2DBZ Presents Truly Yours: NY State Of Mind

blame it on Miss_Peas August 10, 2012

“I lay puzzled as I backtrack to earlier times. Nothing’s equivalent to the New York state of mind.”

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the name New York? 

Based off of my experience, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The New York Knicks, The Giants winning the Super Bowl, Eli Manning coming through in the clutch, the Lower East Side art scene, fast paced living, expensive apartments the size of glove compartments, walking fast to get to your destination, running to subways, snow in the winter up to your knees, the kids on the trains selling candy not for a basketball team, but to stay out of trouble, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Juniors Cheesecake, Brooklyn pizza, Williamsburg, and the summer rooftop views are just a few of the reasons why I love New York.

But I feel as if I’m forgetting something. Hmmm… HIP-HOP. KRS-One said when you spell it the “H” is always capital. I can’t get enough of New York and their Timb boots and army certified suits rap that at one time or another we were all exposed to. Pardon me if I come off a tad bit cliche but New York rap is back. And as much as some would love to give Papoose all of the credit, names like Action Bronson, World’s Fair, A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Azaela Banks, Homeboy Sandman are just a few notable mentions. For the home of Hip Hop this just may be the closest thing to a possible reincarnation of the golden era.

New York rap isn’t “struggling” anymore. It’s arteries are pumping signs of life for the first time in years. With the exception of a handful of well known rappers who have established careers in the 90’s, New York Hip Hop seemed to stray from the mainstream media playlist for awhile, but there were always musicians putting their footprints in the soil, working the underground circuit. There was a time where record labels weren’t checking out for the New York artist anymore. The South seemed to have taken over mainstream hip hop and dominated through forming partnerships and in some cases (once again “with the exception of a few”) not engaging in petty beef, at a time where some of NYC’s most popular artists: Jay Z “retired” from rap, 50 Cent & Cam’ron were at odds, and Nas claimed “Hip Hop Is Dead”. But now, there is a new energy prevalent among the airwaves in New York. And with that comes a new breed of focused NY emcees that are keeping true to the NY lineage, but are also smart enough to adjust to the look and feel of modern times. 

While major labels seemed to turn their backs on the New York hip hop scene, rappers from the city that never sleeps, never slept. They took the initiative, saved their finances, paid for their own studio time, photo shoots, mixing and mastering of projects. They stormed the local open mics and music venues around the city, and in some cases other states, and flooded the streets with their own product, pushing it to listeners and blogs that were willing to help. And people who weren’t willing to compromise their standards in search for that particular tone of hip hop that they had been longing for, were the lucky recipients of a rejuvented feeling that they’d been missing out on for so long. And the people willing to purchase the hard work of these artists contributions.

Today as we look into the window of the New York House one can’t help but notice the range is quite diverse, as well as dope. From names like NinjaSonik, to Homeboy Sandman, to Action Bronson, to the Brown Bag All-Stars, to YC The Cynic, to the A$AP Crew, to the Pro Era, to Theophilis London, to Azaelia Banks, to World’s Fair. And let’s not forget about a certain constituent’s throne, there are still more popular relevant homegrown artists such as Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Wu-Tang, Sean Price, Cam’Ron, Jadakiss, the list goes on and on. From the organic to the abstract, the sonic range of the New York has evolved and refuses to be taken lightly (tell your local radio station pay attention). Artists like Homeboy Sandman who has become a cornerstone in New York Indie rap, would place stickers with his logo & website on trains all over New York City, from becoming a familiar face at open mics, to signing with Stones Throw records, and now currently touring with Brother Ali, he exemplifies the NY grind perfectly. What started as a street anthem became a sensation from just off of one Youtube video and that’s just A$AP Rocky alone with his movement whose one of the artists at the forefront of NY rap.
New York is a movement of its own. Intelligent, daring, and driven. This is exactly what Hip Hop has been missing for the past decade or so. 

These past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit New York on occasion and even live in Brooklyn for about a year. I notice clouds in the NY skyline that I haven’t seen in ages. Today’s New York rappers have studied the laws and learned how to rebuild the system and take the independent route by force. To the point where getting behind a major record label is almost laughed upon. Why? Because of the fast developing “internet age”. A recording artist has freedoms none before have witness. They have the choice to not have to “rely” on a record deal or lean heavily on the mainstream outlets for assistance . Rappers are able to maintain their individual creativity and keep pushing the envelope. New York is in a great place right now. Hopefully one day we will look back, and be able to reflect on these renaissance entertainers who took a stand against normalcy through the arts and ushered in “our” new golden era. I guess only time will tell if they get it right.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Joey Bada$$ enough said. A$AP is NY rap by residency only…

