• realtalk©

    Chuck the Illest, Chip the Ripper and Chance the Rapper.. and Twista lol

  • Herman

    Congrats to the Blended Banies. Well deserved.

  • bladaoh

    midwest all day

  • grs

    this chance kid is real fucking nice

  • John

    Ever since I heard Chance on Gambino's mixtape I've been following the dude and damn is he good.

  • real raps

    ill fuck with ANY thing Chip comes out with. And this is real hip hop, fucking refreshing. Kanye needs to take some notes from these youngsters because he sucks now.

  • baby papi

    blended babies >>>>>>

  • Chance tha Ripper

    @Real Raps and Kanye needs to stop cosigning bullshit horrible ignorant fuckery like Chief Keef. Chi got cats like Chance, Kembe X. Alex Wiey and Calez