Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard (rmx) f. Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock (Video)

blame it on Illy August 9, 2012

Directed by The ICU.

The Rocksmith-presented visual for Ab-Soul’s “Black Lip Bastard (Black Hippy Remix)” appears on his Control System LP, available on iTunes now.

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  • @mukysmalls


  • asdfasdfad

    jay rock had the best verse

  • kayo

    rock kills this shit, I hope he gets on somehow also, shame he was kind of the ground stone of TDE and now is by and large the most overlooked

  • aye

    jay rock might not be my favorite black hippy member but damn he killed it def overlooked

  • Pops


  • Pops

    I’ll never understand how people saw Jay Rock isn’t dope. He might not have the same style as the rest of the group but that doesn’t mean he’s not still nice. His album was criminally slept on.

  • that truth

    i was the first to dislike because i like to be different. also the song isnt that hot

  • Tiiz

    TDE > G.O.O.D. Music > Your local children’s choir > MMG & Young Money

  • 2dope4nope

    Word jay rock > soulo lamar q well on this track but all members down damn only if the whole black hippy was on that upcoming ASAP tour tho

  • LAPD

    video didn’t give the track justice

  • AngryBlackMan

    Where tf is the Wiz & Spitta!

  • that truth

    deeaaadddd @ tde>good. the only good artist they have is lamar, mos def murks everybody on tde by himself, even if he never releases shit with good

  • Tiiz

    ^ I fux with GOOD Music but veterans aside, you gotta pick Q & Soulo over 2 Chainz & Assquake Sean any day.

  • Jetta MANNNN!

    Jay Rock gave me that DMX vibe in this vid bro. Shit was ill

  • QBN

    Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home lp is a very, very, solid album. He’s a solid emcee, not just a “gangsta rapper”. Don’t sleep..

  • J-easythegreat

    DMX is That you?

  • Doo Doo Brown!

    Quick, someone name a verse in 2012 better than Jay Rock’s on this track.

  • This was dope. I think Jay Rock is slept on, his flow was by far the best on this. I don’t listen to him because he’s a little too rough for my tastes, but that’s not to say that he isn’t as dope as everyone else on BHM. I think he needs to come out with another project to build his hype back up.

  • Astroblack

    The veil is being raised…

  • mdz

    Looking to Rock The Bells to see these guys. But seriously, only 45 min for the whole crew?

  • B

    Jay Rock definitely had the best flow and verse. I hope he keeps this type of energy and delivery on future projects.

  • flo

    Quick, someone name a verse in 2012 better than Jay Rock’s on this track.

    Doo Doo Brown! said this on August 9th, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Kendricks verse on iLLuminate is up there i would say, same crew TDE ha!

  • JAY ROCK!!!!!!

  • mattnotmike

    I thought people were pretending like Jay Rock didnt body this. thankgod

  • MewLover34

    No really though, verse is tight, but relax. Kendrick>Rock>Soul>Q but the Q verse almost doesn’t even count. If you don’t think Jay Rock is by far the weakest member in the crew, then you have bad taste in rap music.

  • JReezy

    Ab-Soul>Kendrick>Rock>Q. Everybody but Q went in but the Black Lip Bastard’s verse(s) impressed me the most.

  • gose

    Everyone sayin Jay Rock is underrated? REALLY? BH better off without him IMO

  • tpls23

    rock murked this shit

  • Lazar

    @Tiiz completely agree. tde all day

  • “TDE > G.O.O.D. Music > Your local children’s choir > MMG & Young Money”


  • andosca

    @that truth kill ya self bru

  • Siranomaly

    It’s over for those copycat rappers. The new age hip hop is taking over

  • This song made me realize just how dope Jay Rock is

  • adolfmayne

    jay rock had a better verse on 2 raw on hnc and nobody in bh is better than joe budden imo

  • BLACK HIPPY PERIOD and yes ROCK SHOCKED plenty of ppl with this verse but that man been phenomenal!!! WEST UP!

  • naoshad

    jay rock got left behind in 08 when he was signed to wbr. he never kept up with the times. the other 3 tde all got quirky ass out of the box flows and off beat rhyme patterns. jay rock is too basic for this group. he gets some sympathy on this feature i guess.

  • stuyvesant

    who else would love to see a battle between BH and slaughterhouse.
    Kendrick v Royce
    Soulo v Joell
    Schoolboy v Budden
    Jay Rock v Crooked I

  • iFloss

    Everyone’s talking about J-Rock but if you noticed it went in a smart marketing direction… Kendrick had the first verse cuz he got them signed, and he has his album releasing soon… Ab-Soul went twice to promote himself and his own album, Schoolboy Q is getting love off his hands on the wheel joint so his verse was the shortest and Jay Rock hasn’t been in the public eye so they put him in front to remind niggas he’s nice as shxt…

    Jay Rock isn’t making the right moves, it’s not that he’s slept on he’s not putting himself out there and making shxt niggas see, or with relevant artists at that

  • marty mcfly


  • jwiii

    jay rock was too vocally similar to game to probably blow up when he got in the game but he carried the crew in the beginning. his deal with tech n9ne was essential. he nurtured it and then it got shifted to kendrick’s back. which has had some of the weight taken off by schoolboy q who has been making rounds and stealing the show on all of his guest spots just like kendrick has. only ab-soul hasn’t quite delivered yet on the fanbase level and while jay rock has fallen to the backgroudn, that’s the sign of a good crew. that was something 50 never learned how to do.

    but on the whole Black Hippy shits on any other hip-hop crew right now includign slaughterhouse which kind of sucks because i thought they’d be the shit but they’ve crumbled to the commercial side of the game.

  • maimer

    you cant hate on jay rock in this song. his verse is probably second best

  • $$$

    oh.. 2nd best, huh…? lol

  • grim

    jay rock is over looked because he had a single out featuring lil wayne and never really managed to stay relevant but he is dope he jus had a shot and it didn’t go good