  • cmon son

    save it Peas…

  • that truth

    is there more than one empire state building, or did you fuck up in the first sentence? smh 2dope stay takin ls. and when youre listing things that make you think of ny, its extremely redundant to say the giants winning the super bowl then say eli clutchin up immediately after. pick one or the other, obviously not both. didnt read any more, but im sure theres a million more errors

  • koolaidman

    fuck miss peas dunno why this bitch even on here


    New York will forever be the best place in hip hop
    Queenz is my favorite
    I’m jamming some classic Killa Sha

    No one really represents New York right now you got that retard French who makes south music and these A$AP guys who think they from Texas

  • that truth

    since youre editing, you should make sure the T isn’t capitalized before knicks or giants, thats incorrect obviously. and you still got both things about the giants on there. ill be an editor for yall, $50 an editorial

  • NyNy

    Obviously all the hate is from non new yorkers, who hate ny, until they come here for a weekend and never want to leave. We invented this shit and are back on top. Well written

  • 9UKnoww

    niggas from NY sound like they from the South…Frenchie, ASAP, jus to name a couple. the only mutha fucker from NY who’s sound is actually on some NY shit is Joey BADA$$…but i do agree NY is on a come up. im lovin how every region in the country is getting their shine tho. hip-hop is back fuck what u heard. dont nobody fuck wit the radio no more


    “New York is a movement of its own. Intelligent, daring, and driven. This is exactly what Hip Hop has been missing for the past decade or so.”

    LOL…. this why a lot of us can’t stand motherfuckers from NY. The rest of the country (remember us?) have been holding the torch for “the past decade or so” & doing just fine

  • nyc

    ^^^maybe thats why hip hops gotten so weak lol

  • IslandKid

    lets analyse the list you presented, shall we?
    Action Bronson -valid point
    World’s Fair- who??? (do you even post them on this site?
    A$AP Rocky – he sounds like hes from texas
    Homeboy Sandman – WHO??? (once again, does 2dbz even post him?!)
    Joey Bada$$ – valid
    Azaela Banks – you mean nicki minaj part 2? who takes her seriously anyways? the only record ive heard from her getting any attention is the 212 song, which is good for parties. thats it.
    NinjaSonik- WHO?!?! (2DBZ – do you post him??)
    Brown Bag All-Stars – enlighten me as to who this guy is..
    YC The Cynic – … who
    to the A$AP Crew – valid
    to the Pro Era- who
    to Theophilis London – semi-valid (imitates cudi, doesnt sound like NY rap)

  • Troyork

    The reason NY rap is back on the come up is because most rappers have abandoned that worn out boom bap style. In fact, most rap styles have merged together to the degree that where you’re from doesn’t really matter so, this article is kinda pointless.

    …coming from a New Yorker.

  • 2dope4nope

    “New York is a movement of its own. Intelligent, daring, and driven. This is exactly what Hip Hop has been missing for the past decade or so.”

    LOL…. this why a lot of us can’t stand motherfuckers from NY. The rest of the country (remember us?) have been holding the torch for “the past decade or so” & doing just fine

    Hahaha word and above “gotten so weak” I hear no complaint here on the west coast TDE yeah!

  • 2dope4nope

    And if ppl talking about “joey badass” I think Children of the Night holding it down too.

  • 29i39i293i

    The new york knicks? How about the New York Yankees.

  • Basser

    @IslandKid you must be retarted theres this thing called a search bar on the top right and they clearly post the people you said who? to.

  • Island Who?

    Island Kid you lost. You don’t know NY Hip Hop, Sit Down Boo Boo. Stay on the Island.

  • IslandKid

    @ basser youre right, let me just do what youve recommended

    worlds fair has been posted a total of TEN times on this website
    ninjasonik? a grand total of 3 posts
    YC the cynic? the posts for this guy are so far spread apart.. i went to the second page of his search results and the oldest date i saw was 2 and a half years ago.. do you think thats worht mentioning on this site?
    homeboy sandman – i admit i should be paying attention to this guy but still – his posts are few and far between. look at his youtube views, does he deserve to be put on miss peas list?
    pro era – show me a 2dope post by them?
    brown bag all stars – their buzz is extremely minimal, even for 2dopeboyz

    the point im getting at is that most of these people have not created enough buzz/hype/attention for them to be even worth posting in this article

  • MOB

    Bitch ASAP ROCKY rep for the South,Bruh said as a child he aint even like New York music because the shit was corny & even to this day he still dont listen to that shit.New York niggas use to try & shit on other parts of the word mainly the south but now everybody tryna rap on something southern or get a feature from a southern artist just to make their record hot. The south been shittin on niggas & that will never stop,New York is dead & wont ever make a return,Nobody give a fuck about those wack ass niggas.

