Talib Kweli – Push Thru f. Curren$y & Kendrick Lamar (Video)

blame it on Illy August 6, 2012

Directed by Scott Fleishman & Fredo Tovar.

Talib, Spitta and K. Dot’s recent collab gets some matching visuals.

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    he says fuck the govt but yet his album is being pushed
    by zionist .

    he pretty much says fuck materialism but in his new video
    he looks like a copy & paste of kanye west .

    *ROlls EYES*

  • adi Pre

    Great video.

  • sahlay

    why is this vid marked “private?”

  • Thinker

    Ya wtf?! Why does YouTube even have a private setting?

  • CantuLetitia

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  • dev

    am i the only one who isnt feeling this song at all?

  • is that colin on the hook???/

    talib said ‘only reason you make it rain, is because your diamonds cloudy’ +1

  • that truth

    that fuck boy said no major label funding, apparently warners is indy. kendrick tryna sound smart but not makin much sense. what else is new

  • If you find yourself questioning the validity behind Lamar’s diction, I question your ability to fully understand much about life. The song is genius and the visuals, though lacking the flare of it’s competition paint a vivid enough image with just b-roll than most do with literal interpretations. +1 everytime.

  • III

    @that truth

    He’s saying he got to where he is without major label funding. He wrote that verse before Stoned Immaculate came out…so I don’t see what the problem is. Stop being a fuck boy yourself and looking for shit to knit pick.

    And what about Kendrick’s verse don’t you understand? You say he’s not making much sense…the verse made plenty of sense to me. Maybe you need some comprehension lessons. Try checking out RapGenius maybe to help you out? I’m sorry you have trouble following a verse (especially when it’s one like this that wasn’t even that intricate or hard to follow).

  • that truth

    the first line doesnt make sense. plz enlighten me with more paragraphs i wont read lol

  • skiler714

    Kendricks verse does not belong on this song. The freestyle was better. all in all 4 of 5.

  • the_orakle

    @dev Not feeling this one either. I love all three artists, but this beat is boring and I think it’s holding everyone back.


    instant classic

  • Buddha

    Ok, so who here was expecting all those bongs to be during Kendrick’s part?

    PS- apparently Curren$y is cool with blunts again?

  • Turtle

    Video really improves this song, I didn’t find the song itself very re-listenable, to be honest.



  • Amygdala


  • spencer

    i only watched this to see those waterpipes babyyy

  • hk

    Love all three MC’s K Dot spits hot fire. Beat is clumsy and does not rock with anyone.

  • markaveli

    fkn dope!!!!!

  • bstyles

    Nice Track all around

  • E-DUB

    I have to agree with the few on here, dope verses, from 3 dope artist, but that beat choice isn’t what you would want those 3 on, but its going on Talib’s album that’s how it is bro

  • yallkooks

    you guys are kooks. curren$y was the hot spitta as usual, talib made it old school, and kendrick brought it home with his deep words. all in all an amazing track