Drake Talks Posthumous Aaliyah Album (Video)

blame it on Illy August 8, 2012

Drake spoke with MuchMusic after headlining his third annual October’s Very Own Fest to speak on the show as well as Aaliyah’s posthumous album who he mentioned wants to get “everyone who was involved in her career” on the album.

PREVIOUS: Aaliyah – Enough Said f. Drake (prod. Noah “40″ Shebib)
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  • DaTruth

    Hey guys, what do Shake and NlGGERS have in common?

    They all suck dick!

  • justsayno

    lol is drake on meth? haha. He’s usually cool, calm, collective, and now he pops up all sketchy and skinny lookin like someones out to get him lol.

  • GBIZ

    wtf? drake looks like hes 12 in the video still, i thought this was like an interview from his degrassi days

  • NICE

    Why does he act like he the shit?? this nigga is a real cornball ass dude

  • TruthHurts

    Even the haters know, deep down, that album would be dope. Don’t lie now…

  • realdealjay

    its funny how he say her family was like they wanted him and “40” to do it but her brother says otherwise, hmmm, lets see how this goes

  • J

    Who decided to give the tracks to Drake and not someone like Timba, Missy, or even Barry Hankerson?

  • Fiend

    Who’s willing to bet that he’s keeping the best Aaliyah track vocals for himself and have her “featured” on his next album?

  • KIM

    ^^^ Exactly

  • zachariah

    He is a complete douche in this interview, bobbing around like an imbecile.

  • $$$

    I think his hearts in a good place. Hate on, y’all..

  • suthrnfried

    hahaha…This dude soooo corny lollol. Looking like a cracked out al b sure. Drink some protein shakes bro. Mix that shit with peanut butter for the extra protein. Dude so lame smh

  • LupeX

    There’s something shady going on about this album/project! I can’t put my finger on it, but something stinX.
    1st off her brother categorically said they aint supporting this, then Drake says they got full support.
    Then Drake says the label says theyr (him x ’40’) R the only ones that can handle this project? Those R the type of words that start beef – Timbo is one of the top 2 HipHop producers ever (& Dr. Dre), just as a producer alone he will do a phenomenally incredible piece of art. Couple that with the fact that they had such a great personal relationship & she’s basically his artist!
    Then Drake says it’s Aaliyah’s work, not his, but it was never marketed as such! If Drake is the one pushing the press, then his name is getting all the buzz. It shudve been the label marketing it, not Drake!
    I believe that bCoz of Drake’s unhealthy obsession w/ Aaliyah, he wanted some of her great works & the owners of the Masters said we give these ones 2 U if use these other ones to make an album & make us some doe! Deal? Deal.

  • marty mcfly

    Drake had to get her songs from somebody who owns the rights to her songs. There is no way he could just magically do a whole album of hers without permission from the people in control of her music.

  • $$$

    The people with the rights to her songs obviously chose Drake because of his popularity status at the moment.. that’s simple marketing strategy.

  • marty mcfly

    Take Care + One In A Million = is actually good sound for a whole album, especially if you an Aaliyah fan to begin with. People should be happy about the shit really.

  • marty mcfly

    Homotroll STFU in advance bitch. Out

  • yoo


  • yoo

    headlines would have been the best song ever though if the radio didnt jock the fuck out of it

  • JJ

    that mic snatch tho. fuck that. slap some color on that nigga real quick

  • breal98

    00:10 That’s real suspect i would have told dude to back off 10 feet or he getting dropped.

  • everyone

    Drake is a joke



  • d-bo

    I hope Kelz fucks this faggot up. Drake would get beat on, raped and then pissed on.

  • yong

    timbaland hasn’t made anything good since…justin timberlake in 06? face it, he’s washed up focused on making his own bad electro pop music

  • sean

    Drake the Fake acting like he in a boxing ring . Acting like a coke head . His arrogance is getting on my last nerve .

  • rex

    obviously they want drake heading this new aliyah album simply cause he’s ‘that dude’ in the industry right now. all about marketing fams yall cant be that blind

  • is that booker T interviewing drake?