Mystikal - Bullshit (Video)

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  • Rivalus

    everyone needs a lil Mystikal

  • eatshit

    I hope his beats stay on point. Nobody else in the game like Mystikal.

  • hh_addict

    not bad but I think I'll get bored of him very quickly...

  • MayerOlga

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  • JumboPack


  • Anton

    nice 50 cent video!

  • dtb

    remember when this dude raped a bitch? yea, me too.

  • Swag

    My internet lagged so i couldnt watch the whole video Mystikal

    "thats that bull shit"

  • gose

    @dtb at least he only raped her mouth. It was payback for robbing him. Mystikal the vigilante

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @dtb remember when that bitch robbed him? yea, yall leave that part out.

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    I bursted out laughing as soon as the beat dropped at the 15 or 16 second mark. HILARIOUS!! I dont even think I can finish the video w/o laughing.

    Anyways: didnt know about the robbery or rape. I'll have to look that up.

  • jamie

    feat dmx please?

  • you

    mystikal and busta are the only dope artists on ymcmb.

  • NesTa

    Actually Im Pretty Sure It Was The Homies Who 'Raped' The Chick...She Was All Down (4 Mystikal) 2 Payback Wit Some Mean Mouf LoL...But Flipped It On Him After, Obviously.

  • fail

    fuck is wrong with this dude?
    nigga that's that bullshit... for real?

  • XYZ

    Wait so rape is cool now if someone tries to rob me? Nice. But seriously though this nigga is a rapist. Just cuz he didn't piss on her too doesn't mean we forget that.

  • julpero

    @gose Only raped her mouth and that's cool 'cause she allegedly stole from him? He forced her to suck his and his two bodyguards' dick.

  • Nah

    As much as she stole I say he should had killed the bitch and claimed temporary insanity


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