Hit-Boy – HITstory (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 7, 2012

Boasting features from Bun B, Big Sean, KiD CuDi, Chip Tha Ripper, Stacy Barthe and John Legend, Hit-Boy drops off his debut solo project. Tracklist, stream and download link available after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Hit-Boy – HITstory (Mixtape)

  • Asher

    Honestly, I’m not very impressed. The best two songs were Old School Caddy and Jay-Z Interview, both songs that were released already. East vs West has a tight beat though. Fan’s synth sounds identical to Niggas in Paris. Not saying I really expected more considering he’s more of a producer than a rapper. Got production though. He just lacks the character that’s needed to retain attention.

  • DocNess

    I can see all of his G.O.O.D music influences coming into play. I really dig this mixtape so far! I think his next one is gonna be like what Kanye did to the ROC (Made a new lane apart from Jay, Sigel, and Bleek).

  • stick to makin beats

    ^ agreed

  • hip hop fan

    You can definitely tell that Kanye has had a lot of influence on this dude’s style… not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. Just an observation. I’m diggin the mixtape tho. There’s no denying that he has talent.

  • realtalk©

    Some songs are alright but honestly, overall this mixtape isn’t that good as far as the rapping goes. Old School Caddy is a jam but that might be cause of Cudi tho..
    I think people are also really trying to hear something good in this just because he is affiliated with Kanye..

  • Gengar

    This shit is nice the man has been puttin in work with SFCB, learned under Polow, now he aligned himself in a place where it’s pretty much impossible for him to fail this tape is def nice and deserves a listen i’m sure not everyone is going to like it but it is better than most bullshit that is flooded on Datpiff/Livemixtapes

  • $$$

    Some of y’all are going to complain about his rapping, but he’s still better than 60-70% of these other dudes y’all say is the truth, lol. Po. ten. tial.


    He should def do more lush hip hop joints with that classic sound, we’ll eventually get better.

    F+ to 80% of the mixtape’s production tho, those shallow fruity loop straight stock sounds sounding songs are completely lacking that typical radio standard b.s. which I hate. This guy needs to stop using stock sounds or fl studio period.

    I disagree about his voice not having presence cuz he has mad potential – he has a more laid back approach.

    Overall, I’m def not impressed but dude still has potential to grow and make some real serious damage in this game, just step away from fl studio for a bit and use another program or something.

  • Kanye Carter

    I’ve been waiting for this tape since he released Old School Caddy and it was definitely meet my expectations. HITstory is a nice introduction as you feel like you are hearing Hit-Boy’s life story in just under 3 minutes. Brake Lights has HB reflecting on how stardom has began to come to him after Niggas In Paris. Option is a banger and i think that HB really outshines the mainstream friendly rapper, Big Sean. Old School Caddy is that jam that will have every listener nodding their heads to. Fan is alright, the beat is gonna have to grow on me. Could either get better or worse over time. She Belongs To The City is HB talking about the ladies. East Vs West has some story telling from HB and the beat is reminiscent of a 90’s beat. Chip kills Busta Ass Niggas and i wasn’t feeling HB’s flow on this one. WyW features John Legend and i dont think ive ever heard a bad song with JL on it… and this one is no different. Jay-Z Interview has some good word play from HB. Running In Place is a nice end to this free album. The standouts to me are HITstory, Option, Old School Caddy, and WyW. Its a good debut project and shows that Hit-Boy is more than just a super producer and hes got some good potential as a rapper if he continues to grow as an artist

  • marty mcfly

    @Kanye Carter, The game already has a Big Sean and a J Cole and a Kanye etc. The first song was cool and East vs West was cool but the rest was meh.

  • pete rock


    get off cudi dick you bitch ass nigga

  • marty mcfly

    aint no bitch pussy fatter than mine,cant no bitch take dick like me

  • D

    Production Credits anyone? I thought that Hit-Boy would handle all of it, but “Jay-Z Interview” was produced by Bink!.

  • darryl

    nigga marty gay as fuck bruh

  • Trill Belafonte’

    He’s Talented, His Beats Are Stronger Than His Flow
    Similar To Ye When He 1st Came Out, But He’s Flow Isn’t Wack.
    He’s On The Right Track, Its About Growth. I Think In Time His Production
    And His Flow Will Be Equally Matched And When That Happens He’s Gonna Be A Monster Just Like Ye’

  • d

    i think it’s a great mixtape but he got killed by big sean . east vs west was one of the greatest stories i ever heard. g.o.o.d music the best

  • jason

    @pete rock

    chill out,marty fuck with cudi

  • mR

    She Belongs to the City is a beautiful song/good story.

  • indicud

    Charles Hamilton Production >>>> Hit-Boy Production

    As far as lyrics… I remember when Charles was nice lol

  • chanimal

    @indicud Lol wut? Charles made 90,000 songs and about 1% of them had hot beats/good original prodution, and I’m a CH fan.

  • (l,k)

    id give this like 3/5 stars, not good but you can tell hes got potential. the fact he basically remade NIP into another song really bothers me since he runs with kanye. cmon son

  • T

    damn everybody has something to hate, everybody hated kanye when he did this, yet im sure all of you listen to Chief Keef, Waka, gucci, etc. which are jokes compared to hit, let him do his thing, he makes good music and raps better than half of the artists out there, haters always got say something when no one cares

  • Thinker

    didnt think expect much from this project. figured id just skim the stream and be on my way.
    well i’ve just gone through the whole stream and am downloading this thing to put in my iphone. this was surprisingly good.

  • EWQ

    @T”everybody hated kanye when he did this,”

    um no they didnt.



  • Neggero86

    * waiting n the inevitable OG Ron C remix. * This has “Chop & Screw me” written all over it.