DJ Khaled – Hip Hop f. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

blame it on Illy August 9, 2012

Off DJ Khaled’s upcoming Kiss the Ring compilation out August 21.

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  • crooked

    a DJ droppin bombs on a DJ’s song featuring a DJ

  • (l,k)


  • so what role does DJ Khaled play on this?

  • Channel Orange

    Fuck these niggas what do they know?

  • DBS

    Dope song, would be doper without the DJ Khaled nonsense, real talk. After this I’m really looking forward to Scarface’s next album, hope he gets some nice production for it.

  • Frost

    Best track this homo khaled will ever be involved with…

    Shit is dope, son…

  • TrappedInDa90sNigga

    this hip-hop as a woman metaphor is too overused. Other than that this would be the only real hip-hop track on the album

  • syeren

    So Justice produce this beat, which has one of the best producers of all time as a feature… Then you have two great to god like emcees…. then you have DJ Khaled doing what exactly? The industry is crazy.

  • KIM

    @Frost You can say that again!

    And who are the 4 homos who gave this joint 4 dislikes SMh probly Nicki or 2Chains fans

  • GoldieLox

    people are going to go apeshit about this because of the line up. but lets be honest shall we? this is the epitome of a cookie-cutter hip-hop song, which is an obvious reflection of Khaled’s inability to ‘produce’ a song. This shit is a bad cliche. How many songs need to be made personifying hip-hop as a girl..and blah blah blah. Even the premier’s cuts were weak sauce..(again…due to Khaled’s horrible direction). Enough rap about rap already. Scarface, Nas and Justice League are undoubtedly phenomenal artists…but this is downright terrible.

  • mike

    I’m getting so fed up with this talent-less fat sack of shit and his lame ass drops.

  • jamie


  • 780 & Heartbreak

    @goldielox word.

  • Cubano

    OK u nerdy whitboys you should not critique hip hop…its wack because Dj Khaled has to do with it?? This is classic shit u bums.

  • fucku

    i hate how im basically being forced to eat this shit ..i feel like im being scammed to hear this song .ok the songs ‘good’ but now khaleds riding that lyrical music wave when he cant even fucking rap !

  • P

    It’s fucked up that erybody hates on DJ Khaled when he brings these two together.. DBS is on point though, it would be a lot more comfortable to listen to without the this shit’s special bull but whatever man. Enjoy good music or make sum yourself.

  • joakaar

    the music industry is full of behind the scenes that make things happen. it happens that dj khaled wanted that fame. for all the bs he’s come out with, you have to hand it to him, he is a successful artistic director that gets things happening and gets the job done. bottom line dj khaled has made good contributions to hip hop.

  • PinnyPiff

    are you dumb? fuck Khaled..Nas & Scarface collab’d on ‘In Between Us’ without this silly cunt to bring them together..mans acting as if it wouldn’t have happened without him, the fuck outta here, man literally has no talent and brings nothing to this piece of music, end of

  • @mukysmalls


  • RED-bWs

    This track and the J. Cole, KRIT, and KDot track are the only tracks I’m looking forward to off of this.

  • Maga D

    This is the most comments a Scarface post has gotten in years on 2dopeboyz. lmao. Where the fuck where you fans on the other Face posts? Damn, Nas shut this shit down.

  • Jimbo

    Who votes negative for this shit? lol

  • real talk

    The hate for Khaled is STRONG to th point the HATERS can’t even enjoy the music! S/O To Nas, Face & Prem, as well as, Khaled! Hip hop has the MOST ignorant & hateful fans EVER in any genre.

  • aasd

    DJ Khaled came up with the concept of the whole song/made it happen.




    One think I NOTICED is it seems NO RAPPER or RAP GROUP ever puts out a WHACK SONG … TITLED .. HIP HOP or with HIP HOP in the TITLE

    LUDACRIS feat JAY & NAS – I do it for hip hop
    ROYCE DA 5’9 – hip hop
    DJ KHLAED – hip hop
    ETC …

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    yall know Khaled is an executive producer, a radio dj, and a ceo. Khaled doesn’t just adlib or “scream his name” in every track, he not only pulls these artist together, he gives them direction on how to sound of the track, which is what an executive producer does

  • Melo15

    This album is gona be epic

  • 5th

    Foreal all you niggas are just speaking nonesense in here. Did you guys even listen to the lyrics? Beat? The emotion both these OGs spit with? Nas murked this shit and trust me I’ll be the first nigga to diss Khaled but after watching the making of this track and seeing that he does involve himself directly with the creative process of the music makes me respect him a bit more. This is some real hip hop for y’all quit bitching what else could you ask for from this?

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Nas absolutely killed it. Dope Song.

  • Colesummer

    They can barely squeeze the words hip and hop on the cover with this talentless fatass on there. SDope song tho.

