[The Tens] 10 Awful Posthumous Albums That Should Have Been Buried With The Artist

blame it on Meka August 8, 2012

Sometimes, when an artist passes away his/her legacy should protected instead of neglected. Sure, their fans always want to hear music, but isn’t it important to preserve what they have given us rather than have a bunch of half baked songs that the artist may not have wanted released to the public? With the announcement that Drake will be executive producing a posthumous Aaliyah album, we once again will have to brace ourselves for a patchwork album of unreleased vocals that perhaps should have remained unreleased. Better yet, shouldn’t Timbaland and Missy be the one to put these songs out? Not to mention that it’s kind of awkward for Drake to be taking pot shots at Chris Brown over a collaboration with a deceased singer. Who knows, Drake could do the project justice but it’s important to note that the Haughton family is not supporting the release of this album. Nevertheless, TheWellVersed went back in time to gather all of the posthumous albums that should have been buried with the artist.

READ: [The Tens] 10 Awful Posthumous Albums That Should Have Been Buried With The Artist

  • Exactly what I was thinking.

  • schuyler

    uh, why is aubrey in the picture above this article?

  • ;i23her’fn

    Damn this shit is a bit over the top and disrespectful if you ask me. These artist are no longer with us, why would you speak about burying there music? even if for the most part wasnt created by them, there is still a small part of that person in it. what the fuck kind of legacy have YOU (2dopeboyz,wellversed) created?

  • RoB

    The Big Pun compilation CD was released to support the Big Pun’s family, how the hell could you take it on the list!?

    Fuck off!

  • Gene Good

    Drake should just quit now. He just fucked up..BIGtime

  • Thinker

    Lately TWV been coming off a bit haterish and sensitive. They used to have unbiased opinions in their articles but now it sounds like one of the 2dopeboy c-sectioners took the website over.
    “brace ourselves for a patchwork album of unreleased vocals that perhaps should have remained unreleased”
    If that wasn’t said by a member of the family, please find a place for ur sensitive ass.
    Really sad, I was digging their articles before.

  • CosbySweater

    I think the Aaliyah album is a big risk for Drake especially since it sounds like Timbo and Missy aint involved. If it aint got there stamp I wouldnt fuck with it. That new single is just boring and is not a good appetizer.

  • harris89

    That Photoshop is just fucking WEIRD, tell me that’s not from Drake’s camp. He’s already been creepy enough with the Aaliyah shit.

  • D

    That’s some borderline necrophiliac shit there Audrey. GTFOH with that picture.

  • Ermac

    how is a lot of you niggas noping this, I think the list is on point

  • ghuuu

    Pac’s “Loyal to the game” was horrible, too!

  • you

    Until the End of Time is a pretty solid 2Pac album. And Born Again was ok too. But I agree with the rest.

  • FakirWise

    @ ;i23her’fn

    In no way shape or form does the title say to bury the deceased artist’s music.

    Reread the title and understand it, because a posthumous album may have the artist’s voice on it – but that’s not their music. The disrespect comes from whomever attempted to recreate and end up distributing subpar music.

  • 2dopeboyz need to post up that red bandit on smash video, that shit 2 nice! he got a snake soN

  • It seems like a couple of these readers are being extra sensitive. Either that or they didn’t read the article all the way through. Ya’ll are the reason why labels do what they do to destroy and bastardize the names of these great artists. Because they know that regardless of the quality and integrity of the work, people like you will support it blindly and try to defend it. Calling a spade a spade is not hating! If someone’s work sucks, dead or alive, it sucks! And its even worse if they aren’t their to put it together themselves, instead some corporate suit grabs a bunch of pop artists, throws a wad of money at them, grabs a barrel of throwaway instrumentals and c-level producers, puts them in a studio, and tells them to have at it. That’s complete disrespect to that deceased artist.