  • marty mcfly

    Pardon me if I used the letters NY way more then I needed to in my comment but truthfully those two letters aint as symbolic and meaningful as they once were to Hip Hop imo. Just saying



  • akmgreenpoint

    fuck all haters. new yorks the best city in the US by far. maybe the bay area comes close, but nothing beats it.

  • @IslandKid btw Pro Era is a collective with Joey Bada$$ as the front man. I live in New York too. Joey’s the homie, and the rest of the Pro’s are dope as fuck too, you’ll be seeing some of them up on here soon enough I’m sure. Probably the only reason your seeing Joey up her solely is because Johny Shipes (Big KRIT/SmokeDZA/Joey’s manager) manages Joey ONLY not the other 14 other kids in Pro Era. So therefore yes, the pro’s are valid.

  • Basser

    @IslandKid regardless of there buzz they still make dope music compared to some of the crap thats out today, which is why she metioned them in the post

  • IslandKid

    maui im gland you proved me wrong but im sure that the pro’s arent exactly well known in new york. in all honesty, do casual or even more-than-causual listeners of hp hop know about these guys? theres a guy called ‘360’ coming up right now whos from new york but in all fairness, the dude is so unknown it is completely unfair to talk about him in relation to NY hip hop, so the same can be said for ‘the pro’s’ and everyone else i mentioned

    once you garner a buzz outside your area code then you can start applauding yourself

  • music is all opinion, idiots.

    “regardless of there buzz they still make dope music compared to some of the crap thats out today”

    music is completely subjective moron, what you may call crap i may enjoy immensely, and who is going to prove me wrong?

  • Gee Francis.

    Homeboy Sandman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Noble Honor the 5th

    You talking about New York, how the fuck do you not mention KA God?! That shit gotta be a sin! This whole shitty ass article is a mistake. How do you not bring up the God KA name God? Been checking this dude’s music since before the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. He’s the fucking realest rapper out today. Youwanna be ass Brooklyn motherfuckers need to get your facts straight out there God! And you little motherfuckers on the keyboards better do the math 100. You Devils ain’t Fuckin’ with KA on no days pa. No days. On No Level. This whole shit is Bogus. Trash. I deaded this. Fuck this site. Brownsville I got you. Don’t nobody post after I post. Peace to the Gods.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    man nobody cares about your shitty fucking opinions, just post the music and keep your thought to your damn self

  • theBroKing

    the irony of the post above me

  • Ill Will

    write piece bigging up artists from the city that created hip hop and it recieves nothing but hate. That’s the state of hip hop music and that why the shit is dead.


    it doesnt matter where you from…can you make great music or not… leave rocky alone lol he just a confused child.

  • theBroKing

    nah its cause the piece is terribly written

  • Island Who?

    @IslandKid Brown Bag All-Stars are Cosigned by fucking the motherfucking DJ Premier (do you even know who he is?), the nigga Soul Khan was JUST on FuseTV, never released a bad album, just got off a European Tour, and murders everybody he battles so much he had to damn near fuckin’ force himself into retirement from embarrassing niggas so much. Where have you been? Are you from NY? Keep it real nigga, cause it looks like either you don’t visit this site often or you don’t know shit about New York rap. So what’s good?

  • that truth

    wow scrolled up and read literally a few more sentences and this is the first thing i see

    Today’s New York rappers have studied the laws and learned how to rebuild the system and take the independent route by force. To the point where getting behind a major record label is almost laughed upon.

    here is how that should be written

    Today’s New York rappers have studied the laws and learned how to rebuild the system and take the independent route by force, to the point where getting behind a major label is almost laughed upon.

    it still doesnt make much sense when you write it correctly

    1. Make that one sentence, as seen above.
    2. Studied the laws of what?
    3. Rebuild the system? There are plenty of people being successful independently but they didn’t recreate the record industry, they’re exploiting newer forms of media to get their shit heard, and NY definitely didn’t pioneer that more than any other region.
    4. Getting behind a major label? That makes it sound like the artist is financially supporting the imprint, not the other way around.
    5. Laughed upon? Frowned upon is an idiom, not laughed. Say something like chuckled at instead, laughed upon sounds strange.

    I’ve read 3-4 sentences in this article and found errors in every one, so i can only assume theres problems in every sentence you wrote, grammatically as well as with comprehension of the subject matter. ik this aint a big budget site with professional but this is barely above dumb bitches i went to high school with. terrible look for the site, almost as bad as your shameless promotion of certain artists then denying youre financially involved smh

  • matt


  • Sideshow Mel

    that truth thank you for having that much time on your hands. I usually love Miss Peas posts, Not too crazy about this one though. But I’m sure the next post will be about a topic I can relate to. Love some of the names mentioned like Sandman, but it seems Rocky is too over sensationalized in this post for me.

