Boardwalk Empire Season 3 (Trailer)

blame it on Shake August 11, 2012

September 16. It’s going down.

  • DBS

    I guess Treme is starting the same day, HBO has a 3 amazing shows going right now.

  • KIM

    The best show since The Sopranos

  • HouseofStarks

    I’ll probably check it out but I was pretty much done with Boardwalk Empire when Nucky killed Jimmy.

  • Bluez

    Is this show any good? I got HBO but for some reason never gave this show a chance.

  • NICE

    @Bluez Really good show

  • Frost

    u done fuked up Bluez…

  • the realest

    The best show since The Sopranos


  • Anton

    Hello 2dopeboyz Shake, Meka. IF I MAY suggest, make a label at the top of the page saying:

    Please show Shake’s Favorite TV shows on the feed.

    And then put checkbox right next to that and for both of our own self interests, please let me uncheck it.

    Very sincerely,

  • Cali760

    I don’t know about the best show since The Sopranos, Game of Thrones is the best show right now.
    Definitely can’t wait for Boardwalk Empire though…

  • Ebert

    The Wire
    Breaking Bad
    The Sopranos
    Boardwalk Empire
    Game of Thrones

    Best 5 shows of the last 10 years. Fuck a Mad Men.

  • ihidh

    this show is nothing without Paz de la Huerta real talk

  • the realest

    the sopranos
    the wire

    then the rest.

  • david

    @Ebert hard to shorten tv shows of the past 10 years into a list of 5 favourites but i’d put soa and spartacus in mine

  • Zoe

    the wire is the best drama ever made IMO. i really enjoy boardwalk empire, but anyone saying this (boardwalk) is the best show since the sopranos CLEARLY has not seen Breaking Bad, which is the best drama on TV hands down, and depending on how it finishes this season, could be one of the best to ever do it.