Lyn Charles – Farewell Philadelphia f. Ryshon Jones (prod. ?uestlove)

blame it on JES7 August 12, 2012

Here’s a loosie by Lyn Charles featuring Ryshon Jones.

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  • Hello America

    fucking classic! I was wondering y u guys never posted Lyn Charles. and Ryshon Jones is another favorite! Philly has some incredible talent, its kind of scary

  • IVO

    Ahaaaa Yesssss this is some smooth shit. Questlove is the man.

  • hiphoplives

    Questlove did not make this beat for yall this shit is whack

  • hiphopieee


  • ryshoneatsdick

    Trying to use questloves name for fame u niggas suck

  • LAcPT1

    Constant replay since I first heard this some hours ago

  • phillylovescharles

    I think some people should shut up before commenting. Lyn Charles is a philly cat who is tight with the roots namely: Frank Knuckes and Dice Raw of the roots. He even performed at Dice’s concert series in Philly called “Jam House”, I know because I was there. So stop hating

  • ThisisZee

    My man Charles spits that fire. Lyrics combined with the beat make this an enjoyable listen. My dude is showing his divesity in talent by signing on the hook here as well. Ohhh and all those with the negative comments, do yourself a favor and get off my mans dick, it aint his fault non of you got any heart, creatviity or drive of your own to try and do what it takes to make it, let alone the balls that go with the risk involved. If you did, then you wouldn’t be hating. Instead you would respect the grind of other articst bustin their asses to try and make a name. Just a bunch of legends in your own mind, lazy ass fuckin faggits!! This coming from NY!!!

  • BX718

    Origianl hip hop sound to this track. I like it.

  • getofquestdick

    So u left a bunch of comments on your own song……questlove don’t know u body….lol this shit is thirst at its best

  • ThisisZee

    ^ @getofquestdick… Thirtsty?? My dude, you should correct your blog name so it reads”IMustGetOffCharlesDick” Obviously you got some personal vendetta by going out of your way to talk all that shit on a blog fuckin faggit. It’s called hard work n getting exposure my dude..Don’t hate his hustle. n who the fuck are you might I ask? I can assure you bro, I ain’t Charles, I’m a legit fan. Where your songs at on here?

  • harlem322

    Charles was supposted to perform in NY at a festival. It was shut down. I was pissed at that nigga, But I still fux with him because niggas always fighting on his track comments. If his songs cause this much attention, he’s doing something right

  • lilbkilledhiphop

    Actually lyn charles as a lot of followers, he snapped on a fan and deleted his old twitter he had like 10k followers. Mad artistic but kinda weird. But then again lil b killed hiphop. I’m a fan of Charles

  • bxweoutchea

    Fuck philly.

  • NY2Philly

    Stupid nigga above…all cities got mad pride and of course there’s gonna be beef between cities, but let’s be real when talking NY and Philly we all know NY got love for Philly n vice versa. Mad NY heads is out in Philly just like Philly heads be up here in NY. Now if you wanna talk about Cali / West Coast then fuck them corny ass niggas.

  • KeepGrinding

    Diffence of opinion is what makes the world go round. Ain’t no body ever going to agree on the same thing 100%. People are gonna love you, people are gonna hate you. Question is; Will this Lyn Charles cat be in the majorty of good or bad graces? As an optimist, I’m wishing him the best of luck and hoping he finds those good graces and keeps working hard. Best of my luck my man.

  • growupman

    man after hearing this, i know that niggas are just hating this shit is smooth as hell. and to the person who said fuck philly ur an ass Ny fucks wit philly wayyy more than any other city in the US. Fuck #Jers tho.

  • alabangme

    For the spot of West Philly lyrically im gonna have to say Lyn Charles > Chill Moody

  • Ryguy

    No bias- this is smooth as Johnson and Johnson lotion.

  • gummy bear

    Lyn charles aka bbcslim aka blk jesus we love you in France!