  • nyc

    you can tell niggas on here dont get no pussy by the way they bash miss peas lol you guys jus hate women dont ya?
    yea there are errors in what she wrote,so, there are errors in what ya write also, she always has shitty articles? then why do you continue reading them?

  • last shot

    Only emcee I recognize on this list Homeboy Sandman. He is the face of New York Hip-Hop.

  • BillyG

    all this talk of NY hip-hop, and even the statement of the home grown people still relevant, and no mention of Jay-Z.. damn.

  • Tone Riggz

    I wouldn’t include A$AP Rocky- his sound has nothing to do with NYC and is a continuation of the problem that NY is having maintaining their classic sound…Artists like Bronson and Outdoorsmen, COTN, Marciano, Doppelgangaz, eXquire, Skyzoo, Torae, Timeless Truth, Bryant Dope, Joey Bada$$, Homeboy Sandman to name a few are the newer bright spots in this city and are definitely repping this city properly…In essence, I agree with the post but disagree strongly with Rocky especially since he said that he doesn’t even care about NY Hip Hop, the nigga’s a Benedict Arnold with a statement like that…

  • Based

    West is back for sure from TDE, Blu, Pac Div and alot of others. I like Asap but he sounds like he from Texas and Joey Bada$$ that nigga.

  • thecool11o3

    so. much. hatred.

    fuck is wrong with you people. it was a good article miss_peas

  • Mack

    Since when is A$ap Rocky hip-hop??? Might as well call ATL snap music hip-hop also… Lets do drugs, rap about f-ing b’s in every song, walk around like we are Gods, then get honored for resurrecting NY hip-hop… Don’t think that is who Pete Rock, Tribe, and others would consider today’s true hip-hop representatives

  • dude

    ONE.co-fucking sign @based WEST is back and not going nowhere.. kendrick lamar, schoolboy q, dom kennedy, tyler the creator, xavier pick, casey veggies, thurz, etc etc etc..

    TWO. asap rocky is FROM new york therefore any sound he makes is considered NEW YORK so stfu

  • Every NYC artist mentioned is completely correct


    I’m just mad Mr. Motherfuckin’ eXquire wasn’t mentioned…


    Brown Bag crew fnally getting some recognition. The nicest in NY for a minute.

  • yahboydc

    how bout G4SHI?

  • Wonton Soup

    Fuck G4SHI.

  • self

    Island kid, fuck riiiiiiiiight off. ‘buzz’ is your criterion? YC, Homeboy Sandman and Brown Bag Allstars make quality, quality music. I’m from fucking England and I know more about this than you, and you have the nerve to presume to judge the ‘validity’ of an artist’s presence on this list. You have no right to even have an opinion on this subject, you know too little and try even less to find out.

  • Nice to see the rest of the world start to catch up to what we’ve been highlighting/promising/advocating for two years.

  • E. E. Delrey

    Word to Birthplace Mag. Y’all say NY Hip-Hop is back, but Birthplace let it be known for years it never left. Glad everybody’s waking up. Better late than never I suppose…

  • brown Bag AllStars >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • burrow

    Sene is probably the most buzzing outside of trap rap like A$AP or Joey Bada$$z and didn’t get a mention. Same for Skyzoo. Non new Yorkers writing articles about the state of NY is crazy.

  • Truth

    FOH I been telling niggas about Homeboy Sandman and Sene since he release that EXITUS. I should write for blogs I guess.

  • A$AP crew
    The Pro Era
    action Bronson
    Homeboy Sandman
    Brown Bag AllStars
    Maffew Ragazino
    mayhem Lauren
    Mr MFN Exquire
    nitty Scott mc
    Sky zoo

  • Freddy Hearsecury

    ok since no one cleared this up let me do so real quick. Due to the lack of clarification from the author, some of you posting here don’t seem to know.

    Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna and COTN (children of the night) = Worlds Fair
    A$AP Rocky is the most prominent member of the crew A$AP Mob
    Joey Bada$$ is the most prominent member of the Pro Era (progressive Era) Crew

    seriously I am 33 years old own two companies, have a full time job and a 3 year old child and spend about one hour a week online checking for new music and I know this info. I think the problem with Hip Hop in general today is there are not enough fans everyone is a rapper or producer. The few people left who are fans do no care enough about the artists they like because most new music is free and disposable.

    Either way that Jeremiah Jae Raw money raps is the best new rap album ive heard in a while on some Rap version of My Bloody Valentine.