• bstyles

    BK Stand Up , Nice work Skyzoo

  • 1

    sky always comes correct, not the best beat i heard from 9th but its cool i guess, can't wait for this album tho

  • that truth

    another lazy beat from 9th. sky was dope tho

  • marty mcfly

    Listening to Skyzoo flow is like trying to lyrically decipher the De vinci code but the shit is DOPE though. Jansport backpacks >>>

  • Jazzmatazz

    Yo my pops introduced me to Chi Ali back when he visited me in Feb for my 18th bday. I was amazed by that. He went on to tell about Native Tongues and their contribution to the game. Very enlightening. Super dope track from Skyzoo.

  • thatswhatimsaying

    @that truth

    why everytime 9th puts out a beat you check for it?

    If you think he is lazy....stop listening to his shit....go find a producer who isn't lazy.....or you make beats yourself....

    I don't think Skyzoo woulda picked a wack beat from 9th....why do cats waste their time talking about shit they don't like...

    Pussies.....get a girlfriend

  • soup

    I actually think this beat is fire as hell.

  • Mike

    Jan sport better than Northface at the moment right now yes but Northface had/has dope bookbags homie, I hate those jansport strings though they tear off too easy. The song is dope.

  • Mike

    This makes me feel better going to college and getting ready for college!!!!

  • P gutta

    @that truth sound like a 9th hater, stfu cock sucka

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  • http://www.itsmepHoenix.com pHoenix

    One time up for Chi-Ali...

  • Druggid

    @thatswhatimsaying correct me if I'm wrong...but aren't you wasting your time talking about something you don't like? I did like this song though, and the beat.

  • Chad

    9th has been my favorite producer for quite a while and Sky is definitely one of the dopest cats doing it right now - but this track is disappointing as hell. Beat is just too monotonous, sorry.

    And what's even more lame are those people posting shit like "why do you waste your time criticizing something you don't like...". Fuck this shit. If critique isn't allowed anymore, then it's no wonder that hiphop (for the most part) sucks these days.

  • the1

    Chill and enjoy the music, damn. This isn't critical listening class.

  • Entaprize

    Duck Down !

  • Ryuk

    Chad is correct. Sky comes correct but 9th's production on this one is a little lax. I'm still a fan of course. The suggestion that you can't critique is absurd.