• NoLOVE9mm

    SHIT I WANNA GO TO THIS !!!!!!! fuck i live right there lol......fucken twitter i dont got that shit im an old head old to know that E40 mr captin save a ho would be the one i see ..but i doubt he will do that jam ((Ratheads))) shit old lol..but still relivent enough to know tyga did ((california love)) with lil wayne and people still dont know ..anyway fuck it no twitter no FB ...but stay in to win with this sight peace..

  • NoLOVE9mm

    And its my birthday !!!!! so yess i want a cookie bitches....OUT

  • solking10

    Hate that the one in mountain view has less performers

  • Eric

    any tickets for NJ?

  • nick

    yes please

  • kylewatkins

    who would i want to see the most? dj quik or maybe k.dot and ab-soul or e40 and too short.. but yeah jada to the muah, hieroglyphics, redman, immortal technique, dipset, fashawn and xzbit.. pretty much everyone on there..

  • 2

    deltron 3030

  • https://twitter.com/MarsBars02 Marissa

    it makes me made that i got VIP and i cant even see Kendrick.

  • Sherod19


    #2DBZ #RockTheBells I am a Big Fan of J. Cole and I would Love to see Jadakiss and KRS-1 is a #RockTheBells staple. Help me out! #2DPZ

  • http://fb david Lopez

    #2DBZ #RockTheBells #2DBZ #RockTheBells #2DBZ #RockTheBells
    help me outt!!

  • Kimberly

    @2DdBZ k.dot ab-soul groovy q

  • Kimberly

    And it'll be my birthday so yesssssss I need these! !!!! #hiiipower #figg

  • Estevenskiies

    Hook it up playa I wanna see atmoshpere live shit would be to sick

  • Diana Gonzalez

    Please let me see BONE THUGS!! Been waiting 20 YEARS got to cross this off my bucket list!!

  • http://facebook.com frankie

    Looking forward to seeing Naughty BY Nature and Bone Thugs. those are my two favorite groups of all time!!! i live in the LA area so i would be really great to go

  • alfred c

    I need to see Da Techa Rock the MIC live in person and in full affect.... Thanx!! It will be grately appreciated. Been attending RTB since 2008 till.... if you guy's make it happen.

  • http://Facebook Annie

    #2DBZ #RockTheBells! Love love love it!!! Please and thank you hope I win!!!!!! Rock the Bells!!!!!!

  • sonia rivera

    ts going to be my irst time attendingthis even f i win tix..i would love to go

  • http://@yahoo.com Daniel

    ill do anything for tickets... litterally. lmfao

  • http://www.facebook.com/anaH1GHm anaHiGHm

    meeeeeee, hip hop will never die... the Woodstock of hip hop right here going down this weekend in San Bernandino and stacked with legends of the past and new upcoming artist,
    ---> of course I wanna win those tickets to rock the bells!!!!

  • Elizabeth Hernandez

    Im very much looking forward to see Common, Immortal Technique, J cole, Kendrick Lamar, Murs, DJ Quick and Nas....

  • Anon

    When will you be letting us know who you picked / who won? :)

  • Fabiola Puttre

    Common,Nas, Red Man and Method Man.....

  • Rah

    I would love to go..this is my birthday weekennd

  • Katlin Stearmer

    Im trying to see Hieroglyphics, Deltron 3030, Salt-N-Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Atmosphere, KRS-One, Method and Redman!!! I would LOVE a pair of tickets!!!!! Please and thank you!!!!!

  • SupHerbMario

    Looking forward to my boi Common! Deltron 3030 should be a great show too. Finally I cant wait to see the new comers like CurrenSy and Kendrick Lamar!!! And its hosted by RZA and Supernatural!!! dope ass venue!!!!