cents. Alot of people on here complain about the slightest flaw in a track, esp if that track comes from an artist like drake.

  • marty mcfly

    aint no bitch pussy fatter than mine,cant no bitch take dick like me

  • marty mcfly