  • MackleLessIsMore

    “I FUCK HIP-HOP” – Nas

    That shit be my high school senior yearbook quote…

  • yaahp

    GoldieLox got it pretty right about the cookie cutter rap song and khaled’s inability to produce but this track is dope

  • Doo Doo Brown!

    everyone above who agrees with GoldieLox is GoldieLox.

    nice try.

    if you don’t like this track, you listen to rap for beats and probably read hip hop mags.

  • QBN

    Nas…True King…that is all…

  • JC

    Typo on the cover art…Justice Jeague

  • grs

    jeez NAS still might grreatest MC in the game. what a verse

  • 2 storytelling riddle spittin metphor droppin legends on 1 track produced but PREMO damn!!!!!!!! hiphop instant classic

  • 0.0

    DJ Khaled with a song for the diehard fans, yet the internet hip hop community still hating on him..

  • Andre

    “a DJ droppin bombs on a DJ’s song featuring a DJ”

    It reminds somehow of Xzibit haha

  • sh

    Whoever hit NOPE needs to stop listening to music period. Insane track, given its a Khaled track, but he orchestrates good music. This being one of the best yet. Dope job to all involved.

  • yaboysibz

    so i guess i should stop comin to the dopehouse lookin for download links…

  • eminem 25 to life > dj khaled hip hop

  • gasoline

    whoa, that beat! it, two living legends…

  • Nun

    Nasty Nas….

  • Frost

    Fuck khaled…

    this deserved to be on Life is Good…


    why does this guy put his face all over the albums and singles

  • Ghost

    This is the only good song dj khaled has ever been involved with. hes part of the reason ppl claim hip hop is dead

  • Johnee801

    If Khaleds name wasnt involved with this track their probably wouldnt be anybody hatin on the song. but like others have said he did bring this track to light and without him this track wouldnt have happened. Face’s verse was fire and Nasty Nas was just that. “Hallow be thy name, Give me strength so I do this dame like Orenthal James!!!” Nas still got it and go to hell if you dont think so. Hip Hop !!!

  • Some confused fans think she illuminates demonic – Esco the god.

  • lolilol

    “I fuck khaled” – Me

  • tortxu


  • @westheironman

    This track is dope, def would have been better sans Dj Walrus. Dislike how this generation uses features from the OG’s to fuel hip hop heads to cop shitty albums. Should’ve also had Premo do the beat…WTF!

  • juskwak

    I hate you haters!!!

  • gg

    NAS and SCARFACE bodied this OMG! i never leave comments but DAMN this shit is EXCELLENT wish it were on Life is Good

  • rom

    Nas verse gave me the chills. Scarface goes in too


  • swageezy

    why are people catching feelings about the song’s concept? in an era where hoes, fashion and money are abundant in hip-hop, we’re given a concept that may have been overused a bit but it is still a DOPE song with two DOPE emcees who are nearing the end of their careers. Who cares if its a common metaphor…you could then say talking about POVERTY is a repetitive subject matter seeing as nas and scarface have made songs conveying the slums and hunger in the projects hundreds of times. This is a subject matter that fits and is relative to these 2 emcees and this point in their career’s. It’s an awesome song with an awesome beat, just be happy they’re not talking about hoes clothes and dough.

  • swageezy


    I started bumpin Life is good as soon as this song ended

  • Lilace

    NaS’s verse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • rdcj

    @PLATA-O-PLOMO What the fuck you talking about saying that ROYCE DA 5’9 – hip hop is wack. You don’t know shit. The Royce Hiphop has a classic Primo beat and the lyrics are deep and meaningfull.


    Dear Commenter, DJ Khaled role on this track is that this track is HIS idea, he get they together to write that this kind of track. He is just director – he represent Miami so that’s 99% of the time just money banger. But as you see, he’s changing ;)

  • who cares

    co-sign Frost
    Songs’s dope. Hate Khaled’s fat ass with a passion because he’s worthless, but Face, Nas, and Preem did they thing.

  • travis

    pretty sure khaled gets these guys together to make a song for him might even have some hand in the process of making the song so stfu and just enjoy the music

  • Berrie

    Khaled stupid fuck fucking up the whole song. Without him song would be perfect. Very nice!

  • Camalam

    NaS – Verse of the Year

  • jimmy capo

    co-sign @5th

    yooooooooooo NASTY!!!!!!

  • Nas is that dude! The realest rapper ever. The dude spits fire everytime he touches the mic. Thank God for Nas! He will never be duplicated. Even Scareface went crazy about Nas’s verse and Scareface is legend himself. Nas is like no other! Dude, your crown never left you. All hail the KING OF NEW YORK!!! Nas all day!!!!!

  • Four Elements

    Just heaaring for the first time, cutting out DJ Khales annoying ass-voice loved it. For all NY and Strong Island remeber who started this influnece of Hip Hop.

  • Mark

    This song is the SHIT! Both ‘Face and Nas murdered it. Nas with his magazine metaphors, et al. Almost made you believe Hip Hop came back to life.

  • hh_addict

    both verses are good but damn, Esco killed it once again !

  • ShortDogg

    shit goes hard!