• Kaneezy

    "Or we can go KKK... You got a white hoodie?" LMFAO!

  • YeezyComeHome

    Kevin Hart is hilarious!

    Kim & Ye' are not J.Lo and Diddy. I wish they'd stop it already. Errybody get back to your groove. Kim, you keep staging "reality" TV and Yeezy get back to being the creative wordly rapper you once were...no more hanging out in dead ass Calabasas. Yeezy in the Valley, fa real? LOSING.

  • dope

    haha you can actually see Ye lose characte by smiling in the last second

  • ewgew

    @YeezyComeHome what do jlo and diddy have to do with anything? do you sit around all day ranking celebrity couples? u sound mad feminine