D-WHY – All Good f. Hit-Boy

blame it on JES7 August 5, 2012

D-WHY teams up with Hit-Boy to bring us his latest offering off his upcoming project, Don’t Flatter Yourself.

DOWNLOAD: D-WHY – All Good f. Hit-Boy
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    this dude voice mad fuckin anoying!

  • scottdiesel

    nah man once you get used to it he’s mad good

  • H8n H8rs

    DOPE!!! @ B.A.D.Music, delivery is only 1 part of hip hop. Get over it.


    I’m sucking and riding a niggas dick while i bump this.

  • TopDawg!

    @H8TINHATERS bro shut the fuck up everybody knows if the voice of an artist just isnt right it doesnt matter wtf he or she says so eat a fat 1 . and stop commenting on your own songs dave! lol

  • j2fly

    dope bruh

  • X1V

    D-WHY is complete trash. The only dudes that like this guy are the Melvins that run Self Diploma in Cincinnati.

  • Lance Jones

    @X1V Completely agree. This kid is a poor Gambino hack. Hit-Boy did his thing. Wasted beat.

  • raimond

    his voice is so annoying but he somehow manages to get all of these dope beats. someone is clearly pulling strings

  • Duh

    Let me ask this question.. Does the way he wears his hair and his voice bother people? It’s just not what I would expect from a rapper..

  • andu

    d why and hit boy, looking foward to both their mixtapes this month

  • that truth

    lol this nigga ran outta bars half way thru. that number shit was mean and then he gonna say some shit like lifes a mcdonalds meal im goin large smh. decent track

  • Chris

    @H8n H8ers

    When it comes down to it, music is about what SOUNDS good. Doesn’t matter how nice of bars you have…if the shit doesn’t sound appealing to your ears, who cares? This dude is a decent lyricist…but his delivery makes it hard to listen. It just doesn’t sound good.

  • realtalk©

    What has hip hop come to? There’s place for anyone in the game nowadays, you don’t even need to have actual skills anymore..

  • Jay

    I don’t care how this guy dresses. I don’t care if he’s white. But, I do care that he’s not good! I care that his voice is annoying, and sonically he sounds terrible. Reason being… I’m not looking for fashion tips on this site. I’m looking for good music… and this isn’t it! Sorry.